A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Two Rants Today: Don't Hate on Planet Fitness. And Don't Hate on Cardio.

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Don't Hate On Planet Fitness

I was at Planet Fitness this morning and I was so happy. I love Planet Fitness. Some people bust on it. They think it's not a "real" gym because you can't do REALLY heavy lifts and Olympic lifts and stuff like that.

Well guess what? Not everyone desires or is able to lift that heavy! It doesn't make Planet Fitness any less of a gym and it doesn't make someone any less of a lifter because they choose to go to Planet Fitness.

I was able to completely change my body composition by working out at Planet Fitness. It has everything I need. It is definitely a "no frills" place. You won't find a Zumba class there or baby-sitting services. But is is WELL worth $10 a month. There are cardio machines as far as the eye can see, free weights, benches, cable and smith machines, and then lots of other weight machines. There are mats and stability balls and a whole section of ab machines. I never even ventured to the ab machines, but they're there if you want them!

The thing I like about Planet Fitness the most (besides the fact that it is cheap and has all the equipment I need) is that there are ALL kinds of people there. Case in point: There was a little old man there this morning with a t-shirt on that said, "I'm Not Old, I'm A Recycled Teenager". I LOVE IT. I never feel like I don't belong there. I feel like everyone there belongs because we're all so different. In fact, one of their slogans is, "You Belong", so it totally makes sense!

If someone ever acts condescending to you because you "only" go to Planet Fitness, or Curves, or WHATEVER gym you go to, they need to GET A LIFE. Because they are being a fitness snob. They are projecting their fitness goals and desires onto you. Fitness goals are personal. I'm sure Planet Fitness is not for everyone, but don't tell me it's a useless place.


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But wait, I have one more rant...

Don't Hate On Cardio

You know what else I'm sick of? I'm sick of lifters hating on cardio. There is a time and a place and a purpose for cardio. There may not be a purpose for EVERYONE to do cardio. But for most people, doing cardio can be beneficial!

I follow Jen Comas Keck's blog. She writes about fitness and nutrition. She has written MANY articles which I have just adored. But in one of her recent posts titled The Diet Delusion: It's Not All Sunshine, Rainbows, and Pop-Tarts, she writes about how cardio isn't all bad!

"Cardio has gotten such an incredibly bad rap that it’s become quite ridiculous. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of cardio here and there for general cardiovascular health, stress relief, enhanced recovery, and/or to further increase an energy deficit. 

Taking a brisk walk 20 - 30 minutes per week is a completely reasonable dosage, and if you can do it outside and get some fresh air I encourage you to do it, additional deficit needed or not! 

Some people can get away with very limited cardio while losing bodyfat, while others will need some. Personally I would rather eat a bit more and spend 20 minutes walking and jamming to my iPod in the sunshine than to have to whittle my food consumption back, but that is a personal preference. 

There is a big difference in doing smart cardio in the right dosage, and mindlessly hammering out “doubles” every day of the week."

    -Jen Comas Keck, Beauty Lies in Strength

I totally agree with what Jen says. Definitely don't do two hours of cardio a day. That is NOT smart and I don't see the point in that. But smart cardio? Go for it.

Some people like to do cardio. And it is beneficial for some people.


What gym do you go to and why do you like it?

Do you mostly do cardio or do you mostly lift? Why?

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