A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

8 Things I'm Loving RIGHT NOW!!

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1. Clancy's Sea Salt Pita Chips. Oh. My. Word. Paul picked these up at Aldi because we needed a crunchy snack for a game night we were hosting. Lo an behold... I ate nearly half a bag of them that night! We have since bought one more bag and I have managed to make them last over a week. So there's some progress. These pita chips are salty, buttery, and divine!!!!! If you've never been to Aldi, this is certainly a good excuse to try it out!

2. American Horror Story: Coven. Season 1 was awesome. Season 2 was confusing. I am OBSESSED with Season 3! It's a cast made up of nearly all women. And KATHY BATES is in it!

3. This article by Nia Shanks. I really love what she says:

"The only goal you should have with your workouts is to become a stronger, more awesome version of yourself. Your workouts should only serve the purpose of allowing you to become even more awesome. To set some personal records. To add more weight to the barbell.  To build your self-confidence. To discover what your body is capable of doing. This is why I believe why you work out is more important than how you work out. Mindset matters. It matters a lot."

4. Christmas decorations are already in the stores! Let's face it, they've been there for several weeks, but now they're REALLY popping up. I love the holiday season.

5. Apple Pie Ice Cream. A list of Things I'm Loving is incomplete without at least ONE flavor of ice cream!

6. Freaks and Geeks. Seth Rogen and Busy Phillips are annoying. Joe Flaherty, Becky Ann Baker, Martin Starr, and John Francis Daley make up for them tenfold.

7. This video of Chrissy:

8. Skinny Jeans. I wasn't going to buy anything new for fall/winter, but when I was at the mall a few days ago I decided I really needed a pair of BUTT HUGGIN' skinny jeans. I found the perfect ones. They fit perfect and the price was perfect... except the pockets on the bum were too small. And when bum pockets are too small, they make your butt look big and saggy. It's an optical illusion. So I need to now find the perfect pair with the perfect pockets. Oh, and the perfect price. WISH ME LUCK!

What are you loving RIGHT NOW???

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