A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Run in Pictures!

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But first a random question...

What percentage of married people eat the same thing for dinner??... not the same thing night after night, but they both eat the same thing the other person is eating? The reason I ask is because me and my husband RARELY eat the same thing for dinner. Actually, we rarely even eat dinner at the same time, let alone eat the same thing. Just wondering... !


My Run In Pictures!

Being the creature of habit I am, I ran the exact same route today as yesterday. Just over 9 miles at a 7:29 pace. I was quite pleased with myself because this is 20 seconds per mile faster than yesterday even though it was 10 degrees warmer. It wasn't easy, I felt a little queasy most of the run. That's how you know you're pushing yourself! 

Luckily, this route is gorgeous... and full of HILLS. I stopped to take a pic approx. each mile. So here you go. 9 pics- one for each mile!

The Wharf Bridge over the Yellow Breeches

Running up Wharf- the first big hill!

Finally at the top of Wharf!

The mucky pond!

Cool old foundation of a house.

Did I mention there are hills?

I don't understand why people litter. Don't they know they're supposed to throw their trash on the floor of the passenger's side of the car? Or am I the only one who does that?

I love my house but this one is nice too!

Back over the Yellow Breeches one last time.

I'm lucky I live close to some lovely back roads that are perfect for running!


  1. I miss PA running so much. It's just gorgeous and shaded and perfect.

    Jere and I eat the same thing, but that's mostly because I hate cooking so . . . It changes when he leaves, obviously, and when he gets back. He will eat anything, though, so if I'm making something, he will eat it. We aren't and really have never been a couple (or family) that needs the sit down and eat a meal together thing. I like to just stand at a counter to eat, or pick throughout the night. That will be the biggest challenge when he leaves this time. Because now I have to make stuff for the kid to eat and ya know, sit and eat with her. I'm not used to that.

  2. Having a kid changes everything. I am too weird about food. I would never sit down and eat if I wasn't hungry. And what I eat wouldn't necessarily be what a child needed to eat. Another sign that motherhood is not for me!