A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Saturday, June 17, 2017

I'm DONE with PT! And I RAN A LOT! Oh, and here are my workouts for the week.

My goal for this week was to RUN. Even if my runs were shorter than normal, I figured it would be better than nothing!

I ran... 20 miles!!!!
I hiked... 1.5 miles
I lifted... 2 days
I arc trained... 1 day
I had 2 PT appointments
I had 1 rest day

Saturday- 3 mile run & lifting back, & PT exercises. My run was beautiful! I ran on the White River trail in downtown Indianapolis. I stopped after 3 miles because my groin felt good and I wanted to stop while I was ahead. Then I did some lifting and my PT work in the hotel gym. It was a really nice gym despite the fact that their cable machine and pull up machine were shitty. Buy hey, they had free apples!

Sunday- Lifting chest, burpees, PT exercises, and 1 mile run. I just had to run on Sunday because I was feeling "fat". I know, I'm ashamed to say it, but it's the truth. I did the run on the treadmill and felt really good afterwards. Here was my view while I did my PT exercises... The gym had floor to ceiling windows!

Yes, I drank Starbucks while I worked out...

Monday- 45 minute arc trainer & PT appointment. The arc trainer does not bother my groin/butt but sitting around all weekend certainly had my butt all jacked up! The arc trainer didn't bother it though. It felt good to be moving.

At PT we added another set of squats- so two sets of ten. I was hopeful my knee would feel great but later that night it pulsated and I had a breakdown. The truth is, I went to PT because of my nerve, but then they got my hopes up that they could fix my knee. I don't think my knee will ever be fixed. I do my exercises EVERY DAY and a month and 7 weeks later I can't even do two sets of ten squats.

Tuesday- 5 neighborhood miles. This was my longest run in awhile. I stretched and foam rolled before the run, during, and after. I was able to keep most of the tightness in my butt and groin away. It was HOT... about 85 degrees and sunny. I didn't wear my Garmin and just ran whatever pace felt comfortable. My knee still hurt afterward thanks to the 20 squats the day before. I know it will eventually feel better. I wonder if PT has even been helping my knee or if this is just part of the normal "cycle" when my knee was destined to begin to hurt again. I'm feeling sick about the small fortune I'm spending at PT that is probably not helping me at all.

Mid run stretch.

Wednesday- 6.2 hilly miles. What a great freaking run! I did lots of stretching and rolling before and after but I felt great during the run. I ran hills I hadn't run in a long time... and I could DO IT! I felt strong and pretty much like the "old" me... whoever that is?

Late afternoon, we went for a short hike at Rocky Ridge Park in York. It would have been a longer hike but we couldn't find the trail! Once we found the trail, it was gorgeous. I don't think we hiked more than 1.5 miles. We will definitely be going back to Rocky Ridge!

Look how green!
Thursday- Rest. I was going to lift, but after walking around Jubilee Day all afternoon in the blazing sun, I was spent! Jubilee day is the largest one day street fair on the East Coast and it's just down the street from our house!

Friday- 5.8 miles & PT appointment. My hip felt great! I guess it is better? Who the hell knows. I'm done counting on my body. I have no clue what it is up to these days... I had a PT appointment in the afternoon and told them all my feelings about what is going on with my knee. I basically said this is what happens every time I try to squat... it pulsates. My PT said, "Well then maybe you just shouldn't squat?"

WTF!? I was mad. I wanted to cry. He got my hopes up that one day I would be able to squat and now he was just shrugging it off. No, lifting lower body is not the end all be all of my happiness in life... but I love lifting and I wish my knee/ITB would allow me to do that. It seems like no matter what I do, it doesn't help. I was surprised my PT shrugged off squatting so nonchalantly. It really bothered me.

I told him that I'll do the exercises at home and maybe I just need more time, but I hope to be able to squat one day.

I got a t-shirt.


  1. OMG I'm so mad your PT just shrugged you off and said not to squat! And then gave you a shirt which you're wearing that is letting people (who are local to you) know which PT office said that! I don't blame you for not going back if they are going to treat you like that and basically give up hope. I mean I don't know the situation and I know that if you've had an issue for years that it can take a long time to resolve, but what a crummy attitude to have toward you when you've been going and doing the exercises.

    I'm glad you had some great runs this week! Don't worry about running a mile because you felt fat. This whole body acceptance thing is big on the internet, but everyone has gone for a run or worked out at some point for that particular reason, whether they will admit it or not. I certainly have. That's just life. Besides, it's clearly not the only reason why you run or anything.

  2. Ugh that is so frustrating! I know you don't want to spend any more money on PT but maybe you should get some other opinions. Is it your knee that you had surgery on? Did they tell you when you had the surgery that you wouldn't be able to do certain exercises? I hope you can eventually figure something out, but for now Im glad that you are at least back to running!

  3. As you know, I think your PT's response to you was so unprofessional. I'm disappointed you didn't have a good experience because when you find the right PT clinic they do so much to help!