A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's rant time again! The gym is SO ANNOYING...

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... ...and by "the gym" I really mean the people at the gym.

I have written about people at the gym who annoy me before, but it's time to revisit the topic.

Ready... set.... RANT!

First of all, Planet Fitness gets a lot of hate but it has everything I need in a gym. All the dumbbells, weight machines, and cable machines that personally need, cardio equipment, and an area where I can jump around and do plyometrics like a crazy person. It's 24 hours and it's $10 a month. The perfect gym for me.

I normally workout at Planet Fitness anywhere between 5:45am-7:30am. This is when the normal and courteous people go to the gym. The ones who understand gym etiquette and dress like normal people. Not idiots.

During winter break, Planet Fitness gets an ONSLAUGHT (I love that word) of college kids. It's mostly young boys who appear to be anywhere between 18-23. I get it, they're home from college on break and they're working out. I made the unfortunate mistake (several times in the past two weeks) of not hitting the gym until mid day. (Hey, I'm on winter break too, and this teacher needs her beauty rest!!) It's during this time of day that the gym is SUPER crowded, and it's generally those college boys who do not know gym etiquette!!!!! 

Example #1: Boy who sits on the only stability ball not being used while waiting 
for his friend to finish doing sit ups. He wasn't using the ball. He was just chillin' on it. 
And of course he does this when I wanted to use the ball for push ups. Oh well, it forced 
me to do normal push ups, which isn't a bad thing at all.

Example #2: Boy who does 10 pull ups on the assisted pull up machine, then sits 
on the stoop of it in between sets while he rests anywhere between 2-3 minutes. I wanted to
But I did not.

Example #3: Middle aged man (Finally, not a college boy committing an infraction!) 
sitting on a weight bench in between sets on the Smith machine. He's not using the
 weight bench for his workout, he's just sitting on it to rest. All the other weight benches
were being used. It would have been nice if he wasn't hogging the last one.

I am sure you see a pattern here. These people are gym hogs. And I'm sure you're wondering, "Well, why didn't you speak up? Why didn't you ask for the stability ball? Why didn't you ask to 'work in' with the guy chillin' on the assisted pull up machine? Why didn't you ask the lovely gentleman if he was using the bench?" Because I'm a wuss, that's why.

Image by Nik Eakle

Changing gears...

Now let's talk about the people who dress like idiots at the gym. Again, it's usually the college age men. And what makes them look like douche bags is that they are trying too hard to look cool. It's just so obvious they think their shit doesn't stink by the way they walk around like they own the place. I saw my absolute favorite outfit last week. (And by favorite, I mean it won the douche bag award.) With the magic of Google Images, I shall recreate the outfit for you...

Yes, it is now en vogue to wear knit caps to the gym and walk around like your shit ain't stanky. You know, I've seen people at Planet Fitness in Tweety Bird pajamas. But that doesn't bother me. Because those people OWN it and don't give a shit what other people think of them. It's the people that try waaaaay too hard to be cool that annoy me. As my husband would say, "Pajama people at least stay out of your way and stick to mainly the recumbent bikes."


I realize I just made sweeping generalizations about college age boys that attend Planet Fitness. If you are a college age male who does not hog equipment and does not wear knit caps to the gym and does not walk around like The Lord of Planet Fitness, then I sincerely apologize. Though I will be surprised if any men of the aforementioned age are reading my blog. I'm not sure my content lends itself to that demographic...

In conclusion...

I am definitely enjoying winter break, not working, and sleeping in. But it will soon come to an end and it will be back to getting up at 5am. The good part is, the gym will not be nearly as crowded, and the people that are there that early will dress like normal people and won't hog the equipment!

Do you get annoyed when the gym is crowded?
Most annoying gym etiquette infraction you ever witnessed?
What is the stupidest thing you ever saw someone wearing at the gym?


  1. hahaha, I loved this! I work in a college town, and my gym is like 90% college students. I see so many of these Dudes (yes, capitalized, because they are their own special group that requires naming) and Bros.

    I'd add to the list "The Girlfriend", the girl who came to the gym to watch her beefcake boyfriend lift way too much with really bad form, and she just leans against random machines trying to look cute. She can usually be identified by 1) hair that's not pulled back appropriately for working out, 2) wearing way too much make-up, 3) really adorable outfits/shoes that COULD be workout clothes but probably were marketed by Victoria's Secret as "lounge" clothes.

    1. LOL! You are so right about those girls! I catch myself wishing I looked as beautiful as them, but remind myself, I'm there to workout, not to get hit on.

  2. Ah gyms and their annoyances. I used to belong to a gym and would be annoyed every January when it was just filled to capacity with newbies. Part of me felt sorry for them because they had that first day of kindergarten look on their faces, but mostly I was just annoyed that I couldn't get on a machine because it was too crowded.

    1. They should say "skip the line passes" for gyms like they do at Disney World. Update your membership to skip the lines for machines and have first dibs on all dumbbells!!!

  3. I used to go to Planet Fitness and actually switched to 24 Hour Fitness because I lived in a college town and could not stand *those* guys.

    These days I use the gym at my condo complex since it has all the things I need. Very few people use the condo gym and they are all really nice and considerate.... except for ONE guy. He comes in, uses the free weights and despite all the signs that say "PUT YOUR WEIGHTS AWAY" he leaves them all over the gym. Really? You can't read, dude? That's sad.

    1. Sounds like my students. Can't put their stuff away!! Except he's an adult and my students are under ten.

  4. I see this often! I haven't been to the gym so far this year (I sounds so...not me!) In fact, I'm dreading it being packed with people. The worse I saw was three girls (or teenagers, maybe 18, who-knows!) in short shorts made for fashion - nothing related to fitness clothes, a top suitable for clubbing/dancing in - not fitness dancing, and more make up then I don't know. No sweating obviously, the hair might fall down... A gym is a place to exercise, I think people forget about that sometimes. Soon be Feb/March, people will have lost interest by then ;) :P

    1. That's why I go in the early morning, normally. Girls like that are all over PF if you go there at like 4pm. Might as well be Planet Fitness High School during that hour!

  5. I absolutely could have written this myself. The people in the morning seem to be serious about the gym business and just get their workout done and move on. No sitting around, no hogging machines, no annoying the crap out of my wussy butt. I won't ask people to move, I will just simply give them the death stare until they figure out what I am thinking. I think it works better that way. ;-) The crowd I can't stand usually gets there at 11am and stays until 12:30ish. Then it's all clear. So, when I go it's either in the morning or after those hours so that I can have the weight room practically to myself.

    1. I need to learn your death stare! In the meantime, I practice the art of "hovering". :)