A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Big Brother 19.... the worst season in years!

This post is probably only going to make sense if you watch Big Brother 19. I'm going to give you a rundown of my thoughts on the season and what I think of each player.

Note: I am going to use some not nice words like "hate" in this post. I know... how can I hate someone I don't even know? Isn't that judgmental? Yes, it is judgmental! But these people went on a reality show and put themselves OUT THERE for us to judge. I'm going to be mean and snarky and judge these people for their ABHORRENT behavior in the house. I'm also going to try to convey to you why they are so abhorrent so you understand my rage... I also realize these are actual people, and might even be decent human beings in real life. My assessment of them is based off of Big Brother behavior only.

With that being said... here's the cast:

This is an "old" cast (25+ is OLD for BB!) so I was excited to possibly get some good gameplay!!! I was severely disappointed...

Let's start with the house guests who have already been evicted. Here they are, in order of their eviction.

Cameron- He was evicted the first night so we didn't really get to know him. I've since heard him on RHAP and I am convinced he would've been a smart, entertaining player had he stayed in the house. What a bummer!

Megan- She self evicted within the first two weeks due to having PTSD related to a sexual assault she experienced prior to entering the house. I feel a lot of empathy for her and liked what she brought to the table during the short time she was on the show. I wish Megan all the best!

Jillian- WHY WAS THIS GIRL CAST? She contributed nothing. After she was nominated, she didn't even campaign to stay! I'm so glad she was blindsided and evicted, but I wish she would've been evicted the first night instead of Cameron.

Dominique- I liked Dominique at first because she was a really strong player with lots of connections and relationships to the other house guests. But the house was getting to her and after she was targeted, she went a little wacko! Being stuck in a house will do that to you.

Ramses- I'm disappointed in Ramses. He called himself a super fan, so I would have loved to see him play the game more. But he never had any power, so he was sort of at the mercy of the house. Why go against the grain if all it would do is target you?

Jessica- I'm so sad Jessica didn't make it to jury! She wasn't a very good player, but at least she was WOKE and knew that Paul was RUNNING EVERYTHING! I wish she had played better (she flubbed her HOH and did not use the Halting Hex to her full advantage) and I wish she took more time to INGRAIN it into these people's heads that if they don't open their eyes, Paul is going to win. It seems like she only called Paul out right before her eviction. Call him out all week and maybe the other house guests would have compared notes and realized they can't ALL be in a F3 with Paul...

I forgot to tell you... Jessica is HOT!!!

Cody- First of all, Cody said some pretty ignorant things in the house about transgender people. I feel like it came from a place of ignorance and not malice. I don't like his comments, but I realize people who have not been exposed to trans people may not understand the issue enough to be empathetic. So I look at him as ignorant and not hateful. So pushing those comments aside... I FREAKING LOVED CODY!!! He's unlike any player Big Brother has ever had before! His robot qualities and deadpan diary rooms... it was hilarious!

He also served in the military. TMZ says, "According to Cody's official military file ... he served in the Marine Corps from December 2008 to December 2012, reaching the rank of E-4 Corporal with a specialty as a Rifleman. He previously served in the U.S. Air Force as well.
Nickson received numerous honors ... including campaign medals for his tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, 2 National Defense Service Medals, a Good Conduct Medal, a Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and 2 Navy Unit Commendations."

I wish Jess and Cody could've won more, built better relationships with others, and took out Paul. But they made no effort to ingratiate themselves with the rest of the house, so it's their own fault. (Yes, the others were terrible to them but part of Big Brother is being able to get over that and still play the game with those people.)

Elena- Elena was like a NOTHING to me. Bad make up, bad diary rooms, only wanted to make it to jury and last a long time help her "career"... If she had spent less time having sex with Mark and more time DOING THINGS, maybe Paul wouldn't be running away with the half million dollars.

Mark- He is a VERY NICE GUY and a CLASS ACT. Maybe that is why he didn't do very well? All the people who acted like mean assholes outlasted him.

Here are the house guests left in the game... in the order I WANT them to be evicted! (Not that I really want any of them to win, there just isn't anyone to root for at this point.)

Paul- Last season, I LOVED Paul. He was funny and entertaining. At the beginning of this season, I was excited to see he was coming back in the house. It didn't take long at all for me to turn against him. This season he is INSUFFERABLE. He is so condescending, he thinks his shit doesn't stink, and he is FAKE. Yet EVERYONE IS FOLLOWING HIM! They are ALL LOYAL TO HIM. He's running the whole damn house because everyone is too dumb to compare notes and go against him. I don't hold it against Paul that people are dumb and he benefiting from that. But I hold it against him that he is HATEFUL. He got everyone to bully the shit out of Jess and Cody and attack Cody's military service for the purpose of trying to get Cody so mad that he would flip out and punch someone and get kicked out of the game. Obviously, Cody didn't do that, but house guests did question his military service because they are PIECES OF SHIT following orders from Paul, who is the BIGGEST PIECE OF SHIT.

Doesn't he look like a douche bag?

Matt- Matt hasn't done anything that has offended me... and he also hasn't done anything except have sex with Raven. I want Matt gone so RAVEN has to suffer without him. And suffer she would. Matt has to be one of the worst casting choices BB ever made.

Alex- At the beginning of the season, I was rooting for Alex. She told Cody to eat shit during the first HOH comp. What a bad ass girl! But it turns out she is SO PETTY and talks so much shit on people. She even picks fights because she is bored. Once she made up a reason to get mad at Cody just for "fun". Grow the eff up, Alex. You're 28 years old. Alex is most certainly getting blindsided within the next week or two, and I can't wait for her reaction.

Christmas- You thought I hated the way Alex acts? I hate Christmas' actions even more. I wanted to like Christmas. She is a Cross Fit champion. She owns a gym, is a personal trainer, and is a motivational speaker. She is going to be in for a rude awakening when she gets out of the house and realizes the way she has spoken about people in the house has cost her a lot of her fans. She is one of the ones that questioned Cody's military service. She picked on Mark for no reason. She interjects herself into every argument in such an infuriating manner. Her DRs are so fake. Yes, she broke her foot in the house within the first two weeks of the game. No, I wouldn't wish that on ANYONE, not even Christmas Joy Abbott, one of the most negative people I have seen on BB.

Christmas rides around on a little scooter due to her broken foot. CBS adds this hilarious squeaking sound effect every time she rolls into the room.

Josh- Josh is bat shit. He takes pots and pans and bangs them at people he's picking a fight with while singing the circus song. He can dish it out so well, but when someone talks smack on him, he hides and cries. So you're probably wondering why I want him to make it to F4... Everyone else is actually more horrible than him, if you can believe it. He's 23 but he acts 5.

Jason- I like Jason a lot. He said some ignorant things in the house, but much like Cody, I think it came from a place of sheer ignorance and not malice. I want Jason gone at F3 but I want him to win America's Favorite Player, which is the $25,000 prize and something America votes for. He has a wife, a kid, and another kid on the way. He hasn't done anything too abhorrent in the house, and is a comp beast.

Kevin- I want Kevin to make it to second place, which is the $50,000 prize. I like Kevin a lot, and like Jason, he hasn't done anything too terrible in the house. For the past few weeks, the house guests have been starting to talk shit about him and ostracize him. I can't wait for the house guests to find out America loves Kevin!

Raven- Oh Raven, Raven Raven... Okay, Raven is 23 years old and came into the house claiming to have a disease called gastroparesis. It's a real disease, where your stomach muscles don't contract so they can't digest food... or it digests very slowly. So she has a pacemaker in her stomach that actually makes it contract. The thing is, she tried to convince all of these house guests that she's basically dying, and they believe her at first.

But Raven actually has a very serious problem called LYING. She makes up shit ALL THE TIME!!!! And if she hurts herself in the tiniest way, she shows everyone in the house and makes a huge deal out of it. She is somewhere in between a hypochondriac and a munchahusen  sufferer.

She really tells the house guests her gastroparesis is terminal and that she has another terminal disease that only doctors in Sweden have never heard of. She says she has arthritis and needs knee surgery. She says she has endometriosis and that she can't have children because her uterus is too small. She claims to have died twice on the operating table. She says she needs a new pacemaker every year. She claims to have almost made it onto the Olympic gymnastic team. She says she only has two more years to live. She claims she and her mom had their colons removed.

Now granted, these may not all be lies... but most of them probably are.

So, besides her making this stuff up, she hasn't done ANYTHING in the game but have sex with Matt and scream/laugh super loud as to annoy the house guests. The house guests are catching on to the fact that Raven isn't as sick as she says she is, but they are so afraid to turn against her because they think she is America's sweetheart. Little do they know, in all of the BB polls, Raven is rated DEAD LAST among the cast. And everyone online has been calling out her lies. Just Google "Raven Exposed" and you will see...

That's why I think it would be funny if Kevin and Raven made it to F2 and the jury voted for Raven just out of fear that America would hate them if they didn't... And then when the show is over, they get out and realize America hated Raven and they just gave half a million dollars to someone who wasn't playing the game and who has a serrrrrrrrious problem lying!

So there you have it... the horrible cast of BB 19. This season had so much promise. I'm convinced if Paul had never come in the house, this season could have been good.

Moving on...

Can we talk about Julie Chen's wardrobe this season? It's horrible! Every week, it's like her stylist TRIED to make her look terrible. Julie Chen is ABSOLUTELY DROP DEAD GORGEOUS so it's pretty hard to pick something that doesn't look good... yet her stylist is still able to do that, week after week!

Check out some of the "memorable" outfits from the live evictions this season...

I'm serious... she wore all of those outfits on live shows this season!

But she CAN just nice. Look at this outfit from a previous season! This is ON POINT!!!

Well, that's all I have to say about BB19. I'm sure you're wondering why I continue to watch a season with so many unlikable people. That's a good question. I suppose it's something you'd only understand if you were a Big Brother fan!

I can't believe I'm saying this, but... 


(Just to piss off all the house guests!!!!!)

Are you watching BB this season?
What do you think?


  1. I was watching and quit. I agree with a lot of what you said and your post caught me up on who was evicted since I quit watching. I hope Jason or Kevin wins because they seem to be the only genuine people on there. I get it that lying and being manipulative is part of the BB game, but this year's cast takes it too far (especially Raven where something like health is concerned, that disease is a real thing affecting others out there). I was wondering how you felt about Paul this season because I know you were a fan in the past... I do agree this is one of the worst seasons ever and hope CBS makes some changes. Almost everyone I know has stopped watching...

    1. I'm glad I could catch you up without you having to watch it lol. If it ever interests you, there is a blog called bigbrotherlivefeedupdates.blogspot.com. The woman who writes the blog does an update nearly every day and she makes it very funny. She's so over the cast as well!

      I'm all for lying and manipulation, it's def part of the game, but these house guests just talk shit and make it REALLY personal. I mean, I love drama and a good fight, but it's just embarrassing to watch them. And they're sooooo not self aware. Luckily, it looks like Jason is waking up right now and if Kevin manages to get HOH next week, things could get really flipped around. Either way, we're now at the point where they're all going to eat each other, so that will be fun to watch.

      I don't know many people who watch BB! My friend at work does, a HS friend, and my friends Randy and Michael watch it. That's pretty much it.

      What's your favorite season??? Any favorite players??

  2. I don't have anything to add to this but I was telling my mom about your post because she watches Big brother and she said tell Megan "This season is awful. These people can't make a decision to save their lives and none of them deserve to win".

    1. Your mom and I think alike!!!! Next time you talk BB with her, ask her who her favorite player is from a past season.