A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Weekly Workouts

I ran... 25 miles
I hiked... 4 miles
I swam... 1.2 miles
I spinned... 40 minutes

I didn't lift at ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm running today (Saturday) 
but I'm going to lift on Sunday.

Saturday- 7 humid miles. I meant to do 6 but I ventured out too far! My hip started to hurt a little toward the end but I stretched and stuff after (and before) so hopefully it will be okay. It wasn't sunny but it was so warm and humid!

Finally home!

Sunday- 1.2 mile swim! Tyler got me into his gym as a guest so I could try out swimming. Donned in my $8.99 Speedo from Ross and a swim cap and goggles I still had from when I was swimming regularly like... 7 years ago, I meant BUSINESS!

I swam 15 laps (two lengths of the pool = lap) and my shoulder hurt a bit. Tyler helped me with my stroke so that I was doing it correctly and that I was using my back muscles more. My shoulder didn't hurt once I made the correction. My stroke is still not perfect but he gave me some good pointers.

I ended up doing 40 laps which is 1.2 miles! It took me about an hour, but I did have some breaks for Tyler to show me some technique and a couple of the laps I did kicking only.

I felt like Jelly when I got out of the pool!

Monday- 40 minute spin workout @ home. Paul and I were all ready to go to the gym but a severe thunderstorm rolled in and there was a tornado warning! Did you know warning is worse than a watch? A warning is when there are clouds that are capable of forming a tornado! We took the cats down to the basement and were down there scared for about a half an hour. When the warning was lifted, we went back upstairs, but were a little too shaken to leave the house. And at home workout it was! This is the workout.

Tuesday- 6 miles in Lemoyne. I took Paul to PT and while he was doing that, I went for a run. I did some old roads I hadn't been to in awhile, including the big hill up to Negley Park. There is a great view from there that overlooks the Susquehanna River and the Harrisburg Skyline. My hip felt a little jacked during this run. It was hilly and hot so my pace was sloooooow.

Wednesday- 5 mile running/disc golf date. Paul played disc golf at Willow Mill Park and I ran the back roads. Even though my hip felt a little jacked in the morning, it felt totally fine while running. It was so hot and the sun was beating down on me. I FELT SO WONDERFUL AND HAPPY! It was hilly and hot so my pace was sloooooow.

Thursday- 4 mile hike @ Little Buffalo State Park. My knee was PULSATING on the way home. Why? WHY DID 7 WEEKS OF PHYSICAL THERAPY NOT HELP A DAMN THING!? I knew it wouldn't. I got my hopes up...

Friday- 6 neighborhood miles. It was soooo freaking hot out. I was slow. Slow and hot was the theme for my running this week!
Is it really hot where you are?
When is the last time you took a whole week off of lifting?


  1. I had no idea that you guys had a tornado warning out your way. Did it storm real bad?

    1. It honestly wasn't worse than a normal thunderstorm. We have had lots of thunderstorms this past week. I was scared!

  2. I don't lift seriously, although I do try to do some sort of strength work each week (with weights). It's mainly to stay injury-free from running, but if I knew more about lifting I'd like to incorporate it, at least occasionally. I usually just do things like squats, deadlifts, glute bridges, lunges, and a couple weight machines at Planet Fitness (the few useful machines- as a small person, I am not a big machine fan).

    It's incredibly hot here, as usual. You had an awesome week of working out though and had a good variety even if you didn't lift.

    1. Did you ever consider ditching the machines and trying the free weights? Although cable machines are AWESOME, are those the ones you use? I'm heading to the gym now after drinking my coffee. I think I will be there a long time...

  3. I love running to Negley park!! it is so challenging and I find the view to be very rewarding! Did you just do laps there?

    1. I ran up to Negley then down Riverview and through some of the neighborhoods there with big houses. Then back down to Lemoyne!