A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Hello, Thursday.

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Hello, Thursday warriors! I typed this post up yesterday but realized I didn't write an introduction. Why do I have time to write an introduction this morning? Because I got crappy sleep again so I just gave up, got up, and made coffee. Don't worry, I'm going to make an appointment with a doctor. I need to sleep. This cannot continue. I'm really not a good teacher when I only get 2-3 hours of sleep.

Thank you all for your blogging suggestions! I am hoping my lack of passion and creativity is just a phase because I would be really sad if I gave up blogging. Maybe I need to REVAMP my blog? I have had the same design and same pictures as my header since my blog started. I am just not very tech savvy so I don't know how to do it well. I wonder how much it would cost to have someone design a website for me? That could be kind of cool. Consider me seriously thinking about it.

I will look into your suggestions about the Instagram Stories, but I know nothing about it. I deleted Instagram awhile ago. I will have to check it out on a day I am feeling like messing around with my phone. I hate learning new technology. Are any of my local friends good with Instagram who can show me how?

Today was a much better day at work than yesterday. I did some self reflection and tried to change some of the ways I teach and some of the ways I react to certain situations. That seemed to help. I mean, I can't change other people's behaviors, but we can change how I react to them.

When I got to school today, my friend Katrina surprised me with a sign she made me. I am putting it in my classroom. It was so sweet of her to do and I really needed it!

I slept well last night. When Paul asked me how I slept (a daily question of a concerned husband), I said I slept well but I took a sleeping pill. Does a good night sleep count if you take a pill? I really needed it. It is only 25mg of diphenhydramine. Nothing crazy. It's what's in Tylenol pm or similar.

I'm typing this post while I cook up some squash and eggplant for dinner. Paul made BBQ chicken, so the veggies are going to taste really good paired with that. Here's a cooking selfie!

Don't mind my hair. It's getting cut on Friday.

Here is Jelly on his basement bed... falling out of it...

How often do you get your hair cut?
What's your favorite squash type veggie?
Tell me about one of your favorite coworkers!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


On Monday night I fell asleep sometime after 11pm and woke up on Tuesday morning at 1:17am... and never fell back asleep.

If I get a couple good nights of sleep in a row, it's inevitable that I will have a terrible night like this. It is also inevitable it will be on a day where I teach all my normal music classes, chorus, an instrumental lesson, and then 4 piano lessons after school.

So what does one do with all that extra time in the morning? I drank coffee, blogged, caught up on the news, and watched Monday's episode of The View.

Senator Ben Sasse's appearance on The View enraged me and had me shouting "You're a piece of shit!!!!" at the television before it was even 5am. (Sorry, Paul.) In his segment, he mansplained to the women how he supports the Me Too movement and still voted to confirm Kavanaugh. I really wanted to punch him. And I very rarely want to punch people. But when I do want to punch someone, it's usually a Republican senator.

Work was really tough. It was one of those days where I questioned SERIOUSLY whether I can be a teacher for another 21 years. I definitely can't do my job the way it is now for 21 more years. It's only October and I'm about to have a nervous breakdown. I feel bad complaining because a lot of my colleagues are struggling right now. I'm not the only one.

Also, this is going to sound crazy, but I have been having serious thoughts about discontinuing my blog. I don't have anything to write about anymore, and I think I know why- I am too busy to sit down and be creative. I've also lost a little bit of interest in it... documenting my life like this. I mean, time doing something you enjoy is never time wasted, but if I'm not enjoying it anymore, then it is wasted time. I don't know if I'm enjoying it at the moment or not.

I'm mulling it around. And I know what you're going to say... Keep the blog, just don't blog every day. But you know me by now. I'm an all or nothing type of person...

Do you envision yourself at your job for the rest of your career? How long will that be?

Who was the last person you wanted to punch? Be honest!!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Monday, monday, monday... MOOOOOONDAY!

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... You all know I don't mind Mondays. I'm usually refreshed from the weekend so I have energy. Also, I don't have piano lessons after school on Mondays, so at 3:40 I am freeeeee!

Except yesterday I wasn't free. I had PT after work. But at least when I'm there I just have to do my exercises and get a back massage. That's not too terrible. Honestly, after teaching all day, it's exciting to go somewhere that I'm NOT in charge.

Some great things happened yesterday! First of all, I showed up to work all dressed up, only to find out it was "comfy cozy day". So you know what I did? I changed into my PT clothes! (Sneakers, leggings, and a dry tec tee.) I think I should always keep a "comfy cozy" outfit in my classroom... just in case!

Then, during my lunch period, I wrote SEVEN LESSON PLANS. I know what you are thinking... "How did you do that!?" Don't ask questions. Just accept this wonderful news!

At PT, my therapist told me I no longer have to do all of my exercises every day. I just need to pick a handful and do about 20 minutes worth of exercises. This is really good news because I am up to an hour of exercises per day!

When I finally got home from PT (traaaaaffic) I relaxed with chips, hummus, wine and CNN.

Life is good sometimes.
How was your Monday?

Monday, October 15, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up!

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It was a busy weekend...
And it's going to be a busy week. :(
I'm not recovered yet...

Oh dear Jelly, thank you for waking me up at 3:17. Thanks to you, I had ample time to eff around on the computer, lift at the gym, and make it to work around 7am... nearly an hour before I am required to be there.

I have to get more sleeping pills. I am all out, and I really need them like once a week. I am okay with taking them occasionally, but I don't want it to be a nightly ritual. (Don't suggest melatonin. It gave me insane diarrhea for 3 months straight one time...)

Oh, at the gym, I almost went ape shit in the locker room because there were two women having a conversation while getting ready and they were practically SCREAMING. I just couldn't take it. I showered, got dressed, put gel in my hair, and skipped the makeup. If I stayed longer, I would have punched someone and have gotten kicked out of the gym.

Work was absolutely terrible. My classes just chatted and chatted and chatted... it was not good. I ended up having to get out my "grumpy voice" and being a big old bitch. I did not enjoy teaching today. Not one bit.

After work, I had physical therapy. I got some new exercises that are more challenging. My PT also told me I'm extremely fit, which made me feel good... particularly because you go to PT to fix your weaknesses, not to glow about your strengths. So it was nice to hear something POSITIVE in PT. (Please don't think I mean I was seeking out compliments... I just mean whenever I go to PT, I feel broken and weak, because that's why I'm there! So it was nice to hear something good about what my body is capable of.)

On the way home from my appointment, I stopped and got us Wendy's for dinner. We don't eat a lot of fast food so this was a treat! I didn't eat right away though.

I had a 6 piece nugget, two junior cheeseburger deluxes, and a small frosty. That is A LOT of food. However, I am eating a lot less during the week because I simply DO. NOT. HAVE. TIME. when I am at work. I know, I am the girl that always makes time to eat. But I am busy, stressed, and I just don't have a big lunch or snack throughout the day like I used to. Once the weekend rolls around, my body is ready to make up those calories.

I know fast food is technically gross, not good for you, and not good for the climate.
However, there is absolutely NOTHING that's like a Wendy's junior cheeseburger deluxe!!!

I slept very shitty but still got up when my alarm went off at 6:30. I was meeting Kristen and a bunch of other people at Boyd's Big Tree Preserve for a trail run to celebrate her 40th birthday! I heard it was archery season, so I put on all the orange I owned...

It was a weird run because I did 1.5 miles before everyone got there, 5.5 with the group, and then an extra mile with one other person I met that day to make it an even 8 miles for the morning.

I forgot how pretty it is at Boyd's. As you can probably tell from the picture, it was cold, rainy, and foggy. But I love a good trail run no matter the weather!

Me and the birthday girl!

After the run, I drove straight home to shower. Then we headed to Knoebels for their Halloween Fun weekend with my parents, Tyler's family, and Debby's sister Suzy and husband Josh. It was freaking cold! It was mid 50s but I am just always cold... 

 Clementine and Clark on the Kiddie Whip!


Clark is getting bigger so he is able to ride more rides now!

 The corn pit is always a hit.

 Ellie and Aunt Suzy

Oh Grandpa!

Grandpa and Clem

 He's a big, big boy!

 The first time he rode this, he slid down onto the floor before the ride started. The attendant marched over to his car, pointed to Clark, and yelled, "Whose child is this?????"

 Mom and Dad/Grandpa and Nanny

 Ferris Wheel Fun!

 Josh and Suzy

It was a busy, fun filled day at Knoebel's. The kids got to ride a bunch of rides. I rode the Cosmotron with Ellie twice (that's our thing) and I rode the Grand Carousel with the girls as well. Clementine didn't want me to hold onto her, and I didn't. But I did stand beside her. The next time we go to Knoebels, it will be in the summer, and I think Clementine will be big enough that I can just ride the horse beside her.

Puddle jumping in the fall? Why not!?

 Clementine did the Haunted House for the very first time!

Knoebels' Haunted House is VERY scary. Clementine kept it together throughout the ride but broke down soon after this picture. "It was scary!" she said. Tyler cheered her up enough to get a picture with the skeleton!

Tyler and Debby

Aunt Suzy!

Uncle Paul!

Uncle Josh!

Auntie Megan!

I ate some really good food at the park. I had a chicken cheese steak, cheddar broccoli soup, 1.5 pieces of pizza, and some kettle corn. Oh man, it was all so good and worth the calories!

Fun Fact: The night before Knoebels, Debby sent me "Flat Ellie, Flat Clark, and Flat Clementine".

Of course I had to send her a picture of Flat Auntie Megan...

There was so much to do today. I made a list and got right to it. 

"Outer order, inner calm" is my mantra these days... Plus I have been REALLY slacking on housework, errands, cooking, and all that other stuff that's important to share in a marriage.

After all the errands were run, the house was cleaned, and the food was cooked, I felt like I was ready for the busy week ahead.

I did spent quite a long time at the gym today. It takes me an hour to do all of my PT exercises, stretching, and foam rolling- 40 min before my run and 20 min after. Then of course I had to do my ACTUAL workout (6 treadmill miles). I played around with the speed.

My toe is infected from cutting the nail to short and the run REALLY angered it. When I got home, I soaked it in warm, salty water. It really sucked.
What's your favorite gross/unhealthy fast food?

What's the most annoying thing that you see/hear in your gym locker room?

Did you ever have an infected toe? How did you ease the pain?