A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Fun Holiday Break Activities

Hey all! I haven't done a Weekend Wrap Up in awhile because all of the weekends have been falling over the holidays. So I figured I'd just recap a little bit of what I did over my winter break. 

I am very thankful to have had ten days off over the holidays. I really, really needed it. Here's what we were up to...

(Note: I already recapped Christmas and Christmas Eve, so you can check out my previous posts if you want to see some pics from those special days!)

1. On the 23rd (A FESTIVUS FOR THE REST OF US!) Paul and I headed down to Shrewsbury to meet Maren, Max, Randy, and Michael for dinner at the Mason Dixon Family Restaurant. Maren and Max live in Baltimore so we don't get to see them all that often. Shrewsbury is about halfway. On the way down, Paul and I stopped at a Goodwill in York and LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!!!

If you are a regular Meg Go Run reader, you know I love Knoebels and I love puzzles. My head almost exploded when I found this. Now if only I could find an Aldi puzzle...

2. The day after Christmas, Paul and I took his nephews to the Carlisle Sports Emporium for laser tag, go carts, and arcade games. It was their Christmas gift. The kiddos had an AWESOME time and their dad told us all they have been doing is talking about how much fun they had! Unfortunately, Violet was sick, so she couldn't come. Never fear, she is going to have a day out all on her own to make up for it!

 Paul drove Zay. Zay was scared at first but then was glad he did it.


Little Zay got to do indoor go carts and drive himself!

3. I did so many puzzles over Christmas break.... Some I got for Christmas and some were thrift store finds. Here is a picture of every puzzle completed between December 23-January 1.

And a couple outtakes!

4. I was sick leading up to Christmas and then I got sick AFTER Christmas. I am so over being sick. All I do is carry around a roll of toilet paper so I can blow my nose...

5. We went to one winery over break- Broad Mountain in Elizabethville. Not only do we love their wines, but their staff is so friendly. Paul forgot his water bottle there about two months ago and they saved it for him! We shared a bottle of wine and then walked to a pizza shop to stuff our faces! It was SO COLD.

Me, in the dark, walking back to the winery with my hood up! FREAKING FREEZING!!!

6. It snowed twice! It snowed Christmas morning and then again on the 30th. We got about 2 inches!

7. One day I told Paul I was going to the gym... and I did... but first I went to Wal Mart and got some more outdoor decorations!!!! We now own 9 inflatables and more lights than we know what to do with! Next year, our yard will be EPIC. We didn't get solar panels for nothing...

8. I finally organized our storage room. Part of our basement if finished and part is storage. Every couple years I organize it and then slowly it starts turning into a shit show again. I'm glad it is finally back in order. I even organized all of my puzzles! I wish someone wanted to borrow my puzzles. It seems like such a waste to just have them sitting in my basement....


9. I did A LOT of cat sitting, but unfortunately it was for a couple cats who do not let me pet them! They are very adorable, and all I want to do is cuddle them, but I keep my distance...


Bitty Bot!

10. For New Years Eve I was sick, so instead of going out for sushi like we normally do, we ordered in. Do you think we got enough food?

I want to bed at 10:30 but stayed up for hours reading reddit. I was having a hard time falling asleep. At midnight, I heard what sounded like professional fireworks in our neighborhood. They went on for about a half hour. Really!? I mean, I am pretty sure they weren't professional but they sounded louder than the kind people just sort of do in their backyard or street.

11. I was sick on New Year's Day too. I was supposed to go on a trail run and a family gathering at my Uncle Rick's but I felt too shitty. I went to Patient First (walk in urgent care) and waited for a half hour, but then left when they told me it would be another hour and a half wait. It was so crowded, everyone was hacking and/or had face masks on, but the clincher was that the televisions were BLASTING. WHY WOULD THEY HAVE TV BLASTING WHEN PEOPLE FEEL LIKE SHIT???? I'll go to work tomorrow but if I still feel like crap I am taking Wednesday off to go to the doctor.
Do you have a storage room? Is it organized?
Have you ever played laser tag or ridden go carts?
Did you get any snow?
What did you do on NYE and NYD?


  1. I really hope you start to feel better! Being sick is the worst. We almost always stay in on NYE--this year Rick used his new Traeger to make smoked salmon & it was delish! Happy New Year, Megan.

    1. Omg smoked salmon sounds awesome! That's one of the sushi rolls we got. :)

  2. Ugg so sorry you are not feeling much better!
    I am SO jealous of your storage room!!! I would love to have all that space!
    Scott was sick over break as well. We had plans for over a month with some friends at a dinner party but had to cancel an hour before we were suppose to show up. I felt like such a jerk. But then later I found out another couple cancelled too. We ended up going to a party at my aunt's house instead. Scott said he would feel better about being sick at our family's house than being at a fancy restaurant. It was all good.

    I'm looking forward to getting back into a groove here this month!

    1. Yeah it is awkward when you are sick and you do want to go somewhere because you don't want to get other people sick! That's how I felt about my Uncle Rick's. I kind of wanted to go but I was hacking and I knew no one would want to be near me. I hope Scott is feeling better. Do you guys catch stuff from each other? Paul and I don't. He never gets sick!

  3. Oh no! I'm sorry you got sick again. Hopefully you feel better this morning. The storage closet off of my apartment's balcony is a mess. I told my boyfriend that when it's warmer (so ya know in like June...) I'll organize it better instead of just having everything thrown in it.

  4. If we lived closer, I would totally borrow your puzzles! How do you keep your cats from taking off with pieces when you are not working on it? One time I came home and half the puzzle was off the table and pieces everywhere!

    1. I do my puzzles on a board so I can move or cover the board when I'm not working on it. When I AM working on it, Chrissy loves to lay smack dab in the middle! "PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!" He has wrecked some puzzles before.

  5. Oh man, that sickness has got to stop. Hope you improved, or will get some care soon! We played board games and watched a movie on NYE, then I ran a 5K on NYD. Then I felt like I got hit by a truck, because... well I guess because I'm eternally injured and old. Ugh. Kitties on puzzles would drive me crazy!!

    1. If you ever borrow a puzzle from me, the cat hair is included! ;)

      I'm sorry your run left you feeling run down! I have days like that, normally if I run long.

      Board games sounds like the perfect NYE!

  6. I hope you are feeling better!!

    How big is the Sports Emporium? is it big ? is there a lot to do?

    You got a lot of food!! and it looks so good!

    We have added going to a winery to our To Do list for this year!! We have been putting it off for too long!

    1. It is VERY big and there is a lot to do. There are a ton of arcade games, roller skating, laser tag, two go cart areas, two mini golf courses and batting cages.

      It is VERY expensive. We luckily got a deal. For $33, they got 1 game of laser tag, 2 go cart rides, and $20 worth of arcade tokens. Normally you only get $3 but I guess it was a Christmas special. The arcade games are sooooo overpriced. It is a very expensive place. But it was special for our nephews they had a BLAST.

      If laser tag interests your son, a session is $16, which I think is a lot but you play a couple games during the session and boys think it is SO FLIPPING FUN. Maybe for a special birthday treat or good report card reward. :)

  7. Oh wow. You did ALL THESE PUZZLES over Christmas break? Did you eat? Did you sleep? That's amazing. I love puzzles, but J does not, so I hardly ever get one out.... but now you make me want to start one!

    1. You can do puzzles without J! Paul never helps with puzzles. Actually, sometimes I call him to watch me put in the last piece but I let HIM put in the last piece. :)