A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Race That Wasn't

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I thought I would run a race on Saturday. There was a 10 mile trail run at Rocky Ridge Park. It was only 35 minutes from my house and started at 10:20. A nearby trail race with a late start? That's right up my alley!

However, when I woke up that morning and thought about whether or not to do the race, the cons outweighed the pros...


1. I love running trail, it's always an adventure.
2. I felt like running a longer distance than my usual 6 miles.


1. I had my period and my lower back hurt.
2. I was tired due to only getting 5 hours of sleep. During the time I wasn't sleeping I was violently coughing.
3. I was still on steroids and antibiotics from having strep throat.
4. The course was going to be rocky, and with my fatigue, I was scared I would fall or twist an ankle.
5. If I started the race and felt fine but then needed to bail, it would be a waste of time and money.

It was smart not to do the race. I went on with my morning. I drank coffee, took my time waking up, blogged, and had a good breakfast.

But around 11:00, it was time to run.

It was quite hot out and there's not a lot of shade in my neighborhood, but I wanted to try for the 10 miles I would have done at the race. I mapped out a 3.33 mile loop which I was going to try to run three times with two a/c breaks.

Off I went for the first loop. It was pretty darn hot. I focused on going slow, not letting my heart rate get too high and not letting my body get too hot. Oddly, I did not cough at all while I was running. I tacked a little on at the end and took my first a/c break after 3.5 miles.

I felt okay running but when I stopped and came into the house, I didn't feel as good. But once my heart rate got down I was fine. I took my a/c breaks to a new level by trying a tip recommended by Erica @ Erica Finds. I put a wet head band in the freezer and switched it out with the one I was wearing. It felt sooooooooo good! I highly recommend this tip!

Off I went for my second loop, but I went rogue and didn't do the loop I mapped out. I ran until I hit 7.15 miles and then took another break. Water and a new frozen headband prepared my for my last push to ten miles.

I was totally open to having another break before hitting the ten mile mark. I wanted to make it to ten, and if that meant more breaks, I was fine with it. But a breeze came along so I actually felt fine and was able to finish the last three miles with no problems.


I didn't feel bad about missing the race anymore.

I'm glad I could do the run on my own terms, which was what I needed on a morning like this one!

HEY, do you like my new polarized sunglasses!? I didn't realize how awesome the polarized ones are! It's a whole new world for me. Everything is so clear and high def!
When was the last time you bailed on a race?
Ever try the frozen hairband trick!?
Do you like the polarized glasses?


  1. Ohh that frozen headband trick is a good one! Recently I've been carrying a water bottle in the back of my shorts like between the waistband and my skin. I noticed this is how Anton Krupicka carries his water bottle sometimes and thought "okay I could try that" and it works not just to keep water on me but it keeps me cool!

    1. Since I wear compression shorts to run in it compresses it against my back to hold it in place. I'm not entirely sure how Anton's stays in place tbh.

    2. Ooh I can just picture a cold water bottle on my lower back. That would feel great.

  2. I have not tried the frozen headband trick! Well, you know I missed my Monumental Mile race last month but not on purpose! But i guess it ended up for the best since it was so stinking hot.

    10:20 is such an odd time for a race. Any idea why such a late start?

    If afraid of I ran back to my house after each loop that I would not go back and finish my run! Kudos to you.

    1. Well there were longer distances that started earlier, but still 10:20 is odd!

  3. You are so so strong, girl! How you run in the heat (especially when you are not feeling 100%) amazes me! I don't ever run in hot weather. The hottest it's been on any of my workouts this summer is 70 degrees. I love your sunglasses! Polarized lenses are a must!

    1. I do enjoy the heat though! If I didn't like it, I wouldn't do it.

  4. You did the right thing not running the race! I will never run on steroids/antibiotics again (honestly, I doubt I go on them again unless I am super sick and the risks outweigh the rewards, which they did not for the infection I had back in October and went on them... and now I am not running at all). Plus if you just didn't feel good in general and wouldn't have enjoyed it, no use to spend time and money on the race.

    That frozen headband trick sounds awesome for the hot summer months. I've never thought of that before.

    1. Why don't you run on steroids or antibiotics? Did they make you feel crappy?

  5. Polarized glasses are cool! Especially at the water, you can see the fish :) There is no headband on Earth that stays on my head, no matter how much grippy stuff is in it, so nope, can't try that trick! Sounds like a good one though.

    1. Oh nuts! Maybe freeze a hat? haha. Yes when Paul showed me his polarized glasses, he showed me at a stream so I could see fish! I was sold!