A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap!

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Holaaaah! It's Saturday! That means you get to read my boring recap of all the training I did this week. 

The good news is I reached my goal of running 40 miles this week! I only run 5 days per week so sometimes it is hard to rack up the miles.

Saturday- I had a fun race pace run at the Conewago Trail. I warmed up and cooled down with 2 miles for a total of 11. It was tough, but just the right amount of tough!

8:20, 8:18
7:17, 7:09, 7:12, 7;12. 7;13, 7:13, 7;12
8:19, 8:06

Sunday- Just a chill neighborhood 6 miler. Both of these weekend runs were done in shorts!

8:11, 8;13, 8:16, 8:10, 8:00, 7:44

Monday- I deviated from my training and ran 5 miles. I was supposed to lift, but I was feeling blue... the kind of blue a run can cure! I was tired but enjoyed my run.

8:30, 8:27, 8:19, 8:09, 8:05

Tuesday- I was mad that I switched my run because I felt like running again on Tuesday! It helped that the temperature was 40 degrees! Alas, I made myself lift. If I had run again, it would have seriously screwed up my speed training... and I already screwed it up a little bit.

Chest Press- 5x8x30lb <--- Back up to my PR!

Push Ups- 5x10 <--- Really hard after those chest presses!

Shoulder Press- 10x10x20lb <--- I am ready to lift heavier but not quite ready for 25s. I wish I had 22.5s!

Band Asst. Wide Grip Pull Ups- 5x6

Band Asst. Neutral Grip Pull Ups- 5x6

Bicep Curls- 3x10x15lb <--- I am ready for 20s. I need to stop being lazy.

Tricep Dips- 3x15 <--- Why do I do these? They are useless.

Plank w/ Row- 3x10x10lbs <--- Again, ready for more weight, but not ready for 15s. I wish I had 12.5s!

**Lots of core/hip/glute stuff*

Wednesday- This morning, I did the 8 miles I was supposed  to do yesterday. I ran in SHORTS my friends, SHORTS! It was glorious. No Garmin picture because Paul has hijacked my Garmin to wear on his walks, so sometimes I don't have it available to take a picture!

Thursday- I did a strange speed workout that I can only describe as some sort of ladder! I'll tell you more about it in an upcoming post because boy did I have a lot to think about during my cool down miles! Here's the gist of the workout:

Warm Up: 

2 miles @ 8:34


400 @ 6:30
800 @ 6:41
1200 @ 6:49
1 mile @ 7: 00
1.25 miles @ 7:08
1.5 miles @ 7:18

Cool Down: 

1.5 miles @ 8:34

After each interval, I did a 400 recovery @ 8:34 pace. I am most proud of keeping my recoveries to a 400 and not increasing them as the distance of the interval increased. Believe me, I wanted more time to recover!

10 miles total! I wanted to stop at 9 but I was determined to make it to 40 miles for the week. And I did!

Friday- Upper body lifting at home! It was pretty much what I did on Tuesday. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Actually, there are things I want to fix but I need to invest in more weights to do so!
Tell me about your best workout this week!


  1. That IS a strange ladder. I don't even know how I'd set up my watch for that!

    40 miles -- wow! -- the most I've ever done in one week was 30, but then again, my pace is almost twice yours so it's twice as time consuming. :)

    And right now I'm only running 3 x weeks, but that keeps me running, so I'm good with it.

    1. I don't always do 40 miles, I have been in the low to mid 30s for almost a year! I am training for a half right now so I am trying to get my mileage up there, but will bring it back down when my race is over. My body likes recovery time!

      That ladder I did on the treadmill, I don't know how I would do it outside unless I was at a track! :)

      Hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. Nice job on the workouts, Megan! My workouts were great--only 3 runs and 2 swims and finished w/ 2 rest days because I had to get some dry needling done and I like to give my muscles a good amount of time to recover. Where is your long run today? Have an awesome weekend.

    1. What is dry needling?

      I think I am just going to run around my neighborhood today. Ugh. 12 miles. No other real choice, though! Unless Paul wants to venture somewhere with me to walk, but I can't imagine him wanting to walk for like an hour and a half!

  3. Woo! Congrats on hitting 40 miles!!!

    1. Thank you! Twas an easier feat when I was running 6-7 days a week!

  4. Great job last week! That speed workout looks interesting. I was loving running in shorts last week too!

    1. It reminded me of your race pace ladder workout because while I kept decreasing the pace by .2 on the treadmill, I increased the distance by .25

  5. Oh no particular reason at all for the blues. Just randomly sad that morning. It happens, right? I asked Paul if he wants his own Garmin and he said no. We will see if he changes his mind. 20lb is a lot for bicep curls but 15lb is so easy right now! I think I could do 20.

  6. Awesome job on the 40 miles!!!! I know you said "boring training post" but I actually like reading these type as some of my favourites!