A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Weekly Workouts

I ran... 25 miles
I hiked... 4 miles
I swam... 1.2 miles
I spinned... 40 minutes

I didn't lift at ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm running today (Saturday) 
but I'm going to lift on Sunday.

Saturday- 7 humid miles. I meant to do 6 but I ventured out too far! My hip started to hurt a little toward the end but I stretched and stuff after (and before) so hopefully it will be okay. It wasn't sunny but it was so warm and humid!

Finally home!

Sunday- 1.2 mile swim! Tyler got me into his gym as a guest so I could try out swimming. Donned in my $8.99 Speedo from Ross and a swim cap and goggles I still had from when I was swimming regularly like... 7 years ago, I meant BUSINESS!

I swam 15 laps (two lengths of the pool = lap) and my shoulder hurt a bit. Tyler helped me with my stroke so that I was doing it correctly and that I was using my back muscles more. My shoulder didn't hurt once I made the correction. My stroke is still not perfect but he gave me some good pointers.

I ended up doing 40 laps which is 1.2 miles! It took me about an hour, but I did have some breaks for Tyler to show me some technique and a couple of the laps I did kicking only.

I felt like Jelly when I got out of the pool!

Monday- 40 minute spin workout @ home. Paul and I were all ready to go to the gym but a severe thunderstorm rolled in and there was a tornado warning! Did you know warning is worse than a watch? A warning is when there are clouds that are capable of forming a tornado! We took the cats down to the basement and were down there scared for about a half an hour. When the warning was lifted, we went back upstairs, but were a little too shaken to leave the house. And at home workout it was! This is the workout.

Tuesday- 6 miles in Lemoyne. I took Paul to PT and while he was doing that, I went for a run. I did some old roads I hadn't been to in awhile, including the big hill up to Negley Park. There is a great view from there that overlooks the Susquehanna River and the Harrisburg Skyline. My hip felt a little jacked during this run. It was hilly and hot so my pace was sloooooow.

Wednesday- 5 mile running/disc golf date. Paul played disc golf at Willow Mill Park and I ran the back roads. Even though my hip felt a little jacked in the morning, it felt totally fine while running. It was so hot and the sun was beating down on me. I FELT SO WONDERFUL AND HAPPY! It was hilly and hot so my pace was sloooooow.

Thursday- 4 mile hike @ Little Buffalo State Park. My knee was PULSATING on the way home. Why? WHY DID 7 WEEKS OF PHYSICAL THERAPY NOT HELP A DAMN THING!? I knew it wouldn't. I got my hopes up...

Friday- 6 neighborhood miles. It was soooo freaking hot out. I was slow. Slow and hot was the theme for my running this week!
Is it really hot where you are?
When is the last time you took a whole week off of lifting?

Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday 5!

Hey all! I am linking up with Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness for Friday 5 2.0!

Today, I'll be talking about 5 things I've been up to this summer! This is sort of long... but it's mostly pictures!

Okay, so what have Paul and I been up to...

1. Little Buffalo State Park for hiking & swimming. I live near some awesome state parks. For some reason, we rarely go to Little Buffalo. It is about 45 minutes away, so it does require some time. On Thursday, we did some hiking and then hit up the swimming pool. The pool is only $6 and kids 42" or under are free!

I forgot flip flops.

Look at that SWEET water slide!!!

So the pool is HUGE, it's the kind that is a slope, so you can walk out as deep as you want (good for kids), there are two water slides and a HUGE splash pad! There's also lots of grass and even shade if you don't want to roast int the sun.

2. Free concerts at Springettsbury Township Park. We live about 30 minutes from York, but it is worth the drive to attend the free concerts at Springettsbury Township Park! They're nearly every Wednesday and Sunday night this summer! We had so much fun bopping to The Uptown Band last week!

 Fun Fact: Besides children, we were the youngest people in the crowd.

That lady in the neon green went hard ALL NIGHT LONG.

And Rocky Ridge Park is just 5 minutes away with tons of trails. We did a short hike before the concert! We will definitely be back as there was more we needed to explore.

3. Making martinis with my new martini shaker. How did I go 34 years without a martini shaker? My friend Shawn sent me this in the mail! It was a GREAT SURPRISE! Now my martinis are so cold right from the get go and I don't have to put them in the freezer!

4. Life Expressions Decor Make & Take Board Party. My friend Katrina hosted the party and my friend Paula was the Life Expressions Consultant who took us through the step by step process of making our boards. 

They say you don't have to be "artsy" or "creative" to make something beautiful and have fun at these parties. Though you can tell some of my friends are artsy and creative, so their boards are cooler than mine!

 I'm hanging mine in my classroom!

One of the best things about this party was hanging out with my work friends, who I should really simply call my friends. I LOVE the people I work with. I truly do. They are wonderful, kind, funny people!

5. Spanish class at Frederickson Library. So far I have been to two classes and I really enjoy it. I kind of joined late since I had to wait until summer (when I can actually go to class at 10am on a Thursday!), but luckily I have been studying on my phone since January so I fit right in.

Rant: I was about two minutes late for the first class, so I was stuck sitting behind the teacher in the corner against the wall where I couldn't even see the other students (about 10-12).

So for the second class I showed up 10 minutes early so I could get a good seat with the rest of the students. Well, right when the class was about to start, a woman came in with her kid, who looked to be about 7-8 years old. She sat right beside me (only empty seat) and held the girl on her lap. 

A freaking 2nd-3rd grader on her LAP. 

Well, that annoyed me. But what annoyed me even more was when the teacher put a seat in the CORNER and asked ME to sit in it so the kid could sit by her mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I got there early.

I was taking the class.

The kid spent the whole class drawing pictures.

The kid was definitely old enough to sit in the corner and draw while her mom took the class.

Why did I have to sit in the corner!? I showed up early!!!!

I got kicked out of my fucking seat for a 7 yr old.

Yes, I am complaining about a FREE class at the library. :)

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What have you been up to this summer?

Did you ever go to a Board Party?

Local Peeps: What am I missing!?

What is your favorite cocktail?

Am I overreacting about my seat in Spanish class? (BWAHAHAHAHA!)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Taking our nieces to the carnival!

On Tuesday evening, Paul and I took our nieces, Ellie and Clementine, to the East Pennsboro Carnival. This event was on our calendar for weeks and we were really looking forward to it!

As you know, Paul and I love going to local carnivals. We never went to this one because it is in the same town I teach at. I don't want to be seeing a ton of students in the summertime. But it was the perfect place to take the girls because it was right near their house.

I told Paul that if I saw students, they wouldn't recognize me in my cutoff jean shorts, tank top, and sunglasses. But if they heard me talking, they would definitely recognize my voice. It was funny because there were two instances when I was on a ride with Clementine and while I was talking, a student's head whipped around to look at me. BUSTED!

I freaking love how determined Clem looks to get to the carnival!

We picked the girls up around 4:30 and got a sweet parking spot right by the festivities at Adams-Ricci Park. They had already eaten dinner, so Paul and I figured if we needed snacks or water, we'd just get them at the carnival. That's the fun of a carnival, right!? Well it turns out that was a HUGE error...

The food/drink situation at this carnival was so weird! There was one huge tent with food and drink but it was as if they were only allowing a certain number of people in the tent at one time. So the line to get into the food tent was so long. There was only one food truck outside the food tent, but that only had lemonade, iced tea, cotton candy, caramel apples, and caramel corn. NO WATER. From now on, Paul and I learned we need to bring snacks and water when we take the girls somewhere, even if we think there will be some available at our destination. Rookie mistake for this auntie and uncle.

We decided to get wristbands for the girls because most of the rides were $3 in tickets. The wristbands were $20 so at that point, if they planned to ride 7 rides or more, we would have gotten our money's worth out of the bands.

For the most part I rode rides with Ellie and Clem. Paul and I did go on some "big kid" rides with Ellie...

Yes, Ellie rode this. It went up a lot higher than this picture shows!

She would throw her hands in the air like a daredevil!

Well, Ellie rode over 20 rides and Clementine clocked in around 18. We only took two ride breaks- when we were watching the magician and when we walked to get water from the water fountain. There also weren't any lines, so it was just on and off...

Clem did NOT want me hanging onto her. She kept moving my hand. Well, too bad. The only time I left go of her little waist while she was on the carousel was for the 2 seconds it took me to take this picture!


 Clem loved this ride where you were sitting inside a bear that spun. 

THERE WAS A SWEET FUNHOUSE!!! I loved those when I was a kid. I went through with the girls three times in a row and Ellie went through two more times by herself.

Ellie is four and is pretty tall, so she was able to ride all the kiddie rides alone and some of the big kid rides with an adult, like the Tornado, Merry Mixer, Swings, and Ferris Wheel.

Clementine was not tall enough to ride any rides alone, so I rode with her every single ride. Paul rode the helicopters with her once. 

On the "Crazy Bus"!

It was nice that adults could ride for free with a child who had a wristband and was not tall enough to ride alone. Unfortunately, we didn't realize this until we bought a pack of tickets for ourselves! As it turned out, we used like half of them to ride the big kid rides with Ellie and we gave the rest to a family with like four kids! They looked like they could use a couple extra tickets!

Chilling and watching the magician.

After over three hours of hard carnival partying, Auntie Megan and Uncle Paul were SPENT. Ellie wanted to keep going, of course, but I told her my cats were hungry and we had to go home to feed them. She looked very concerned about that. I knew that would work... she couldn't argue with hungry kitty cats.

Running to the van!

I love my nieces so much! I am glad I am their auntie and can spoil them. Hopefully in another year or so Clarky Poo will be old enough to have fun at the carnival with us too! Though I don't think Paul and I can handle three kids at once. How does my SIL do it? I will need an extra person to come along for help if there are three kids to look after...

I felt like I completed a 20 miler by the end of this night. Moms, Dads, how do you do it? I know I am definitely not cut out to have kids, but I am glad I can be an Auntie!
Do you like carnivals?
If you don't have kids, do you have nieces and nephews to spoil?
What's your favorite carnival food?
Tell me a rookie mistake you made while out with kids!