A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up!

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I was so looking forward to this weekend because we had fun things scheduled for every day. Sometimes I don't like to have my weekends totally planned out, but other times I am in the mood to be out and about!

Let's get rolling!


I managed to be pretty productive Friday morning. It was my turn to clean the house. The best time to do it is early in the morning when the daylight is streaming in and you can see all the dirty spots. The thing about our house is that it's never messy. Our "stuff" is always where it belongs, and we don't let things laying around. But the only time it is ever truly CLEAN is probably for the first 20 minutes after we're done vacuuming and the cats are still hiding under the bed. Once they're out, it's just a matter of time before the cat hair dust bunnies are flying again...

Then I headed to the gym for chest/back/legs, and home again to finish up with a little back yard "Deck of Cards" workout. The night before, a friend of mine introduced me to an interesting way to use a deck of cards to get your sweat on. Here's what you do:

1. Pick out four different exercises (squat, push up, burpee, whatever you want...) and assign one to each suit. Here's what I did:

Hearts- Burpees
Diamonds- Sit Ups
Clubs- Mountain Climbers
Spades- Jump Squats

2. Flip one card at a time. Do the number of exercises indicated on each card. Face cards = 10 and Aces = 15. 

I was EXHAUSTED after doing this. It took me 23 and a half minutes to get through the whole deck! So now I have a time to beat the next time I try this workout!

On Friday night we celebrated our friend Jen's birthday with her family at Green Valley Swimming Pool. The weather wasn't perfect but we still got to swim! They have a fun twisty slide, and I think I was the oldest old lady going off the high dive.

Twisty slide fun!

Happy B-day, Jen!


I woke up  Saturday morning barely able to move. My ASS and my QUADS were killing me... more so my ass than anything. I guess that's what I get for doing about 100 jump squat/lunges the day before!

I love Bob.

However, the good thing about being sore is that you know you worked really hard, and your body is going to be all the stronger for it.

Saturday afternoon, my husband and I did our little disc golf/running date. He checked out a course in Carlisle and I explored the back roads of Middlesex Township. It was REALLY hot. On the way home, we found a gas station that was only $2.99 a gallon. Score! Now we have to time out our next Carlisle disc golf outing to when my car will be on empty again. (On a side note, I wanted to let you know that whenever I type the word "disc" I type "disco" and have to delete the 'o')

Later that night, we went to our friend's house in Middletown. We were treated to a DELICIOUS dinner and about a 2 hour round of Cards Against Humanity. I had to take a shower as soon as I got home. (Not just because of Cards Against Humanity, but because I was petting their cat. If I come home smelling like another cat, Christmas bites me. It's true.)


Sunday afternoon, my husband and I met my brother and his family at Carlisle Sports Emporium for a sunny, sweaty game of mini golf (I didn't lose!) and arcade games. We have been to the Sports Emporium twice before, and I have officially decided I am not a fan of the place. You have to put your money on little "credit" cards to play the games, and swipe the cards whenever you want to play. Well, I lost about $3 that afternoon by swiping my card into games that ended up not even working. And it happened to my husband and brother too! You know, we never have that problem when we go to the arcade at Knoebel's Grove...

At Knoebel's you get REAL TICKETS!!!!!!

Also, you get REAL tickets you can HOLD IN YOUR HANDS at Knoebel's. At the Sports Emporium, the tickets are just on your swipe card. I bet kids these days have never even experienced the joy of getting actual tickets out of a machine. And that's a doggone shame!

Husband and Bro think they're in the NBA.

I love the "pretend to jump rope" game!

"Ellie, how do you think I should approach this shot?"

It was also a shame that a couple of 12 year olds were hogging the Dance Dance Revolution Machine so I didn't get to show off my mad skillz. I even wore my sneakers so I would be ready!

You would think we would be tired from such a jam packed weekend, but my husband and I had one more adventure- a FREE comedy show at Second Street Comedy Club. (It's on the third floor of what used to be The Hardware Bar. You know, the floor that played techno music and had cages you could dance in?) It was a comedy show to benefit Scurvy, but it was free, so I guess that was a joke? Anyway, the drinks were overpriced and it was decorated kind of weird, but it was still a good time. Of the two times I have gone, they have had several comedians do short sets. I like that set up. That way, if there is someone you don't like, you're not stuck listening to them talk all night. My favorite this time was Shane Gillis. That guy is freaking hilarious!

Tomorrow I shall sleep all day to recover from all of this fun and excitement.

I hope your weekend was AWESOME!

What's your favorite source of Vitamin C?
Do you love Knoebel's too?

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