A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Thursday, August 10, 2017


You will never believe what happened to me this past Saturday. I was on the beach in Cape May with Paul, Cheetah, Maggie, and Dave. I realized I needed to QUICKLY put quarters in the parking meter, so I literally RAN back to my car in flip flops so I wouldn't get a ticket. (I will probably get plantar fasciitis, but I didn't get a ticket.) Before heading back to the beach, I popped into a "Comfort Station" (fancy name for bathroom) right on the promenade by the beach. I left the bathroom and started walking on the promenade to go back to the beach....

Coming toward me was a woman who looked EXACTLY LIKE DEBBY from Survivor: Brains vs. Beauty vs. Brawns and Survivor: Game Changers. (Two different seasons.) She walked past me. I turned around. There was no mistaking that gait. That had to be Debby. I had to find out. I mustered up all my guts...

"Debby?" I called. I figured if it wasn't her she just wouldn't turn around.

Well, she turned around!


"Hi! I recognize you from Survivor!" I said. I whispered the word "Survivor" so as to not blow her cover.

Debby was very nice. After I introduced myself, I told her I was a big fan. Then I tried to wrap it up, just so I wouldn't interfere with her day. I said something like this, "Well it was so cool to meet you and I am sorry to interrupt your beach time. I hope everything is going well with you and that you are having a good vacation."

That's a good out, right? That way if she didn't want to talk, I only bothered her for about 30 seconds.

But Debby wanted to talk!

The following are bullet points on what we talked about. I simply can't remember it in order. I also left some stuff out because it seems like the stuff I shouldn't just POST for anyone to read. But if you are my Facebook friend or have my phone number, feel free to message me if you want more details on the down low!

  • I told her my husband was going to kill me because I got to meet her without him. 
  • She asked who we were rooting for and I said HER! (We were, she was so entertaining!) I told her she had good energy and that came across through the TV. She was flattered I said that.
  • We discussed who I was rooting for out of the Final Three in both of her seasons.
  • She told me this was her first time in Cape May.
  • She gushed about Troyzan and Brad Culpepper, how they were both really good people.
  • She gave me inside info on Sarah! Hot take: She did NOT like Sarah! Apparently, no one did! I suppose that did come across on the TV show, so that's not a huge hot take!
  • She dropped a little hint about a future season!
Guys, what are the FREAKING ODDS that I would run into Debby!????

It was surreal to talk to her! We talked for about 10 minutes, then we parted ways. I literally ran across the beach to tell Paul. I'm so glad I got a picture (Debby's idea! I was so flustered that I didn't realize I had my phone with me!) or I'm not sure anyone would believe me!

Have you ever run into a celebrity or a "celebrity"?
Who would you just love to run into?


  1. What are the chances??? I'm so glad you DID have your phone with you. I know this meeting totally made your weekend!
    I told my dad about this the other day since he's a Survivor Fan and he said he liked Debby.

    Sadly I don't think I would recognize any celebrity or reality TV personality. I'm just really bad with making those connections.

    1. I almost didn't take my phone because when I realized I needed to put quarters in the meter, I wanted to just grab the quarters and RUN since I didn't want a ticket!

      Sometimes it is hard to make connections when you see someone not in their normal environment. Paul pointed out Debby was at the beach, so she was dressed similar as she was on Survivor! Sometimes when I see students outside school, it is harder to come up with their names!

  2. So COOL!! I would have recognized her, but I probably would not have been able to come up with her name - or anyone from the show! I'm a huge fan but I can't remember peoples names after the season is done (well, only a few of them). But Debby sure did stand out, so maybe I would have.
    I did see Vince Neil (Motley Crue) at a restaurant in California when I was there. Oh, and I met Slash (Guns and Roses) too. Guess you can tell I used to like big hair bands back in the day. haha!

    1. You know it was hard for me to remember what seasons Debby was on and who was in the final three. Because she was asking me my favorite and I had to wrack my brain and ask her for guidance. I forgot about Troyzan being in the final 3.

      Yeah, hair bands!!!! I wouldn't recognize anyone from a hair band except probably Brett Michaels. He actually grew up in the town I live in now and one of my coworkers (who is my friend!) used to date someone in his band back in the day and she did their makeup!

  3. Ahh that's so nice that she was really friendly!

    I would love to bump into Meg Go Run again :) I would also like to bump into Justin Timberlake!

    1. Awww we will definitely bump into each other again! If you don't ever bump into Justin, at least you live with his doppleganger!

  4. how cool that you got to meet her ! and that she was friendly! It sounds like a great experience!

    1. I am glad she was friendly! Sometimes it's a bummer when you meet someone and they're not nice!