A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap!

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Holaaaah! It's Saturday! That means you get to read my boring recap of all the training I did this week.

My initial plan had me doing 42 miles this week. Even though I was *mildly* sick all week, I ended up adding in an extra running day which gave me 47 miles!

Don't worry, things will go down from here as I taper for the Capital 10 Miler. 

Saturday- An 8 mile race pace run with a warm up and cool down totaling 12 miles. My paces weren't even at all, but it did even out by the end. I took a water/walk break halfway through my workout because it was hot and I wanted to!

Sunday- 6 lazy miles around my 'hood. My legs were tired but they didn't feel sore. After my run I started to feel sick. I had a sore throat, chills, and I was extremely tired.

Monday- I lifted in the morning- a little lighter than normal because I just wasn't feeling it. I took the afternoon off work to rest. The thought of talking/singing/moving all day just did not sound fun to me. I was exhausted.

Chest Press- 5x10x25lb
Push Ups- 5x10
Shoulder Press- 10x10x20lb 
Chaist Asst. Wide Grip Pull Ups- 5x6
Band Asst. Neutral Grip Pull Ups- 5x6
Bicep Curls- 3x10x15lb
Tricep Dips- 3x15 
Plank w/ Row- 3x10x10lbs
**Lots of core/hip/glute stuff**

Tuesday- I still wasn't feeling great but I was determined to do my 8 miler anyway. I figured if I was going to be sick again, I'd be even more depressed if I skipped a run. I actually didn't feel bad during the workout. My legs felt strong. I didn't look at my Garmin until I was done. It said I averaged 8:46 per mile. I was a bit surprised because I felt like I was running an 8:20! As it turned out, something must have been wrong with the satellites because when I mapped my run later (to show Paul something completely unrelated) it showed I actually ran 8.4 miles. So my pace was more like an 8:34. 

Wednesday- What a weird morning! There was so much dense fog that it looked like I was running through a horror movie! I only got spooked once when a bunny darted in front of me. I did 5.6 miles to even out the 8.4 from the day before. I ran a "la la la" pace and ended up doing some serious negative splits. (Remember when I used to negative split all the time!?) My MP3 player wasn't allowing me to upload anything new, so I was stuck listening to NPR, which wasn't so bad because they were doing tons of coverage from Super Tuesday. As you know, I am following the election, so at least the topics they were covering were interesting to me. I will tell you this workout almost didn't happen. Apparently, I didn't set my alarm the night before. Somehow, I woke up at 5:47- just two minutes after I should have woken up. Whew! That was a close one.

Thursday- One thing Paul and I are really good at is losing water bottles. Paul got me a new one for Valentine's Day, but I left it at work on Wednesday. I swung by Dollar General on the way home so I would have a water bottle to keep with me during my workout on the treadmill on Thursday morning. There's just no way for me to do speed work on the treadmill without a water bottle right there.

My new water bottle! Isn't it beautiful?

The workout was 6x800 with 800 recovery in between. I warmed up and cooled down with 2 miles, so I did 10 total. I am not going to lie, it was very hard. I ran the intervals @ 6:39 and everything else @ 8:34. By the third interval, I was really hurting. Somehow I willed myself to get through all six, but it was ugly. Want proof?

Me post workout.

Even the cool down was rough! I started to get chills from being soaking wet with sweat. I only walked for 7 minutes after my cool down because I was just about shivering. Also, my tummy and GI wasn't feeling so good...

I did inquire about the heat issue at Planet Fitness. Apparently there is a problem they are working on resolving. "So you're not trying to kill us?" I asked the employee. She laughed and said no. Well, that's good.

Of course I forgot my lunch that day. Why do I always forget it on a speed workout day? I zipped over to Subway and got a foot long turkey sub with double meat. I ate half of it at lunch and the other half 20 minutes later. I also had two dinners. After my "real" dinner I had a bowl of spaghetti. I was RAVENOUS!

Friday- Fridays are normally a lifting day but I didn't feel like lifting. Normally I suck it up and do what I'm supposed to, but instead I ran 5 miles around my hood. I am probably going to pay BIG TIME for this tomorrow when I have a 9 mile race pace run and have trouble hitting my marks due to not taking my scheduled rest day. If tomorrow is tough, it's my own fault. I purposefully tried to run this slow as it should have been a recovery run. My splits were ALL over the place...

Splits: 7:56, 8:46, 8:32, 8:15, 8:08.

I swear I felt like I was running the same speed the whole time.

So, when am I going to fit in this lifting session I skipped on Friday?? Maybe Sunday. We are supposed to get snow. AUGH!!!!!

How were your workouts this week?

Are you training for anything?


  1. Great job pushing through even tho you didn't feel good! I could have used that heat training for Florida! LOL...

    1. Ha! We did get lucky with the warm weather but comfortably warm.

  2. Yea, totally not excited about this snow after experiencing some nice weather.
    Sorry you were sick last week but I bet it felt good to come home from work early and rest at your own house! School is definitely not a place to be when you're sick. For that reason I sometimes wish I had an office job where I didn't have to interact with anyone and it didn't matter if I need 10 minutes to just put my head down on the desk..lol

    1. GIRL, I feel the exact same way! I mean I would be bored with an office job 24/7, but on days I don't feel 100%, teaching is reeeeally hard and I so wish I had a job when I didn't have to move and talk all day long.

  3. Fantastic job on all your workouts! You have some great determination :-) I know that feeling of being sick... even though I recovered from whatever nasty virus I had a few weeks ago a minor head cold caught me over March break and I've been fighting it all week it is super annoying! Feel better!

    1. Thank you Heather! Sunday night and Monday weren't great at all, but after that it was just that mild sickness that I could tell working out wouldn't make it worse. I ate a lot this week. For some reason, when I have a bit of a cold, I get so hungry. Do you get hungry when you are sick?

    2. Yes! And when I am sick I crave very unhealthy things.

    3. Oh for sure. I'm not eating chicken and broccoli that is for sure.

  4. Nice job, Megan! I hope you are feeling better and that you have a great run today. We got snow on Thursday night and it was all melted on the streets by Friday mid day so I thought for sure I would run outside today but then we woke up to more. I had to do my my "run 2 miles, row 2 miles and lift a ton of weights" workout. Not my favorite but it'll do. Running inside is really hard for me! Ready to head outside tomorrow!

    1. Well that workout is prob really good FOR you even if it is not super fun. I am lifting tomorrow. My run was HARD today. It was a success, but it was a blood bath. I earned a no running day. Hell maybe I won't even lift.

  5. Okay so today I lifted upper body even though I didn't feel like it, but I hadn't lifted in almost a week! Then I went for a very leisurely walk with a friend. Other than that, it's been jammers jams and puzz puzz today!!! :)