A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

10 Interesting??? Things About Me

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I have been seeing the Facebook status "10 Interesting Things About Me", "11 Interesting Things About Me", "9 Interesting Things About Me" etc, etc, etc. At first I was ignoring them, because they were just too long to read! But then I started reading them one day and WOW did I learn some interesting stuff about my Facebook friends!

So I'm jumping on the bandwagon! Here are "10 INTERESTING THINGS ABOUT ME". I hope they are interesting enough for you!

1. When I was 17, I was an extra in the film Girl, Interrupted. All I did was send my picture in and they picked me! I was in a party scene that was filmed at the Waterworks building on Front Street and I was also in the graduation scene that was filmed on the grounds of the State Hospital. It was very, very interesting to experience a little piece of how filming a movie works. Oh, and I also got to be up close and personal with Winona Ryder and Jared Leto (he came over and talked to me and a few other googley-eyed gals!), which was pretty cool back in the day!

2. My college voice teacher tried to get me to switch majors when I was a sophomore. He didn't think I would ever make it as a music teacher and wanted me to switch to elementary education. I was devastated to say the least. This all came about because I had one crappy jury that I ended up failing. I had to re-do my jury, which I passed. I obviously didn't switch my major, and things turned out okay. (A jury is when you have to sing 3 songs in front of all the vocal instructors and they grade you. It's just you on stage and the instructors in the audience. The rest of the recital hall is empty. It's TERRIFYING.

3. I've run 7 marathons and three of them I ran in the exact same time: 3 hours and 53 minutes. How does that happen!?

Flying Pig Marathon- 3:53:?? !

4. I've only had two boyfriends in my life. My high school boyfriend who I dated about a year and a half, and Paul.

Circa 2006.

5. Paul and I dated for 3 years but were only engaged for 2 and a half months. We didn't want a huge wedding, so it was easy to git 'er done in a short amount of time!


6. I hate flying. It terrifies me. I have flown twice in my life- once to Boston and once to San Francisco. For the Boston flight I simply manned up. For San Fran, there was Ativan involved. I do not know how I am going to survive a 13 hour flight OVER THE OCEAN when we go to Hawaii. I've already had nightmares about it...

7. I've never been to Florida or Disney. I would like to go to Florida but you couldn't pay me to go to Disney World! I hate crowds. Case closed.

8. I will never have kids. There is not a single bone in my body that wants one, and I will never change my mind.

9. When I was a kid, I LOVED to read. I read all the time. When I got in trouble, I got grounded from the library- because that's all I did!! My favorite series were The Baby-Sitters Club and Sweet Valley Twins. I also loved anything by RL Stine, Christopher Pike, Judy Blume, and the Anastasia Krupnik books.

10. For this last one, I asked Paul to name something interesting about me. "You clench your butt while you're driving," he said. It's true. For some reason, I just can't relax my right butt cheek while I'm driving. You'd think this would make for a lopsided back end but I think it's pretty proportionate.

Tell me something interesting about YOU!

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  1. My husband and I are child-free too. We figure maybe that will change when we're older, but for now we have ZERO inclination to have kids...Ever.

    I love Girl, Interrupted! How cool that you were an extra!

    1. Aw see, there are more of us happily child free people than we think! :)

  2. Hi, new reader here! I am also child free BUT, I love disney! Hope to read more from you!

  3. Hi, new reader here! I am also child free BUT, I love disney! Hope to read more from you!

    1. We can still be friends, even if we don't agree on Disney, hehe! Thank you for reading! :)