A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Sunday, February 17, 2019

I am excited AND terrified because...

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... I bought a new car!

Well, not brand new. Certified preowned.

It's a 2016 Mazda CX-5 Touring. It's actually a 2016 and a half. Mazda released a second model in 2016 with some better features... like heated seats!

Having this car is like a whole new world for me. You have to understand that for the past 10 years, I had a tiny Chevy Cobalt. It had no technology. I mean, the windows rolled down. My 11 year old niece didn't even know how to use the windows!

I walked in the doors of Faulkner Mazda the minute they opened at 9:00 on Saturday morning. I had the stock number of the car I wanted to see. I had researched THE SHIT out of a bunch of cars, and I was hoping the car I picked was good in person as it seemed to be online.

Jon helped me out and took me for a test drive. I had test driven the same model car the day before, so I knew I would like it. As we drove around Harrisburg, he explained some of the features to me. The price was right. I was in love. I wanted the car.

My favorite aspect of the car is the fact that there is more room. I also like sitting up high. The navigation and smart features are really cool as well. So are the heated seats. This car doesn't even have a key. There is a button to start it. GUYS, I'M FINALLY IN THE 21ST CENTURY!!!

It is terrifying to me to have a car payment again. I haven't had a car payment in YEARS. It's also terrifying to buy something so expensive. Besides my house, this is the most expensive thing I have ever bought.


Even though it is scary and overwhelming, I am very excited. I feel like I finally have an adult car. I also feel like I deserve a nice car. Paul doesn't drive, so I'm always the one behind the wheel. I deserve to be comfortable. And since he's the passenger, he can become and expert at all the techno stuff and teach me how to use it! I mean there are screens and buttons and all this shit where it's like THIS IS TOO MUCH!!!

In real life, the red is much brighter.

Everyone at Faulkner Mazda in Harrisburg was very nice, and even though it is nerve wracking to make such a big financial commitment, they made the process super easy! I highly recommend the dealership!

Now here is the crazy thing... My best friend Maren ALSO BOUGHT THE EXACT SAME CAR TODAY!!!! We didn't even talk about buying new cars and she bought the same thing!!! What are the odds!!??

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Weekly Workouts!

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I'm a running machine. That is all.

Saturday- 6 miles on the treadmill and 4 miles on the trail. No pictures, but I swear it happened!

Sunday- Lifting at Planet Fitness and 6 neighborhood miles. I had exercise ADD! Oh, and can you tell I am getting faster? Sorry I keep mentioning it, but I just can't believe it because of how freaking slow I got this past summer!

Monday- 3 miles and a deck of cards workout. I woke up to a snow covered neighborhood! Luckily, we had a two hour delay and I have easy access to Planet Fitness. I headed over there to run 3 miles and do a deck of cards workout.

Tuesday- 6 neighborhood miles in the freezing rain. I had every intention of running at the gym but my car wouldn't start! That sort of threw a wrench into my day! Luckily it was a snow day and it didn't happen on a day I had to go to work!

Wednesday- Carport deck of cards workout. We had a two hour delay, so I headed out for a neighborhood run at 8am. Even though the roads looked clear, they were very slippy! I didn't even make it a quarter mile before I turned around and walked home. The ice was black, you couldn't see it. I didn't have a car so I couldn't go to the gym, so I resorted to a deck of cards workout in my carport. I'm lucky I have a cardio option if I can't run!

Thursday- 8 treadmill miles and a VERY SHORT lifting session. Light weight, high rep. I just needed a little something!

Friday-   6 neighborhood miles. My bag was all packed for the gym but for some reason I was feeling like a homebody. I went outside in fleece tights, a long sleeve, and a vest, but immediately went back inside and ditched the tights for shorts and took off my vest. It was nearly 40 degrees, which feels quite toasty to me these days! Guys, I was FLYING and I wasn’t even trying! I know why… I barely got any sleep and I ate a huge meal at like midnight the night before. I know that sounds crazy, but when I do stuff like that, I usually have a great run the next day!

How were your workouts this week?

Friday, February 15, 2019

Bad News and Good News

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On Tuesday, my car wouldn't start. It tried to, but it just couldn't. Luckily, my parents get me AAA for Valentine's Day every year, so I was able to have it towed to the car shop we use that's only about a mile away. The tow truck guy said it was probably just the starter, but I still had a bad feeling...

The next day, the bad news came. Paul text me to let me know the timing chain was out of sync and the cylinder head of the engine needed replaced. It would be $3000. Not only that, but they couldn't guarantee that when they replaced everything, that the parts would line up right. If they didn't, the pistons would break and then my engine would be shot. It was time to cut my losses and buy a new car.

**Note: I have no idea what I just typed, I'm just telling you what they told me. Most of the paragraph may as well have been in Greek to me!**

Now to be clear, I'm not in love with my Chevy Cobalt, even though I have had it for nine years. But it was paid for. You can't beat PAID FOR. It has a ton of miles on it, so I suppose this was inevitably going to happen...

I'm not excited to car shop. I know nothing about cars and I don't really car about cars. I feel very stressed and overwhelmed.


There is good news. Even though I don't want a car payment, I can afford a car payment. Such a first world problem, right?

Also, my parents are letting me borrow my mom's mini van (they have three vehicles, she uses the van for her craft shows, which she doesn't have right now) so I don't have to rent a car and I don't have to feel rushed to buy anything.

These are two VERY GOOD THINGS. So I am lucky. Even though I didn't want to be in this situation for another couple years, I am lucky.

Who knows, maybe I will find something I like!? I'm looking for a subcompact SUV. I definitely want certified pre-owned. I am researching: Mazda CX-3, Hyundai Kona, Toyota RAV-4, and a Honda CR-V. Any other suggestions or thoughts on those cars???
Do you like to drive cars until they are dead or do you enjoy getting new cars?

Any tips for me as I start this endeavor?

Ever drive a mini van!? It's not that bad!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Snow Day #3!

On Tuesday, we had our third snow day of the year. (Yes, we have to make them up. Bye, bye spring break!) However, it was the best kind of snow day because it was the kind we totally anticipated having. In fact, We pre-gamed the snow day the night before...

Unfortunately, I could not sleep that night. I slept from 12:46-2:00 and then I was up until 5:30. (At 4:23 I got the call that school was canceled, so at least after that I could relax a little since I knew for sure I could sleep in.) I got up for good around 8:00. That's not a whole lot of sleep, but how much sleep does one need for a snow day?

At least the first things I saw when I woke up were these cute little guys!

First, coffee...

It was quite the lazy morning. Paul had an appointment at 11 but my car wouldn't start! I called AAA and they towed it to a nearby shop. We only have one car, so we always take it to a place that's about a mile away. The AAA guy thought the problem was the starter. I crossed my fingers that he was right and it wasn't something major.

Not having a car threw a wrench into my plan to go to the gym and grocery shop. Instead, I had to run 6 miles outside in the freezing rain. I call this a character building run! At least I had a good podcast about the Loch Ness Monster.

I'm doing awesome on my Spanish lessons! Look, I'm on a 50 day streak! And yes, check out the time I was practicing... I told you I can't sleep!

I was having a hard time getting warm after my run. And while I was very much hoping my car would be fixed today (I mean, how am I supposed to get to work!?), I was also dreading the cold, wet walk to the shop to pick it up. I just hoped that if it got done, it was before dark. I was also worried about what would be wrong with it...

... but of course the shop never called me. So I called around 6 and the cashiers said the mechanics had gone home for the day and that my car "wasn't done yet". I asked if it was looked at and she said no. How fucking annoying!!!!

Luckily, I have awesome coworkers so I was able to set up rides to and from work tomorrow.

That evening, Paul and I played cards.

I had a snow day salad for dinner. You put BBQ chips on your salad too, right? 'Merrica!

Before I went to bed, I got a text saying we had a two hour delay the next day! Wahoo! I could get used to a work week like this one...
Do you have AAA? Ever need your car towed?
Do your pets sleep with you?
Do you believe in the Loch Ness Monster?

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

A Passage I Would Like To Share With You

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My friend Bree shared this passage with me. It's from a book called The Five Invitations by Frank Ostaseski. I wanted to share it with you.

This person has a body, a heart, a mind just like me
This person gets worried and frightened just like me
This person is trying their best to navigate life just like me
May this person have the strength and support to navigate through the difficulties in life
May this person be free from suffering and it's causes
May this person be peaceful and happy
May this person be loved

I hope this passage touched you the way it touched me!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

I'm not afraid to run trail alone anymore.

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It's no secret that in the past, I've been afraid to run trail alone. That's why I would sign up for trail races "for fun". It seemed like a safe way for a scaredy cat like me to get out on the trail.

What was I afraid of? Well, in no particular order...

1. Snakes.
2. Bears.
3. Murderers/Rapists

A couple days ago, I realized I hadn't signed up for any trail races in awhile. I got online to look around and then I realized.... I don't need to sign up for a trail race because I'm not afraid to run on the trail alone anymore!

Now, I'm not going to lie... come summer, I will probably be worried about snakes. That is just an inevitable. But bears and murderers? I think I'm over it!

I haven't listened to any murder podcasts or watched any murder shows in MONTHS. (I know, who I am!?) Could this be one of the reasons being murdered on the trail is not on my mind? Also, my mind has definitely been preoccupied with other things lately. I think having your mind sort of already full of other thoughts leaves less room for it to make up things to be worried about.

Whatever the reason, I will take it! I'm proud to say I will be confidently running trail alone for the foreseeable future! Hopefully this new, brave Megan sticks around forever!
Are there places you're afraid to run alone?
What are you afraid of when running?

Monday, February 11, 2019

Weekend Wrap Up!

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It was both an active and relaxing weekend. You know, the perfect kind!

My day almost started horrible. At 2am I was wide awake and remembered I didn’t take my trazodone. (Despite many of you giving me tips on how to remember to take my sleep meds, I have not put your advice into action.) After doing two Spanish lessons on my phone, I miraculously fell back asleep until my alarm went off at 5:30!

Something weird happened… Around 4am I woke up to the sound of a HUGE crash coming from somewhere out in the house. It scared the crap out of me. My heart was racing. Was someone trying to break in? Did the cats knock something huge over? I was too tired to investigate and figured if someone was in the house trying to kill me, they could just do it. I wasn’t getting out of bed. I guess part of me knew that the sounds was probably some sort of lucid dream.

I was due to lift, so I headed to the gym. I also ran 3 speedy treadmill miles. I am so glad I did a short run because I was in such a good mood after that!

I had a full day of work but the students were dismissed two hours early so teachers could do professional development. It was nice to change things up on a Friday and have somewhat of an easier day than normal.

The highlight of my day was my clarinet student, who is rocking it! We went up to the office during her lesson to serenade the secretary and other teachers in there. I am so surprised at how much I love teaching instrumental. I mean, at first I wasn't looking forward to it because I didn't know what I was doing. But now, while I still don't always know what I'm doing, I realize I know more than I thought I did and the kids are really progressing!

For lunch I had the best quiche I ever made- ground turkey, tomatoes, grated parmesan cheese, oregano and Italian seasoning. It’s restaurant quality! In fact, after work, I went straight to Aldi to get more tomatoes and parmesan so I could make another one! I also made Paul his new favorite: cheddar, broccoli, and ham!

Then I chilled with my baby...

I would have loved to sleep in, but of course I got up at 6. No problem. Took my time waking up, drank coffee, and then headed to the gym for a 6 miler on the treadmill. I considered running outside, but the real feel was 4!

After it warmed up a little, I hit the AT! I ran/hiked from Sherwood up to the Cumberland overlook and back. Since it was still pretty cold out, I layered up.

My trail excursion took a little longer than anticipated, so when I got home, I had to quickly shower and hightail it to Maryland for my friend Maren's baby shower! Maren and Max are having a BABYYYYYYY! It was a very lovely, classy shower with really good food! I got to watch Maren open up most of her presents and chat with her and Max as everyone was leaving. They are so happy and I am so happy for them!

I have known Maren for over 20 years. We grew up doing community theater together during high school and college. Oh the stories I could tell... (and so could she!)

Maren and her lovely Max.

I just chilled at home that night with Christmas and went to bed early super early.

I slept 10.5 hours! When I woke up, I had both kitties on me.

I felt like a million bucks when I woke up! I thought about all the productive things I could do. But first, coffee.

Then Paul and I watched three hours of Celebrity Big Brother. We had a lot to catch up on. After that, I headed to the gym for a lifting session. Then I met Bree for sushi! While I was out and about, I stocked up on wine!

Then I did something I never do... I ran around 4pm! Running after eating three sushi rolls wasn't the best idea ever. I mean, I didn't feel throw uppy or anything, but I did have some sushi burps.

The rest of the evening I just chillaxed. Not gonna cry about that! Hoping for a delay tomorrow morning...
What were you up to this weekend?