A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Thursday, July 26, 2018

1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grade

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My parents have been cleaning out their house of clutter and things they don't need anymore. Every time I see my mom, she has a bunch of things for me to look at to see if I want them. Sometimes I take stuff, sometimes I don't.

A couple days ago, she gave me 8x10s of all of my school pictures! I thought they would be fun to share on my blog along with a couple of school memories from each grade. I hope you enjoy!

~ ~ 1st Grade ~ ~

My 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Rudy, read us Charlotte's Web and I loved it!

I got in trouble for giving my friend, Misty, a piggy back ride when my teacher wasn't in the classroom. For punishment, I had to stand against the wall at recess. A classmate made fun of me so I told them it wasn't me, it was my twin sister that got in trouble and had to stand against the wall.

There was a computer in the back of our classroom and I loved playing Word Munchers!

~ ~ 2nd Grade ~ ~

One day, our whole grade level squeezed into a classroom. Our teachers rolled a TV/VCR into the room and we watched The Little Mermaid. I LOVED THAT MOVIE!

I also remember watching Rescue 911 in school! I guess they wanted us to know what to do in case of an emergency, but really, was that appropriate!?

We learned cursive. I was sooooo excited to learn what made a cursive T different from a F. I just couldn't figure it out. I wasn't the smartest crayon in the box...

~ ~ 3rd Grade ~ ~

We had a THIEF in our classroom! Someone stole my friend Ashley's unicorn bookmark. Someone stole my silly puddy. Someone stole our classroom's multiplication rap tape. Our teacher had us all switch desks with someone else and we had to look through our classmate's desk to try to catch the thief! I never found out who the culprit was...

Our teacher read us Happy Hollister and Trixie Belden books. Maybe this is where my love of true crime came from!?

My teacher also had a paddle. One boy got paddled in the hallway. When he came back into the classroom, he said all big and tough, "That didn't hurt."

~ ~ 4th Grade ~ ~

My 4th grade year started out with a long term substitute who was reading us this awesome book. All I remember is that it took place in the old west and there were grave robbers. Well, we were almost done with the book and I could not WAIT to hear the ending, but apparently our class was really obnoxious that day, so for punishment, our teacher never finished the book! I never found out the ending. I wonder what the book was called...

I'm going to tell you something horrible I did... We had a small math workbook and oftentimes we would switch books and grade another student's work. Well, one day the girl who's book I had did terrible. She had so many questions wrong, so at the top the page, I wrote "F" really big and circled it. I added a frowny face. I remember the girl cried and I was so scared my teacher would see what I did.

Tell me a memory you have from elementary school!
Do you remember Word Munchers?
Did your teachers have paddles?
Did you ever do anything really mean?


  1. I love the retro pics! I never played word munchers but I do remember playing number munchers which was the same thing but with math. And yes, our teachers did have paddles, but I think it was more of a scare thing. I don't remember any teachers paddling anyone but sometimes they would pull it out of the closet and show it to everyone. Now I feel extremely old because that would never fly today.

    I loved Rescue 911 as well as Unsolved Mysteries. Did you ever watch that one?

    1. I played number munchers too! Great games. That is the only time I knew of someone actually being paddled. Pretty crazy because I would get fired now if I simply hung a paddle in my room! Not that I would want to paddle anyone. That just seems so violent!!! I was a little young when Unsolved Mysteries was out, but I did watch it at a sleepover once and was too scared to fall asleep then!

  2. I love seeing the transformation in these pictures along with the memories. I want to see more!

    This is so funny cus when I was in third grade I had a similar experience. We had just got a new girl this year. I remember she was a foster kid and wasn't there very long (not that it matter but just a detail I remember). Well anyway, for a few weeks things would go missing in my best friend's desk. The new girl kept blaming it on me and low and behold her items WOULD be in My desk. This new girl kept framing me and I know my BFF was not believing me. I don't remember how I knew it was the new girl doing it, but I did. Funny the the things we remember after all these years!

    1. Oh more is coming! I'm going to do 5th-8th and then 9th-12th. The awkward years are coming, just wait...

      Wow the new girl sounds like a sociopath!!!

  3. This is great! What an awful punishment to never finish the book. I used to love swapping papers and grading them. That girl probably deserved that F. LOL jk

    1. Not finishing the book WAS an awful punishment. I bet our class deserved it though! (Not me!!!!)

      LOL I guess I was just being a raging bitch for no reason that day!

  4. my teachers did not have paddles, but I have a clear memory of my 3rd grade teacher throwing a kid out of the classroom... like physically picking him up and throwing him out. He didnt' listen, but didn't deserve to be thrown out. I don't remember if he got hurt.

    1. OMG that is horrible! So is paddling. But that sounds really bad.

  5. Oh my goodness, thanks so much for sharing your elementary school pictures. I love looking at old pictures and you were such a cute kid! :)

    I used to hide behind my (twin) sister when I was in elementary school so my teacher was constantly trying to get me to do things on my own LOL (and look where I am now - 6000 miles away from home, all on my own ;))

    1. You have a twin! I did not know that! Yeah I think you need to email your old teacher and tell her the new situation!

    2. She knows ;) My sister became an elementary school teacher and teaches at our old elementary school and was a colleague of our teacher for a number of years LOL