A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, February 12, 2018

Weekend Wrap up!


Happy Monday!
I hope you had a great weekend.
Here's what we were up to...

My morning started with 6 miles. After that, it got hectic. While I was almost ready for leave for work, I spilled my coffee. Right after that, I heard a LOUD THUMP in the front of our house. It scared me and the cats. I figured a bird flew into our bay window. When Christmas gets scared, he bites, so when I saw he was alarmed I quickly got out the kitty treats to distract him. He's such a pig.

Work was hectic as well. The kindergarteners were literally melting off their chairs by he end of the day. They were so ready for the weekend. Me too kids. Me too.

Paul texted me this pic...

Chrissy, right before he sneezed.
You see what  kind of moments working cat moms miss?

Look at my cute skirt I wore to work! It's brown corduroy from Ann Taylor but I got it at Community Aid for $2.50!

After work, I went to the mall and got the haircut from HELL! I'll write more about this experience soon. Sorry to not include it in this post, but it's a long story. Plus, I blog every day so I have to stretch out content sometimes!

I will say I liked the cut, but the experience was horrible. Oh, look how grey my hair is after it is buzzed and before I dye it!

13 years of teaching, right there!

I have to schedule my hair appointments for days I can go straight home and dye it. When my hair is short, I basically have to dye my forehead too so I can get all the whisps. I'm probably going to get cancer from all of the chemicals...

After I dyed my hair, Paul and I caught up on Celebrity Big Brother! I am glad I decided to watch the season. It is so freaking good! I will be doing a recap on my thoughts on the season so far in a couple days. Stay tuned!

I went to bed at 10pm. Trail run in the morning!

Jelly woke me up at 2:17, but it was my own fault I didn't fall back asleep. I got on my phone to catch up on what was going on in the Big Brother house... then BOOM I was awake and the whole night was shot!

At 4:00 I crawled out of bed, made some coffee, and decided to take on the day. I caught up on podcasts and blogging. Morning is actually the time when I am most in the mood to write. Plus the house is so quiet and I can focus more.

At 8:00 I met Kristen and Anne at Scott's Farm. Our plan was to run North on the AT for 75 minutes and then turn around and come back for 2.5 hours total. Kristen let me borrow her yak trax so I could handle the icy trails.


The trails were snow covered but not too icy. I was surprised with how run-able it was. 

Once we were halfway done with the climb up the mountain, it got very icy and we decided to turn back. When we got back to Scott's Farm, we headed South through the fields. That was tough! We ended up with 11.5 miles total. It's so magical to be in the woods with everything snow covered.

These sausages were the best post run meal!

That afternoon, I went to Godspell rehearsal. When I got home, Paul and I played cards and watched a couple episodes of Colbert. I went to bed super early to try to get some much needed sleep!
I got up really early but just sort of relaxed until Paul and I headed out to run some errands in the afternoon. One place we stopped was Buddy Boy Winery. We love their wines!

It's in Perry County...

And there are a bunch of cats that live at the winery! This one was very friendly.

We bought several bottles. 10% discount when you buy six!

After that, we headed to my brother and SIL's house for a family get together! It was so fun!

Then we came home to relax. It didn't feel like a Sunday night because I took off work tomorrow to take Paul to get four teeth pulled. Poor guy. Don't worry, we are STOCKED on soft foods. We got pudding, applesauce, yogurt, ice cream, eggs, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and soup. Any other suggestions for soft foods while he recuperates?
What were you up to this weekend?
Do you have yak trax?
Have you ever had teeth pulled?


  1. Aww, I can see where the AT would look like a magical winter wonderland with all that snow! Our trail here look like that too but I haven't been out on there yet and now I'm afraid they are probably all slushy and muddy since it's gotten quite warm over night!

    Good luck to Paul today. How does this teeth pulling thing work? Are they back teeth (molars) that will not be missed? Or will they replace the ones they pull? I'm always intrigued with dental stuff! I played dentist with Baylee this weekend. For a dog, she sure has a lot of plaque on her teeth!

    1. Christmas has a lot of plaque too! I had to get his teeth cleaned a couple months ago. Now I brush his teeth but he more like licks the brush rather than let me actually brush so he probably has a lot of plaque again!

      I had to correct my blog post- he is getting FOUR teeth pulled. Yes, they are molars so not replacing, and they are one on top of the other. I bet you are wondering why 4 teeth need pulled... Well, radiation and chemo (especially of the head and neck) can cause lots of mouth problems! I am copy pasting this from cancer.gov:

      "Chemotherapy and radiation therapy slow or stop the growth of new cells.

      These cancer treatments slow or stop the growth of fast growing cells, such as cancer cells. Normal cells in the lining of the mouth also grow quickly, so anticancer treatment can stop them from growing, too. This slows down the ability of oral tissue to repair itself by making new cells.

      Radiation therapy may directly damage and break down oral tissue, salivary glands, and bone.
      Chemotherapy and radiation therapy upset the healthy balance of bacteria in the mouth.
      There are many different kinds of bacteria in the mouth. Some are helpful and some are harmful. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy may cause changes in the lining of the mouth and the salivary glands, which make saliva. This can upset the healthy balance of bacteria. These changes may lead to mouth sores, infections, and tooth decay."

      Note: Paul's tumor is/wasn't cancerous but he still had radiation and chemo.

    2. Got it! Thanks for the info. Would these kind of be in place of Wisdom teeth? Did he ever have them out? I do believe I had 4 of them out too.

    3. Now I feel like I came off as a little know it all-y but I didn't mean to, it was just easier to copy and paste!

      I am pretty sure he didn't get his wisdom teeth out, they are molars. I had to get 4 of my wisdom teeth out and omg it sucked!!! I got dry socket. So far he is doing well, keeping up with the vicodin every six hours.

  2. Oh wow!! Best wishes to Paul today! I read the comment up here too^.

    Clark is looking so grown up now!

    how did you like running on the yak traks? They scare me on how wirery they look.

    We didnt' do much this weekend, we were supposed to go out for dinner for an early Valentine's day, but we were tired and lazy on Saturday instead.

    1. I know, Clark is a BIG BIG BOY :) Paul is going well! A stitch came out but that's cause he was a dummy and rinsed his mouth. :)

      The yak trax were falling off my shoe, which was annoying. But Kristen used her "good" pair, so she said if I were to buy some, to get the kind she uses. I would only ever use them to run in actual snow and ice on a trail- NOT that road. They were VERY helpful on the trail.

  3. Oh wow...take care, Paul!! I have had a lot of teeth pulled in my day! Thankfully the mouth heals so quickly. Take good care of your guy!!

  4. It's not food, but I'd say Advil to help with the pain. I've had two surgeries, including my wisdom teeth, and never used the pain killers. I didn't want to go down that road. I had yogurt smoothies after getting my wisdom teeth out so I could have fruit, but not have to chew it.

    1. He has vicodin now but I think they only gave him 5 pills. Crazy. After that it will be extra strength tylenol I guess. After his brain surgery that is all he used!

  5. Yikes, four teeth? Were those his wisdom teeth? I got those pulled quite a while ago, but not all four at the same time. I hope he's feeling alright!

    Sounds like a good weekend though. You're so brave running in the snow!

    1. Nope not wisdom teeth. I think he still has those!

      I would not have done the snow run by myself but Anne and Kristen seem like sane people...

  6. Hope Paul is recovering well!

    Your sleep schedule honestly makes ME tired. Do you sleep well in between the nights you sleep poorly? When I was having trouble sleeping I would be so tired during the day but no matter what I would be wide awake once I got into bed. On the weekends I would sleep in and that’s how I didn’t die from lack of sleep!

    1. Yes, I normally do. If I have a night of like 4 hours or less, I will usually sleep well the next night, but not necessarily OVER sleep. It's ridiculous because 95% of the time my lack of sleep has nothing to do with being overly busy and not having TIME to sleep. Last night I slept well. I was up for an hour in the middle of the night but that's it. Solid 7 hours.