A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Day In My Life... 11-4-13

Would you believe the one post I did that documented my entire day got a TON of hits? It is one of my most widely read blog posts. I have no idea why. Maybe people thought a day in my life would be super interesting. I remember I was actually a little embarrassed to post about that day because I barely did anything. It was a lazy summer day...

SO I feel like I owe you a Day In My Life during the school year!!! So here it goes. This was Monday, November 4th. And it wasn't a bad day!!!

PS. I feel like I need a round of applause for posting this so soon!!!

A Day In My Life...

My alarm was set for 5:15am, but Christmas and Jelly did not get the DST memo. The antics began at 4:40am. At first I was confused as to why they were flipping out so early, but then I remembered. They thought it was 5:40am and their breakfast was late. "Aw hellz no," they said. I got up and fed them. 

Yes, our cats eat off their very own plates.
Christmas gets his on the Red Carpet.

Since they're on a diet, we now log their daily calories on the fridge.
I may need to set up a MyNetDiary account for the cats...

I set all my food out the night before. The stuff that needs refrigerated
gets put in my awesome cooler so it stays cold all day!

I pack my gym bag the night before so it's ready to roll.

I like to fiddle around on the internet in the morning while I drink my iced
coffee and eat Breakfast #1... Special K Protein Plus!

I rolled up to Planet Fitness at 5:45am.

My Workout:

Warmup: Elliptical for 5 min

I completed each circuit 3 times.

Circuit 1

Bench Press
Squats w/ Smith Machine

Circuit 2

Assisted Pull Ups
Captain's Chair
Wall Sit

Circuit 3

Cable Row
Stability Ball Pass
Leg Extension
Hamstring Curl

Circuit 4

Shoulder Press
Body Weight Squats

Circuit 5

Lateral Raises
Jump Squats

Circuit 6

Bicep Curls
Cable Tricep Push Down
Calf Raises

It was a "little bit of everything" day.
I'm trying not to go heavy on the legs cause I don't want my groin to flare up!

I left the gym at 7:10am.
It was a beautiful fall morning by the time I was done. I felt ready to start the day!
(I don't always feel this way!!!)

Breakfast #2: Oaty O's w/ skim milk...

...and 5oz chicken breast... Mmmmm.
Actually, I was wishing I had my salt shaker in the car.

Thanks to the extra early wake up call from the cats, I had time to grocery shop
before work! The best thing about going to Giant super early is that there is NO ONE there.
I scored some DEALS. Don't worry... there are pictures a little later...
I hope my fellow teachers weren't mad that I TOTALLY monopolized the faculty
refrigerators with all of my groceries.

I arrived at scool at 7:53am. Two minutes early! Score!
This is the door to my room.

I love this!

And this!

My desk.

Where the magic happens.

All of my 1st marking period grades were due the next day, so I spent most of the morning doing some grades I hadn't done yet. Then I had some letters to type up to send home and just some other house keeping stuff from over the weekend. I had a full day of classes to get ready for!!

My morning consisted of two 40 minute 4th Grade classes and two 40 minutes 2nd grade classes.

4th Grade prepared for their field trip to the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra.

Second Grade did a lot of practice with rhythms- performing them
and identifying them.

Halfway through the morning I had my snack-1 c. Greek yogurt w/ some sugar free
strawberry jelly. You may be wondering how I keep this cold...

I stick my cooler right beside my desk!
Yes, sometimes it's a pain to eat healthy!

And yes, I do eat in front of the students sometimes. They know that if I am really hungry, I will get hangry, and they don't want a hangry teacher. I joke with them about the hangry thing, but in reality, when I am SUPER hungry, I feel faint, and I can't concentrate. And then I'm not patient...

I had a planning period before lunch. I had to work on some lesson plans for the next cycle.
It's good to work on lesson plans on a Monday because I'm rejuvenated from the weekend.

I eat lunch at 12:05! I was starving by then!
I had a big bowl of green beans and about 7oz chicken.
I eat a lot of chicken on days I lift.

After lunch, I had two 40 minute 1st grade classes. They did some work with rhythms as well. One class had a "Reward Day" for completing their positive behavior chart. Their reward was to have music in their socks. Did you know, that simply letting kids take off their shoes in class is like THE COOLEST THING EVER and counts as a "reward" for them! Sure, some of them act squirrelly but for the most part it is fine.

Sometimes I take off my shoes too, but today I didn't have socks on, so the shoes stayed on my feet!
I would not want to gross the kids out with my runners feet...

Next was one 40 minute 3rd grade class. They sang the Halloween Hand Jive, then wrote new lyrics to the song and performed it for the class. I know Halloween is over, but today was Day 6 of the cycle, so they were the last class that had to do the activity. They didn't mind!

My last class of the day was 4th Grade Chorus. We met in the gym to rehearse our song/dance for East Pennsboro Dancing With the Stars! The kiddos are performing Footloose! They look AWESOME. They're going to bring the house down, just like they did last year! THEY'RE GOING TO WIN DANCING WITH THE STARS!!! Actually, they can't win. They're not competing, they're just there for extra entertainment. BUT THEY WILL WIN ANYWAY!!!!!!

At the end of the day, I usually have about 20 minutes to myself to do whatever needs to be done. I reserve that time for mindless activities because usually my brain is fried by then. This afternoon, I had a date with the copy machine and I cut some of my lamination. Mindless work... gotta save it for the end of the day!!

I was so excited to go home and hang out with Paul. We had a date that night! Actually, we've been having dates like every night lately. He helped me carry all the groceries in the house.

Oh, remember all the great deals I scored at Giant!!!!!??? Well...

This candy was 50% off!!!!! I have been craving chocolate HARD lately!!
I think this will do the trick...

ps. I ate a Payday AND a Snickers on the way home. They're snack size. Don't hate.
(I packed a Greek yogurt but it went bad. I had no choice.)

Chicken breast was on sale for $1.99 a lb.
This will last me 2.5 weeks.

Mmmmmm... you know I love my ice cream!

Look where I put the candy. Displayed on the freaking hutch.

Then I sat and blogged awhile. This is my unwind time.

Look where Chrissy sat. 
I was laughing so hard. He is protesting his diet, I know it.


Dinner was a Meg Sandwich and leftover butternut squash from last night.
Meg Sandwich: 1 egg, 2 egg whites, tomatoes, sliced turkey breast, cheddar cheese, and SALT.

We ate dinner while watching Homeland.

Dessert was consumed while watching Freaks and Geeks. Moose Tracks ice cream
with a packet of fun sized M&Ms. They were sitting right on the hutch, I couldn't help myself...

After dinner, Paul weighed the cats. They both lost 0.2 lbs in one week!!! Woohoo!!! Slow and steady.

The rest of the night, I just sort of laid around, watched TV with Paul, fiddled on the internet, 
and all that other mindless stuff.  It was the perfect way to end the night!

Oh, before I went to bed I just had to drink some fake sugar and artificially flavored pretzels... blah!!
I don't know why I need to munch right before bed!?

Not a bad Monday for me... if you don't count the fake sugar!!


  1. "I'm trying not to go heavy on the legs cause I don't want my groin to flare up!"
    I laughed out loud at work. I love that "When you enter the classroom" board. Very cool.

  2. Omg I didn't intend for that sentence to be funny but looking back it is hysterical. When I say "flare up" I of course mean in a non sexual way hahahahaha!!!