A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, March 28, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up!

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We had a three day weekend due to the Easter holiday so since Thursday was my "Friday", I'm including it in this post!


My workout was an upper body lifting session, but I can't remember exactly what I did because I waited to long to type this up! You know I am a creature of habit, so picture what I do for all my other lifting sessions and that's probably what I did- minus the glute stuff, to be nice to the pain in my ass!

Work was so busy. It was beautiful outside and I just couldn't wait until 3:40 so I could go out into the beautiful sunshine!

Does your S.O. send you funny texts or emails throughout the day? Paul sometimes comes up with a zinger. I got an email with this picture attached. The text is below...

"March 24th, 2016 - Water bowl incident at 10:52am. Suspects: Christmas and/or Jelly. The water bowl was moved 3 feet away from it's normal position. This happened 8 minutes before their feeding time. An act of rebellion?

Detective Cooney: I think this was a 2 man job. Christmas and Jelly both moved the bowl off of the towel. Jelly took it from there. Notice, there wasn't a lot of water on the floor. Only a swift and agile kitty like Jelly could move the bowl 3 feet without spilling a lot of water. 

Christmas and jelly will plead their case in kitty court soon."

He is so funny!!!

After work, my friends came over for Girls Night. We are all music teachers, so we had a lot of things in common to talk about. Unfortunately, there are no pictures because I was having too much fun to take pictures!

I slept hard on Friday morning and didn't crawl out of bed until Jelly woke me up at 11. After some coffee, I geared up for my "test the waters" run. I am excited to tell you that I was able to run 5 miles with zero pain before, during, and after the run.

After my run, Paul and I went to our favorite diner for breakfast. Then we walked off the bacon with a beautiful 5 mile hike on the Appalachian Trail. We started at Boiling Springs and did an out and back. Despite being on chemo, he has been feeling really good. He's trying to incorporate exercise back into his life.

When I got home, a package had arrived!

My friend Donna sent me Bernie Sanders socks! My feet are Feelin' the Bern!!!

That evening, I had dinner and a puzzle!

Hot air balloons pair well with a turkey burger salad.

I slept hard again but managed to roll out of bed at 10. Then Paul and I headed to the Conewago Trail. The plan was for me to run 8 easy miles and him to walk 4 miles. I ended up only running 6 and walking 2 due to feeling that pain in my ass. It wasn't a pain that was unbearable to run through, I just wanted to be cautious since my race is a week away. 

I was feeling down about it, but Paul cheered me up. "It's good you stopped," he said. "Today's run isn't important but your race is important," he said. I can always count on him for support.

I will be honest, I was a little blue for the rest of the day. Paul was hanging out with a friend and I was at home alone. Normally I like alone time, but that pain in my ass had me worried and being alone just had me blue. I was craving a vanilla milkshake so that is exactly what I got. A yummy end to a yucky day.

You will notice I always wear this "outfit". It is my favorite pjs outfit. When I sleep, I take the pants and sweatshirt off and just wear the nightie.

My brother called me in the morning and I got to talk to him, so that was a nice treat! He informed me he started barefoot running, which is quite interesting. He only does it in the grass though. He says it gives him zero aches and pains. This is not something I am going to try anytime soon, but I am thrilled that it works for him!

Then instead of running like I wanted to, I had a lifting session at home.

Pull Ups- 1x4
Band Asst. Wide Grip Pull Up- 4x6
Row- 4x8x25lb, 1x10x25lb
Bicycle Crunches- 5x40
Band Asst. Neutral Grip Pull Ups- 4x8
Stability Ball Pull Ins- 5x15
Bicep Curls- 5x10x20lb
Plank w/ Row- 5x10x10lb

Easter was celebrated at my parent's house, as it is every year. They still get us Easter baskets and mine had some electrolyte jelly beans in it!

There was an egg hunt. My nieces, Ellie and Clementine rocked it in their new Easter hats!

On our way home, we stopped to visit my Grandma. She has been working on a puzzle that she just could not seem to finish. She had a couple pieces in the wrong spot, so I helped her fix it up and she insisted I finish it because she had quite enough of it. My Grandma is the person who got me into puzzles. Ever since she sent Paul and I home with a 100 piece puzzle a little over a year ago, I have been addicted! I dedicate my love of puzzles to her!


When we got home, we ate dinner, watched Survivor, and I did a puzzle (of course!). Can you think of a better way to end a long weekend I can't!

If you celebrate, what did you do on Easter Sunday?
Have you ever hiked on the AT?
What is the craziest pair of socks you own?


  1. Sorry that the pain came back a little but good job being smart and cutting your run short! I have a feeling you will feel great on race day, just take it easy for now.

    1. Thanks Lisa! I am trying to not worry about it. I am a worrier by nature. I feel like if I didn't even have a race scheduled I wouldn't even think it was a big deal. Well I only have two more runs on my sked until Saturday so that is good! I am a BIG taper-er.

  2. Those Bernie socks are so funny! I love the box they came in even more than the socks!

    Adam does text me random things all day long too. Usually when it comes to cat pictures he'll just send me a pic of Cecil sleeping on his lap that says "sorry that he loves me more." *EYEROLL* :D

    1. LOLLLLLLLLL we joke about who the cats love more too. :)

      I totally kept the box to use to wrap presents in! It's a really nice box! Not only do I get my love of puzzles from my G-ma, but I get my love of not letting anything go to waste from her toO!

    2. I'm sure Cecil loves Adam and I equally, but Adam says every morning when I leave the house for work Cecil sits by the door and cries/meows for a minute. That just breaks my heart ... but I also think it might be a sign that Cecil loves me just a little bit more ;)

      I love keeping nice boxes too! It's a real issue because I think running shoe boxes are nice boxes and my closet has stacks of them.... Adam has been encouraging me to "just let it go" and throw them out but IDK!!! They are part of the family now! :D

    3. I allllllways ask Paul if he needs a shoe box before I recycle a running shoe box, but he never needs one. I have a "wrapping station" in the back room of my basement where I keep all my paper and boxes but there are already many mizuno boxes. Sigh.

      That is such a cute Cecil story. Paul says Christmas sometimes meows for me. :) Jelly doesn't.

  3. Paul is seriously so funny--can he send me random texts like that throughout the day? Rick sends me texts but they are super short and usually just say "love you baby"... which I adore but I would not mind having a crime scene investigation story to read as well! Ummm, so can your nieces be any more adorable?!? Sheesh. How is your glute feeling today? Is it just glute or was the hammy involved again, too? Don't worry too much. I am sure it will be fine. You are so strong and heal so quickly I bet it was just a matter of a tight muscle and by the time you are done w/ your taper this week you will be good to go!

    1. LOL I am sure Paul would love to send you fun texts. :) Maybe such a lengthy text like that is a sign I should be giving him a longer honey do list. :)

      It was JUST the glute, not hammy. I felt it yesterday (even though I didn't run) but I don't feel it today. Again, didn't run.

    2. Yah luckily I taper hard! There will be NO RUNNING Thursday and Friday. Maybe even Wed too. :) So I will either run Tomorrow and Wed, or just tomorrow!

    3. You will be OK, Megan. I know it. You know what to do and I am confident all will be OK! Try not to stress, girl.

  4. Those are some funny socks!
    I think it's cute that your grandma got you into puzzles.
    And um let me get this straight, the cat dish was on that towel and one or both of them moved it to where it is now? Pretty clever cats!
    I am still on Easter break today and hope to get some work done around the house!

    1. Yes, the bowl was on the towel and it somehow moved!!!

      Aw enjoy your nice Monday off!

  5. I love your grandma selfie! I hope your bum pain heals up soon. Not cool.

    The craziest pair of socks I have are my knee-high rainbow socks. I bought them after I had got divorced from Andrew just to freak my family out into thinking I turned into a lesbian. I'm a bit of a shit-disturber. I will keep them forever (my socks, not my family... ha).

  6. Oh man... I am in love with those socks!!!!

    Don't feel discouraged about the run. Pains happen sometimes and it is better to stop than to let them get worse. Those two miles wont make a difference in the long run... but aggravating an injury certainly will. Good luck on your race this week!!!!

    1. Thank you! You are the voice of reason that I am trying to follow. :)

  7. That was a funny text...Dave does not send funny texts. But he buys me BIG bags of Lays potato chips to make me smile!
    I can't wait to hear about your race. You are going to kill it!!

    1. Awww our hubbies know just how to make us happy. :)

  8. I am jealous of your ability to sleep in! I was awake at 4:30 (6:30 eastern time) every day in Mexico. I saw quite a few guys running barefoot during my marathon last weekend, maybe they and your brother know something we don't. I think I'll stick to wearing shoes though ;)

  9. I love Paul's texts! He's a very creative writer, when is his next guest blog post??

    I missed girls night, I was so bummed out that night because I had to be at rehearsal. Tonight is my last show! Can't wait to see you gals next girls night!

    Friends on mine are through hiking the AT this year. I took a personal day to see them off and hike the first 10 miles of their journey with them. I can't wait for summer!

    Love the Bern socks!!!

    1. I asked him and he didn't give me a straight answer. He is a hard person to pin down and doesn't crave attention the way I do.

      We missed you at girls night! Cathleen is having the next one on JUNE THIRD can you make it??

      Did they start their journey yet? Maybe we can meet them somewhere this summer when they get to Boiling Springs or something??

  10. They are super messing with my mind. During my run today, I diagnosed myself with multiple injuries- PF, a hip stress fracture, and a torn hamstring lol.

  11. My Easter Sunday involved a really crappy 20 mile run and then I ate junk basically for the rest of the day until I made turkey dinner later on. I think you are very wise were stopping the run because I have run through but pain and it's only cause me more problems. I know exactly the feeling you were talking about and whenever I feel it I freak out. I used to never have any issues with my glutes or hips and suddenly that's all I can think about this year. I'm really hoping everything cooperates in Boston.

    1. Why did your 20 miler suck? I thought it went well? I am sad you know the butt pain I speak of! It is a pain in the BUTT!!! I have not felt it at all for several days and ran an 8 miler and 5 miler since then so hopefully I am in the clear for the race! Does yours happen during your run, after your run, what?