A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Weekly Workouts

I ran... 7.5 miles
I arc trained... twice
I did 5 deck of cards workouts
I lifted... twice

The good news is a got some answers from my PT! Skip down to Friday to read about that!

Saturday- 4 miles & deck of cards workout. I tested out the old legs. After a week of no running, I was hoping my PIMAs were gone. I stopped after 4 miles because my adductor started to hurt. EFFFF!!!!! I finished up with a deck of cards workout that was so intense! 

I ended up doing...

99 burpees
99 mountain climbers
198 bicycle crunches
990 jump rope rotations
2 60 second planks

It took me 26 minutes with no rest time.

Sunday- 50 minute Arc Trainer. The arc trainer is definitely boring. I wish I could do it outside!

Monday- Two deck of cards workouts! I did the exact same one as Saturday, and it took me 24 minutes and 10 seconds. Then I did another DOC workout but instead of burpees I did push ups and instead of bicycles I did sit ups. It took me 24 minutes and 8 seconds. I took about a 2 minute break in between each workout but other than that NO BREAKS.

Tuesday- Lifting upper body @ home. I did more normal chest/back exercises but at lower weights. I couldn't do tricep tips because I was too sore from all the push ups I did yesterday! So why was I able to do 50 push ups today but zero tricep dips? Oh well, my body is falling apart and I am just rolling with it!


Wednesday- 50 minutes on the arc trainer & PT. At first, I had lots of energy at PT, but then when I got to the exercises that needed my arms, I was so weak and could barely do them. I was still sore from my double deck of cards on Monday and lifting on Tuesday. Ugh.

Thursday- 3.5 miles & deck of cards workout. I was testing out the 'ol glute/groin and it didn't go so hot so I finished with deck of cards.

Friday- Lifting upper body @ home, deck of cards, and PT appt. I did lighter weights again and then my normal doc workout. 

At PT, I told my therapist about my glute and adductor pain. He thinks it is the SI joint so he showed me a piriformis stretch and also pulled my right leg so that my SI joint cracked or something. Not sure of the exact term. (It did NOT hurt.) He thinks that'll do it! I'm skeptical, but hey, who knows?

I already googled some SI stretches and noticed I probably shouldn't be doing sit ups or jump rope until this calms down! My PT told me to take it easy today and try running Sunday. I'm actually hiking on Sunday so I will try running Monday and see what's up. Today, I have a date with the arc trainer.

Did you ever having someone crack your SI joint?
Any insights?


  1. I haven't had anyone crack my SI joint. That sounds extremely painful, so I hope it works. I'm glad you're still doing workouts even though you can't run and modifying when you need to but really hope you find some relief soon!

    1. No it didn't hurt at all. I don't know if "crack" is the right word, but I heard cracking!

  2. 99 burpees? Are you nuts? LOL!

    My SI joint on the left talks to me occasionally--I asked my rheumatologist about it and it is not RA, it's osteoarthritis. Yay me. She gave me a referral to PT, which I have yet to schedule. I have so many appointments now and I just don't want to go to one more. Ugh. I feel old...

  3. I'm glad you are able to find some exercises where this doesn't not bother you. I hope you get this taken care of soon!

  4. I have had my SI joint cracked 2 x by chiro and it ended bad. For me, I have to stretch, relax and wait for it to crack / go back into place by itself. As with most things, my body just takes its own sweet time. Oh, I always say if I could put cardio machines outside, I would do them. Inside workouts (besides swimming, rowing and weights) kill me.

  5. 99 burpees ? If I was OCD, I would be dead! That is a beast of a workout !

  6. 99 burpees.... i cant even comprehend this level of beast mode!!!

    I was thinking today that not having a gym right now is really crappy. We don't have any cardio equipment and since I'm not running I'm upped my lifting game to 3X per week but I'm not getting in any cardio except the occasional walk. I think my next big purchase is going to have to be some sort of cardio equipment for the home gym. I've heard those Air Bikes are supposed to give a really good workout but I've never used one. Have you?