A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Some Random Things You Probably Care Nothing About...

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I got my bellybutton ring out! Not only did I get it out, but I got it out by accident. I popped the ball off Sunday afternoon (on purpose), but the ring was still in. The plan was to just let it chill there until my MRI on Friday. But on Monday morning (in the shower at Planet Fitness) I looked down and the ring was GONE. I forgot how sweaty and slimy get. Of course it fell out! Would you believe I found it on the gym floor after only looking for about 10 seconds? It was just laying there glistening. Like a beacon of... trashiness. (Seriously, who gets their bellybutton pierced???? In my defense, I was 22.) The good news is I got it disinfected (Thank you, Nursey Raymond!!!) and got it back in me. It didn't hurt! Hallelujah!!! You know, until that day, I never took it out. Yup, I've had it for 9 years.


Christmas is out of control. We have him on a proper diet- we're not STARVING the poor thing. But he no longer has free range of food. First he started licking around the sink. Then he moved on to any pans we had on the oven. Then he started licking the oven ITSELF. The other night, he licked the handle of the microwave. He is frantic. I understand. I love food, too. And as soon as I CAN'T have something, I want it REALLY badly. So I get it, Christmas. But the microwave? COME ON!!!!

Photo: Please??? Pretty freaking please?????

Christmas says, "Fuck this shit."

I've been having omelettes for dinner nearly every night this week. Omelettes are SO good!!! I normally put in tomatoes, ground turkey or deli turkey, and cheese. If I'm feeling frisky, I'll add onions. What lead to my omelette obsession? Well the thing is, I can only eat so much chicken breast and I needed another source of quality protein. Seriously, sometimes dinner rolls around and I've already eaten 11 oz of chicken breast. I can't eat any more! My solution? Eggs. You know, just another form of chicken...

We picked up our little Basey Girl. They put her cremains in a beautiful wooden box with her name on it. I was very pleased because it is a very respectful and beautiful box. Of course we want the absolute best for Basic because she is worth it. I love her so much. We put her on the bottom shelf of the sofa table in our music room. The reason we put her there is because Basic loved to sit in the most awkward place in the room. One of those places was on that shelf. There are even some scratch marks there from one of the many times Christmas was chasing her and she hopped up there for safety. So she is there for now. Oh, they also made an ornament with her paw print on it! It's like a putty ornament with her ACTUAL paw print. I of course bawled when I saw it and want to sleep with it every night for the rest of my life.

Two remotes??? Ahhhh... Basey loved her technology!

I have a dream involving Hawaii and/or the plane ride there at least every other night.
I'm ready. Is it July yet???

Tell me something random!


  1. Did you get your naval pierced at The Hole in Indiana? That's where I got my eyebrow pierced.
    Random: I attended our chorus fundraiser on Friday where I received a free martini glass. http://www.detailsart.com/ProductImages/1077_santa_barbara/1077_b_lolita/1077-B-0016-P1-MD.jpg And just as I was looking up a picture for you, I noticed how much $ they are being sold for online...

  2. I did not! I didn't get mine pierced until after college at some tattoo/piercing place outside of Philly. My friend and I went there because that's where Nichole Ritchie and Paris Hilton went to get tattoos when they were on The Simple Life lol. I enjoy those martini glasses!!