A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Weekly Workouts!

It turned out to be quite a good week for me. I hit a lat pull down PR at the gym (6x100lb!) and I actually did SPEED WORK...

I just realized I ran 36 miles this week!

Saturday- 6 rainy miles. I was on Day #3 of being sick but was determined to run because I thought it would make me feel better mentally... it did. And it didn't make me feel worse physically, which was a good sign that I was on the mend.

Sunday- My can opener 6 mile runI literally ran to the Dollar General on Christmas Eve morning to get a can opener. Our's was broken and I needed to make a pineapple casserole. I meant to run right back home and drop it off, but I felt so good that I just carried it the rest of the way. 

Monday- 6 Merry Christmas Miles! It was COLD and WINDY. The wind was making a low howling noise. It was sort of creepy. I was out before the sun came up. I didn't see many people.

Tuesday- The 6 coldest miles so far this winter. It was just as cold as Monday, but the wind blew the WHOLE TIME. Yikes.

Wednesday- Lifting @ Planet Fitness. I haven't been to the gym FOREVER. I made sure to do certain exercises I can't do at home, like inverted row, lat pull down, and captain's chair. I hit a lat pull down PR- 100lb!

Thursday- Speed work at Planet Fitness. I haven't done speed work in a LONG time. I did a 1/2 mile each at these paces:

8:57, 8:42, 8:27, 8:13, 8:00, 7:42, 7:30, 7:14, 6:59, 6:44

I listened to podcasts, but for the sub 7 minute mile at the end, I had to turn on some Lady Gaga to get me through! Showtunes or Lady Gaga are my speed work tunes of choice.

Then I did 1/4 mile @ 7:42, 1/4 mile @ 8:00, and 1/2 mile @ 8:27. Then I walked for a little until Paul was done.

After my 1/2 mile @ 6:44, my legs could've kept going but my chest was really warm and my HR was in Zone 6 according to my watch. I'm not sure how high the zones go but I think 6 is pretty high!

Friday- 6 neighborhood miles. There was a pep in my step from my speed workout the day before.

What music do you like to listen to for speed work?


  1. Ah, speedwork. I haven't done that in awhile. I actually did not listen to music for it when I did it at the track. On the treadmill, I always just watched TV, but those were tempo runs. I usually watched The Goldburgs or The Price is Right. I still watch those shows lately while I cross train. It's not the same.

    You got some great workouts in! You are super strong with lifting too. Clay and I just joined a gym and I'm hoping to get into lifting again and doing BodyPump/spin. Maybe that will help the injuries.

    1. So did you join a different gym than PF? Ah I will just FB chat you cause I have questions. :)

  2. Nice job with that speedwork! I like to do intervals on the treadmill but I have a hard time going really fast. I think once I run on a treadmill more regularly I'll get used to it (hopefully). Im on day 4 of being sick and I ran yesterday. I don't think it made it worse but it certainty doesn't feel good to be outside when its so cold. I really want to run again today but I guess I'll see how I feel and how cold it is.

    1. You know the funny thing is trying to hit those paces on the road probably would have sucked but since the belt told me how fast to go, I could do it. I'm sorry you are sick. It sucks. :( I want to run trail tomorrow but I feel very shitty.

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