A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Friday, February 23, 2018

5 Things About this Weekend!

Today, I'm going to share 5 Things I'm looking forward to about this weekend!

1. I'm looking forward to... Puzzles. I am in the middle of a cute doggy puzzle and I have a birdhouse puzzle I want to do. I'm basically an 80 year old in a 35 year old body.

2. I'm looking forward to... the Squirrelly Tail Twail Wun. Yes, I'm running a race! It's a half marathon on the trails at Pinchot. I am very familiar with the Pinchot trails. I will not be "racing" this, just running for "fun". I think it will be muddy...

3. I'm looking forward to... sushi with Randy and Michael (and Paul). We are going oooooout on Saturday night! I can't wait to see Randy and Michael (and Paul) and stuff my face with raw fish.

4. I'm looking forward to... catching up on the news and podcasts. I am so behind on what is going on in the WORLD and what is going on in the world of PODCASTS. There just aren't enough hours in the day for me to feel adequately informed!

5. I'm looking forward to... not feeling like I'm "UP HERE" all day.  Do you know what I mean by "UP HERE"? Like I can't relax. Like I am stressed, anxious, overworked. Like my shoulders are constantly raised, my butt is clenched, and my brow is furrowed. I just want to feel relaxed. Please, please, weekend, will you help me feel relaxed?

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What are you excited for this weekend?

Thursday, February 22, 2018

I hate posts about shoes.

I hate posts about shoes... but this is a post about shoes!

Yesterday, I went to Appalachian Running Company in Carlisle to get fitted for a new pair of trail shoes. I haven't had a new pair of trail shoes in many years! I've been wearing my road shoes on the trail. Bad runner...

I wasn't sure what I was looking for, but I did want to try on the kind I used to wear- Mizuno Wave Ascends. Unfortunately, ARC doesn't carry the Mizuno brand!

The owner of the store brought out three different kinds of shoes. I definitely did not like the Brooks but I liked the Saucony Peregrines. They fit nice and snug and weren't boxy. Not only were they on sale, but I actually liked the color!

Check out the tread on these puppies.... I do not remember my old trail shoes having anything like these on the bottom!

I'm really hoping these feel good once I get out on the trail.

Since I only run trail on the weekends, these should last me a long time.

They were 30% because they're the older model. 
Score! It is insane how expensive shoes are...
What kind of trail shoe do you wear?

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Guys, this week is BANANAS!

Work is BANANAS!

I wish I could tell you all the reasons why school has been nuts, but I can't. However, I can tell you some fun/funny stories about work this week...

1. A bug landed on my Smartboard during 2nd grade music class. Then it started moving around and it closed the document I had open because it walked onto the "x" button. The students and I laughed so hard.

2. A kindergarten student was coughing so I told her to get a drink. Instead of using the water fountain at my sink, she started to fill my coffee mug with water. "No honey, use the water fountain!" I told her.

3. For Read Across America Week, I am rapping Green Eggs and Ham with some of the classes. My rap name is "Big Mamma M".

4. When every student in a third grade class remembers to bring their recorder to music, I do a cartwheel. One class is up to four times in a row! I am getting really good at cartwheels.

5. GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!! In my music classroom, I have 13 ukuleles, so most students have to share them. Well, my principal ordered me 10 MORE!!! Now no one will have to share a ukulele! I work at a great school.
Tell me something funny that recently happened to you at work!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Celebrity Big Brother (Episodes 4-7)

Hey all! If you missed my first Celebrity Big Brother update for episodes 1-3, you can check it out here. In this post, you will find recaps for episodes 4-7. Enjoy!

**Note: I realize more than 7 episodes of BB have aired. I AM BEHIND!!!! I'll get the next recap up on Thursday, I promise!**

Episode Four

~ Short Recap ~

Omarosa and Keshia were pissed after Chuck was voted out and they were blindsided. They thought Metta turned on them too, but it turns out he just voted wrong. He thought voting for Chuck meant he was voting for Chuck to stay. No, when you vote in the diary room, you are voting for the person you want to evict. 

Omarosa confronted Shannon and Ross has found himself in a bunch of alliances. They played the iconic Bowlerina comp and James threw Ross Omarosa had an asthma attack during the comp and wend to the hospital overnight. She was back just in time for her and Keshia to be nominated at the ceremony. But Ross is thinking about backdooring Shannon...

~ Random Thoughts ~

  • Shannon's voice is so affected.
  •  I really like Mark McGrath.
  • Why do the girls wear ugly knee high socks? Why can pretty people get away with wearing ugly clothes? On them, it is "trendy"...
  • I just found out the Mettas has been arrested for domestic violence. What a piece of shit.

~ Like/Dislike/Neutral ~

Like: Ross, Marissa, Mark, James, Metta, Brandi, Ariadna
Dislike: Omarosa
Neutral: Shannon, Keshia

*Note: When I say I like Metta, I mean on the SHOW. He's a piece of shit IRL.*

~ Random pic you need to see ~

Metta in the DR...

Episode Five

~ Short Recap ~

Eviction night! Ross, Marissa, Ariadna, and Brandi all wanted to backdoor Shannon. Marissa won the veto, which meant she could easily take either Keshia or Omarosa off the block and have Ross put up Shannon. But instead of that epic blindside, Keshia begged to go home because her breast milk was depleting and she had a 1 year old daughter at home. Keshia was voted out unanimously.

~ Random Thoughts ~

  • What a downer episode. I don't want to watch someone quit, I want to watch a blindside!
  •  How about Julie Chen throwing shade at Omarosa by coughing in the intro!? Burn!
  • What is Ariadna wearing!? That long striped skirt and oversized jacket... I hate how pretty people can wear anything and look good.
  • How about Omarosa's Mike Pence comments!?
  • Metta in the hot tub was EVERYTHING!

~ Like/Dislike/Neutral ~

Like: Ross, Marissa, Mark, James, Metta, Brandi, Ariadna
Dislike: Omarosa, Keshia
Neutral: Shannon

~ Julie's Outfit ~

It was an A...

Until I saw the shoes! Shiny blue? They should be black strappies.


Episode Six

~ Short Recap ~

The episode started with some back story on Keshia's decision to leave. The HOH comp was golfing and Ariadna beat James by .01 of a second! Immediately after the comp, the house guests started plotting against Shannon and James... who were clueless. Shannon eventually caught wind of the plot and threw herself a pity party. Ultimately, Ariadna decided to not go for the backdoor and nominate Shannon and James from the get go.

~ Random Thoughts ~

  • I think I love everything about Omarosa. I love hating her, I love laughing at her, I love being annoyed by her, I love being entertained by her, I love watching her play the victim, I love watching her stir shit up, I love watching her be ridiculous... Guys, I am ENTERTAINED by Omarosa!
  • It is hilarious when they play the "dummy music" for Metta.
  • Metta cockblocking Shannon by not leaving the HOH room was a GREAT TACTIC! 
  • Apparently James comes off as a big douche on the live feeds, and he comes off a little douchey on the show, but I really think he is a nice guy and I loved his pep talk to Shannon while she was crying in bed.
  • What in the world was Ariadna wearing at the nomination ceremony?
  • Omarosa looks AWESOME in her black and white dress she wears in the intro.

~ Like/Dislike/Neutral ~

Like: Ross, Marissa, Mark, James, Metta, Brandi, Ariadna, Omarosa
Dislike: Shannon
Neutral: None

Episode Seven

~ Short Recap ~

Shannon was very hurt to be nominated for eviction. The house guests consoled her and she cried. Shannon and James both fought hard to win the Black Box veto and James ultimately came out on top. Omarosa stirred things up by lying to James and then lying about lying. Even so, when James took himself off the block, Ariadna went with the safe choice and put Mark in his place. At the live eviction, the house guests were surprised with messages from home. Shannon was voted out 5-1 (Brandi voted for Mark) and the infamous wall HOH comp began before the show ended.

~ Random Thoughts ~

  • When Omarosa came into the bedroom and Shannon asked her to leave, she said, "I will not be dismissed," and it was hilarious. LADIES we need to be more like this!
  •  Omarosa is so condescending and it is hilarious.
  • I love that the producers are having fun with the show just like they do in the regular seasons. The bit with Marissa and Ross watching James shower was hilarious.
~ Funniest parts of the episode ~
  • Metta and his owl was EVERYTHING!

  • Brandi combing her hair extensions during the James/Omarosa fight.
  • Metta in the DR blaming Shannon for not evicting him week one so he could go home and see his wife.
  • Omarosa losing her pants during the veto comp.

~ Like/Dislike/Neutral ~

Like: Ross, Marissa, Mark, James, Metta, Brandi, Ariadna, Omarosa
Dislike: Shannon
Neutral: None

~ Julie's Outfit ~


I love it all! I know this picture doesn't do it justice.

But what is the weird dot on the upper left side of her necklace? Why is that there?
Tell me your thoughts on Celebrity Big Brother so far! 

Did you like Julie's blue shirt?

What do you think of Omarosa?

Who are you rooting for?

Monday, February 19, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up!


Happy Monday!
I hope you had a great weekend.
My weekend was freaking awesome!

Normally I wake up very excited on Fridays but this morning I was a little nervous. We were having a surprise baby shower for a colleague and I wanted it to go off without a hitch. Then later on in the morning I had a formal observation by my principal. Luckily the baby shower and my observation went well. Now I don't have to worry about those things anymore!

How cute are these cupcakes? They were made by a staff member at our school!
She is so talented!

Oh, I went for my morning run in shorts because it was so warm out!

Work was crazy as normal. Not bad crazy, just "elementary school crazy".

I was so excited to go home and relax. I had blogs to write, a puzzle to finish, news shows to catch up on, and cats to cuddle!

Luckily, the cats came through for me! This was my reward for a crazy day!

From our latest trip to Buddy Boy.

Do you put BBQ chips on your salad?

We were so excited to watch the two hour episode of Big Brother but I was so tired and just did not want to stay up that late! Paul was a good sport and we decided to watch it in the morning. 

Jelly woke me up at 5:31 for food! Thanks, Jelly! So I got up and did my favorite morning activities... blogging and catching up on the news!

This was the first Saturday in a long time where I had absolutely nothing on my agenda. I was thankful.

Of course that doesn't mean I didn't do anything. I went for an 8 mile run, cleaned the whole house, and finished a puzzle I was working on, and started another. We watched the two hour episode of Big Brother from the night before as well.

My run was warmish and sunny. Look what I found laying in the middle of the road... a drumstick!

And I saw a dude taking down his Christmas decorations. "Not yet!" I pleaded with him as I ran by. He laughed.

You're probably wondering why I didn't have Godspell rehearsal this weekend. Well, I quit. It's not a long story but it's not a story to tell on this blog. If you know me in real life, I'll tell you what went on in private. But the short story is I am so relieved to be out of that unhealthy situation.

Later on that night, Paul and I opened a bottle of wine, played cards, and watched the snow fall!

My SIL introduced us to a new game called Set. We always play it first because we're so bad at it and once we have a glass of wine, we really can't even focus and play it anymore!

Then we made dinner and watched Paranormal Activity 2. I don't believe in ghosts, but ghost movies SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF ME! Why!? It doesn't make sense.

For dinner, I had two bags of popcorn, butternut squash soup, and salt.
What a day! I had absolutely NO PLANS but then when I woke up I decided I'd drive up to Millersburg (my hometown) to run and go out to lunch with my mom!

Good morning, Jelly!

Good morning, Cumberland Road!

My run was awesome. I planned on 8 miles but I did 9. My hammy hurt after but it was my own fault. I really pushed my pace so I wouldn't be late for my lunch date!

My mom and I ate at The Wooden Nickle. I had french onion soup, half of my club sandwich, and several wings. I love running long and then eating well!

Then I went up to visit my Grandma. It was her birthday. She's 89 and mighty fine!!!!!!

On my way back home, I stopped to see my Grandma and Pappy and we ended up talking for 2 hours! Time flew because we were having such good conversation.

When I got home, Paul and I ate dinner and watched Paranormal Activity 3. Again, I was too tired to stay up and watch Big Brother...
Tell me something fun you did this weekend!
Have you ever played Set?
Have you tried Apothic Red?
Did you get snow?
Have I asked enough questions?