A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, December 11, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up!


Happy Monday!
I hope you had a great weekend.
Here's what we were up to...

My day started a half hour earlier than normal because the cats woke me up. Chrissy came in to gobble up some of Jelly's food and Jelly hopped off the bed to defend his stash. I got up (like a good cat mom) to shoo Chrissy away. At that point, I was awake and got out of bed.

I ran 6 miles. I am loving these cold morning runs (for real!) especially because most people in my neighborhood have Christmas lights. I did notice this one house remodeled their carport into a bonus room. The windows are big and nearly take up the whole wall. I can see inside because there are twinkling Christmas lights and a big Christmas tree. An older couple sits at a table and eats their breakfast. it is SO HOMEY and I want to turn our carport into an extra room like that! Someday... I do like having a carport!

Post run stretch with my boy.

When I got to work I realized I forgot to put on deodorant! I had to borrow some from the nurse! She had these little bags of sample toiletries I used. How embarrassing!

My morning was wonderful because I took the entire fourth grade to see Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet perform The Nutcracker at The Whitaker Center. We go every year. The show is magical! I think the students really liked it and they looked so cute all dressed up.

Riding a school bus... not my favorite thing!

That afternoon, I only taught one kindergarten class and then the students had an early dismissal. Having the students gone gave me time to help my co-worker turn our hallway into a winter wonderland! We're having a door decorating contest but a lot of teachers are extending the decorating to the entire hallway! It's almost done, and when it is, I will show you more pictures. Here is a sneak peak...

Here is my door! It is finished... unless you have a suggestion!

After work I went to a wine tasting party with Traveling Vineyard's. It was at my friend Cat's house. I finally learned how to properly taste wine. First, you look at the color. Then, you check out the body. Then you smell it. Then you taste. I'm practically an expert now. (Just kidding.) I bought a bottle, but unfortunately it has to be shipped so I will get it in about a week.

When I got home, I had a super late dinner. We're quickly eating up the stuffed pepper casserole I made last night. It is so good!

Then I fell asleep reading reddit. #storyofmylife.

The first thing I did on Saturday morning was finish my Christmas cards while watching Christmas with the Kranks. What a great movie! I cried at the end. Why have I never seen this movie before?

Then I went for a 6 miler which turned out to be AWESOME. It was snowing, so I got a bit wet and cold, but I felt light and fast during the run... a feeling I haven't had in a really long time!

When I got home, I spent the next three hours preparing for our holiday game night. We had four couples over. I made way too much food. WAY too much. We played Zero, Code Names, and Dirty Neighbors. Fun was had by all and I was up way past my bedtime!

Despite going to bed very late, I woke up at 7. I laid in bed for two hours cuddling with the kitty cats and watching Into The Woods. The Bernadette Peters performance is on Youtube. I remember watching it in high school during chorus. When our concert was over and we didn't have anything to prepare for, we would watch musicals. I didn't like Into The Woods when I was in high school, but now as an adult I have come to appreciate it.

I met my dad and some other runners at Swatara State Park at 12:30. This park has beautiful running/mountain bike trails that are set up in a series of small loops. If you run the biggest outter loop, it's 8.5 miles. My dad did two loops and I did nearly two- I cut it short and only did 15.5 miles.

First of all, I had no intention of running that far that day! I thought I'd do 8-10 miles and that's that. The first loop was a challenge. My dad was running at a fast clip! I told him the only way I'd be able to do two loops is if we slowed down on the second one. We did slow down on the second one but my legs were just NOT having it. I was so fatigued and sore.

I even fell! When I fall on the trail, I don't twist my ankle. I catch my toe on something and propel forward, getting air, and then land. Luckily, I landed really well and didn't hurt myself. But besides my actual fall, I ALMOST fell three times. I was so tired and wasn't picking up my feet...

Swatara is a BEAUTIFUL park. I highly recommend running there. And it's actually not very technical trail, despite all my trips today.

Boy was I tired and creaky when I was done. I felt delirious on my drive home and the fact that drivers were RIDING MY ASS didn't help things. I actually almost called 911 because there was a truck RIGHT ON MY ASS and I really thought his intention was to run me off the road. I was going to get off at an exit to lose him but he put his turn signal on to get off too. WTF!? So I merged back onto the highway and he got off the exit. It was insane. Can you dial 911 when someone is dangerously close to your car!?

It felt so good to shower and chill after my run. My brother and his family came over to check out my Christmas lights so it was fun to talk to them. I even rehearsed the song I am going to sing for my audition tomorrow. I am auditioning for Into The Woods at The Belmont Theater (formally York Little Theater). Wish me luck! (I probably won't get in because there is no chorus, only leads, but it will be good practice to just audition!)
Have you ever seen Into the Woods?
Did you get snow this weekend?
When was the last time you rode a school bus?
Tell me something fun you did this weekend!


  1. I love your decorations Megan! What afun way to get into the holiday spirit at work. There's something about a school bus as you get older that isn't very fun.

    We got about 6-7 inches of snow this weekend and some of it is already completed melted!

  2. I had to look up "into the woods" cus I thought it was that story about the guys on the Appalachain trail...haha. Good luck with your audition!
    What a fun thing to do a decorated hallway. Your door looks great! I decorated my door too (although no one else here at the secondary level does it) but o well, I still get little 6th graders and they think it's fun!
    Have you ever had cranberry wine? I had some this weekend (at a holiday game night too..hehe), and it was very good!

    1. That is hilarious you thought it was that AT story! Yesterday on my run with my dad, the song "Into the Woods" was in my head the whole damn 15 miles! What was your door decorating theme this year? Omg we made mulled cranberry wine at our game night! LOVED IT!

  3. The last time I rode a school bus was when I took the shuttle back to the start line at the Cooper River Bridge Run. My half on Saturday had shuttles but they were actually chartered buses with nice seats and bathrooms. Score!

    I love looking at pics of your snow but we don't get snow here... just rain and damp cold. Also it doesn't really get that cold here anyway, it's more... damp and humid. All the time.

    Love the door decorations and all the decorations at your school. I bet the kids love it too.

    1. Wow I am impressed they got you coach buses! Yes the kids love all the decorations. I just added lights today!

  4. Sounds like a pretty decent weekend! I am not fond of school buses either, the last time I was on one was for my son's school field trip earlier this year. We got stuck in the back and I forgot how bumpy it can be! It just snowed here again, this time it wasn't as difficult to drive in at least!
    The Beth Next Door

    1. Yeah driving wasn't bad here either. I haaaaate driving in winter weather! I'm so glad I'm a teacher and we get snow days if it's bad.

  5. Great job with your running! I haven't run double digits in ages but now I want to give it at try. Trail running is the best.
    Your door looks great! I am with you on the bus rides..the absolute worst.

    1. Thanks Erinn! I really enjoy trail running too. Normally it makes the double digits not so bad.

  6. Those halls look very festive!! and your door is very festive too! How was the show? Did the kids like it?

    I love Swatara! but the drive back on 81 is crazy!!

    especially the truck drivers.

    you are becoming quite the wine taster, how awesome!

    I watched the movie Into The Woods, and I didn't really like it. It was so long and I couldn't find any good songs to it. Maybe the movie was just bad.

    1. The show was awesome and the kids loved it. Some of them are skeptical about the ballet but I assure them they will enjoy it. Yes I freaking hate 81. It's not bad going North but going south I thought I was going to die. I haven't seen the movie Into the Woods Yet. The music is definitely "different". The music isn't very catchy.

  7. Wow that is quite the hike. What is the closest trail if you don't mind if it's technical?

  8. I watched Charlie Brown last week :) "What do you mean Beethoven wasn't so great?!"

    1. In all honestly... I never saw a single Charlie Brown movie!

  9. Sounds like a great weekend! Thats awesome that your nurse has deodorant just in case. All the decorations looks amazing!

  10. I am surprised your door does not have one single cat on it! lol

    Thank goodness you didn't twist your ankle or get hurt during your fall!!!

    Yes, we got 4 inches of snow... in my dreams. But it did get cold this weekend. Two nights it got into the upper 40s!!! And I think it might do it again another night this week. I was absolutely freezing but loving every minute of it. Cecil's little nose keeps getting cold though so he keeps burying his face into blankets, pillows, beneath my leg lol!

    1. Well we ended up putting a mini Christmas tree in the corner shown and we printed out pictures of our cats to hang on the tree! :)

      I'm glad you enjoyed some cold weather this weekend! Kitty cuddles!!!!!!!!!!!! Is he feeling better??

  11. Oh my, what a fun weekend. So fun you took the kids to the ballet!
    We saw some friends this weekend too and it as a fun night. We don't do this nearly often enough.