A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, August 14, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday!

This is a VERY long post Mostly pictures!

The short story:

Friday: No sleep, Knoebels with the family, started listening to Serial Season 1 with Paul.

Saturday: Gym with Paul, India Day, putzing around the mall, candlelight dinner at home.

Sunday: 10 miles and dinner with friends!

If you want the long story or lots of pictures... keep reading!!!

I woke up at 1:00 in the morning and could not fall back asleep. Fuck my life. This is the second time this happened in the past week. At 4:00, I admitted defeat and got out of bed. At least I got to run early and beat the heat. That's right, I ran 6 miles on 3 hours of sleep!

Tired or not, I had to rally. I was going to Knoebels with my family. I was hoping I wasn't going to get that "sick tired" feeling until the day was almost over.

Luckily, I did a good job at Knoebels! The only ride I rode for my own pleasure was The Phoenix with Paul. The rest of the day was all about the KIDS. Ellie is a freaking DAREDEVIL now. She's nearly 5 and quite tall so she could go on some pretty crazy rides.

 Phoenix! My favorite coaster in the world!

Who is watching Clark!?

 I got to ride the Cosmotron with Ellie!
She did not want me to hold on to her. Too bad! I held tight!

Just a little 'tude from Clem!

Nanny and her grand kids!

Tyler and Paul gonna get some rings!

 Da train with my honey!

Where else can you ride a huge ostrich? 

 Ellie wanted to ride the salt and pepper shakers!!!!

I got to take Ellie in the Haunted House!

 Clemmy and Grandpa

Ellie road the Galleon with me and she insisted we sit in the back so that we would go up high!

Beautiful family!

Go Debby!

I can't even take this face...

 Ellie, Clem, and Tyler on the Skloosh!

He doesn't give a fuck!

Clem was so sad she wasn't tall enough to ride the Phoenix!

Guess what! Paul agreed to start listening to Serial with me! (First season.) I told him to just try one episode and he would love it. Well, I was right. HE IS FREAKING INTO IT. This is my second time listening to the podcast. So far, it has been fun to re-listen to because since listening to it the first time, I have listened to SO MANY MORE true crime podcasts. I feel like I am a better thinker now.

Oh, you know I am going on Reddit tonight!!!!

It felt so good to get some sleep. That's the good part about having a night of crappy sleep- you know the next night you're going to sleep soooooo well.

Paul and I went to the gym. We both lifted and I ran.

Then we headed to HACC for India Day! We didn't stay long due to the storms, but we did watch some dancing and grab some food. 

Omg, Indian food is so good. We had no clue what to order because we didn't know what anything was! We ended up with some spicy chicken that was red, chicken (maybe!?) in a yellowish/brownish sauce, rice, and something that was fried with bread and veggies in it. I wish I could tell you exactly what it was, but here is a picture. Maybe you will know!

After India Day, we went to the Harrisburg Mall. Paul likes to look around at the used book/game store called 2nd and Charles. I putzed around in NYC & Co and Payless.

So this is a jumpsuit I almost bought a couple weeks ago when it was $69.95. Today it was 50% off. I still didn't buy it because I didn't know where I would wear it. Will it go out of style before I find a place to wear it? SHOULD I GO BACK AND GET IT!?

And these shoes were still at Payless for $10! Remember them? The ones I wondered if they were ugly or cool? Don't worry, I didn't get them...

When Paul and I got home, we played cards and made a yummy Italian dinner of salads and meatball subs! We ate at the table (we never do that) by candlelight (romantic!) while we listened to Serial (HAHAHA!). 

Unfortunately, the day was clouded by the horrible events in Charlottesville. It is absolutely horrific and sick. I condemn hate speech and I condemn these white supremacist groups.

I spent the morning coloring and watching CNN. Then I went for a 10 mile run. I didn't plan to do 10 miles, it's just I felt good so I kept going!

Then we went to Joe and Brittany's house to meet the newest addition to their family. Meet, BABY FIONA!!!!

Brittany made ziti and it was DIVINE. A couple other friends were there. It was fun to hang out with everyone, especially since I hadn't see them in awhile!

I wish I made more of an effort to spend time with my friends. I'm just such a homebody.

Should I go back and get the jumpsuit?

Any idea of what Indian food we ate?

Do you like Indian food?

Did you go to Knoebels this summer? Are you a daredevil like Ellie?


  1. I'm not an expert on indian food, but that looks like tikka masala, I don't' know what the fried stuff is, maybe samosa?

    You should get the jumpsuit, it looks great on you! could you wear it to work? a party?

    You had such a fun day at Knoebels! Ellie looks like she is having so much fun!!

    Rollercoasters and most rides make me sick, but I suck it up for the kids. when we were at Sesame last week, I had to get over it to do the rides with my niece.

    1. I could not wear it to work. :( It is quite dressy, so if I went to a dressy party or wedding... but I never get invited to those! Sigh. I should go get it.

      Are there any crazy rides at Sesame place???

  2. Fiona. Stop it. I can't take that level of cute!

    I am glad Paul is listening to Serial with you! Adam listened to about 4 episodes and then decided he had heard enough to make his decision. I told him that's not how it works, he needs to hear all the evidence and interviews but his white male privilege allows him to think he's right all the time no matter what :D

    1. Fiona was ADORABLE and weight like 1oz lol. Oh gosh Adam. GET OFF YOUR WHITE MALE HIGH HORSE!!! :) So do you think Adnan is guilty or innocent?

  3. I'm not a jumpsuit person but it looks cute on you. If it's still on sale go back and grab it because you need dressy clothes for school (see I gave you an excuse).

    I haven't had Indian food in forever but I love it. I can't tell what you had except maybe Tandoori chicken? That looks like samosas too but I'm not sure if maybe they're too big to be samosas or are just very big samosas?

    Knoebels looks like such a fun theme park. We don't have a theme park here and I wish we had somewhere like that for weekends! The closest is Carowinds but that's in Charlotte and 3.5 hours away.

    1. Well due to the straps it's not work appropriate, but thank you for doing me a solid and trying to provide and excuse. $35 is nothing for such a cute piece of clothing....

      They were samosas! Everyone has been saying Samosas and I think they were just big. :)

  4. I am so jealous that you guys have an India day. My grandpa was born and raised in India (their family was British) so we grew up on Indian food. It's my favourite. The red chicken is tandoori, the yellow/brown chicken is chicken marsala (maybe butter chicken) and the fried triangles are samosas. YUMMO.

    I always love all your family pictures. You guys are the best.

    1. Thank you for identifying our food! It was very, very good! Do you guys go out for Indian food often or order it in? Or do you make it???

  5. Did Ellie like the haunted house? I remember being so scared in there. I think it was that horn sound that did it! That is a great picture of Clem on the horse. It looks professional!

    1. She did like it! She had her eyes closed most of the time but opened them when I assured her it was "cool".

  6. Fun weekend! It's funny because Rick and I never eat at our table either. I have only had Indian food a few times but LOVED it....I have no idea what you got but it does look yummy.

    1. Cool! Yes I had it exactly 3 times in my life. The first time I was young and not adventurous at all. The next two times were this summer and I want to eat it more often!

  7. I have a couple Indian recipes that I can make. A couple years ago, my family went to an Indian Restaurant in Golden and it was pretty good. I'm not adventurous when it comes to food, but when it's good, it's good.

    1. When I first tried Indian food, I was in my early 20s and not adventurous at all. It was way too spicy for me. But a few months ago we went to a student's graduation party. Her parents are from Nepal so it was at an Indian restaurant and they had a buffet. Everything was soooooo good! :) So now we want to eat Indian food more often. At least try some different things.

  8. You have a lot of self-control for not buying any of the things you showed us. .. :) Sounds like a good weekend!

    1. Well you will be even more impressed with the self control I had today... I saw soooo many pairs of cute shoes at the mall! I really wanted to buy some. But I didn't.

  9. Looks like a fun weekend! Ive had some bad nights of sleep lately and its so frustrating. But you are right- one night of bad sleep usually means the next night will be better!

  10. Sigh. Maybe I should go back for the jumpsuit. :)

    I know I thought of you when I was watching everything because I know you live in VA. I was in Charlottesville once and it was a very cute town. It is all so sad.

  11. lovely post. this kitten is so cute..