A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving Eve!

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The day before Thanksgiving always seems to be a whirlwind for me, but that is okay. I wouldn't have it any other way! Here is what went down on Wednesday!

I woke up dark and early for 3 easy miles around my neighborhood. Then I lifted back at home while watching a couple episodes of Ellen that have been saved on my DVR forever.

Work was horrible. I had two tasks to complete. One was completed already and the other took 40 minutes. Ho-hum. It is rare I am bored at work... usually I am way too busy!

Hey, I colored my December calendar. That's productive, right!?

Luckily the work day was broken up by a quick pop in at my friend JK-L's house for lunch. She made me a triple decker peanut butter and jelly sandwich and we talked Scrabble strategy. She told me I play "ghetto Scrabble" hahaha! No, I play to WIN!

She plays nice.

After work, I quickly freshened up and then we hit the road to drive to my mom's house. Without holiday traffic, it takes 40 minutes. With holiday traffic, it took an hour and ten minutes. I'm not going to lie, Paul and I were getting pretty hangry, hannoyed, hirritated, husterated, and humpy.

All was good when we arrived at my parent's house! Food and family (yes, in that order- we were pretty hungry!) was what we needed! We got to see our cousins and their daughter, whom we don't see very often since they live on the West Coast.

Next, we visited my grandmother because we wouldn't see her on Thanksgiving. She is so sweet, and every time we leave, she says, "Stop by and see me again."

Then we went to Emily & Jake's annual Thanksgiving Eve party. This is one of my favorite nights of the year because I love Emily's family. I also get to catch up with high school friends I don't see very often.

We got home a little after 11:00 and then I stayed up past 1:00am watching old Jodi Arias trial coverage while playing Minesweeper. I have problems!

And that was my Thanksgiving Eve!
What did you do this Thanksgiving Eve?
Do you have any traditions?


  1. LOL Ghetto Scrabble!!! I'm curious what sort of strategy that involves.

    I can never stay up past midnight, make that 11:30. I always pass out on the couch and Matt has to wake me.

  2. I like how you play Scrabble! Having so much fun playing w/ you. Our pre T Day tradition is to go out to eat (Mexican) and then to the hockey game. We have professional hockey team that plays in Loveland so it's only about 10 minutes from home. I gotta say, not a huge hockey fan but Rick loves to go and while I am there I do get into it (just not nearly as much as football or basketball).

    1. I like playing with you too! We play the same- to WIN ;)

      That sounds like a fun tradition! I love Mexican food... especially margarita. We eat a lot of Mexican when we are on vacation. I don't know why, it just always ends up that way!

    2. I feel like you can't go wrong with Mexican...which is silly cuz you can go way wrong. Maybe it's the immediate gratification of chips and salsa....and margs!

  3. Haha, Ghetto Scrabble? I have a medical vocabulary, which always gives me some interesting words. LOL.

  4. Thanksgiving Eve for me involved an unplanned trip down to MA to help out my dad. He received his first immunotherapy treatment, and he woke up stiff and was having trouble walking. Luckily we were able to help out, get him started on new meds, and bring them up for Thanksgiving...Boston traffic was miserable.
    I like the term Ghetto scrabble. We have our "scrabble rules" and Grandma's rules, which involves a lot of foreign words, which we believe she is making up, but Hey, it's Grandma's rules...

    1. Oh your dad is so lucky to have you to help him. I hate Boston traffic. I will never drive there again. I learned my lesson. :(

      Yeah if my Grandma had a rule I would certainly follow it whether I thought she was making it up or not! :)

  5. I did do a bit of blog stuff ;)

    Is your family in Bmore?

    Yes I cut a lot off! Actually, Paul cut it off. :)

  6. No, not selfish at all! I rarely travel to DE to see Paul's brother's family because it is freaking 4 hours away. When I have breaks off work I don't want to spend it in the car OR away form home.