A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sunday Funnies

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Do they still have the Sunday Funnies? I guess they're called the comics, but my grandpa always called them "The Funnies".

Today, I just have some funny memes for you. I'm feeling lighthearted this weekend. I hope when if these can make you spit out your coffee this morning!

Perhaps I should explain this one. PA just really relaxed their fireworks laws.
Which means, it sounds like a war zone in our neighborhood every single night.

Okay, how about some inspiring memes now?

And perhaps the most important image you will see...

If you are not registered to vote and you don't live in PA, now is a good time to get online and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Have a great Sunday!

Are you registered to vote?

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Weekly Workouts!

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Hey, did I ever tell you that my hips have felt GREAT ever since I got that free massage after the Chobot 15k on my birthday!? It's amazing!

Saturday- 10 neighborhood miles. It was hot and I took a two a/c breaks. But I got 'er done! I also tried a new tip from Erica @ Erica Finds. I put a wet headband in my freezer and switched it out during my a/c breaks. It felt so good on my forehead!

Sunday- Lifting @ Planet Fitness. I wrote a post about the exercises I've been doing lately.

Monday- 6 scorching miles. I went out early, but DANG it was hot! Then I went to Zumba later that night. I accidentally went to a "muscle madness" class and the instructor warned us there would be a ton of squats. UH OH! I can't do squats unless I want my ITB to feel like it's on fire. Luckily, the instructor told us that instead of squats, we could lift our knees to our stomach and do a knee tuck. I did loooooots of knee tucks.

Tuesday- 6 more miles. I'm not sore from Zumba, which is kind of crazy.

Wednesday- 8 afternoon miles. I was trying to decide whether to run before my piano lessons or after. I decided to go after so I could take my time and run longer if I felt good. It was really hot, so I took one a/c break.

Thursday- 6 hometown miles. Paul and I spent the day in my hometown of Millersburg. The day started with Paul hiking at the Ned Smith Center and me going for a run. I ran the rail trail into town and then looped down to the river.

 Swinging Bridge

Millersburg Ferry

Friday- THREE deck of card workouts at Planet Fitness. It was epic. This is what I did:

Workout #1

Hearts- jump rope rotations x10
Spades- donkey kicks
Clubs- push ups
Diamonds- bicycle crunches x2

Workout #2

Hearts- burpees
Spades- inverted row
Clubs- mountain climbers

Diamonds- bicycle crunches x2

Workout #3

Hearts- 5 burpees
Spades- 50 jump rope rotations
Clubs- mountain climbers

Diamonds- donkey kicks

So total, I did:

push ups- 99
inverted row- 99
donkey kicks- 198
mountain climbers- 198
burpees- 169
jump rope rotations- 1690
bicycle crunches- 396

How were your workouts this week?

Friday, July 20, 2018

A Day In My Hometown!

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Hey all! I am linking up with Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness for Friday 5 2.0!

Yesterday, Paul and I headed up to my hometown of Millersburg, PA to spend the day!

First, we went to the Ned Smith Center. Paul hiked the trails while I went for a run!

Paul said the bugs were really bad, despite wearing bug spray.

There are many trail options at Ned Smith.

I ran the railroad bed into town, which was a little over a mile and a half. On my way into town, I saw a cat, a deer, and geese with two baby geese trailing behind. No snakes- whew!

Then I ran down to the swinging bridge and crossed the creek.

I ran across the riverfront and saw the historic Millersburg Ferry.

It was quite hot, so after our workouts, Paul and I went to the Millersburg Pool to cool off. I have so many great memories of the pool. I spent so much time there during the summer.

Paul and I played a game on the diving boards where he would do a trick, then I would have to do a trick. I quickly learned I couldn't do anything too fun on the diving boards because when I did a spring dive, my bikini bottoms came all the way off while I was underwater! Luckily, they didn't go past my feet and I pulled them back on! WOOPS!

Of course we brought our favorite card games.

After the pool, we went to visit my Grandma. We had a nice time chatting.

Then Paul and I met my parents for dinner. We went to Swing at the Lykens Valley Golf Course. We had so much fun talking and laughing with my mom and dad.

Before going home, my mom took us over to the Gallery on the Square, which is an art gallery in Millersburg. I got this beautiful bracelet made by one of the Millersburg Area Art Association's newest members, Marcia Klinger.

 (That's the back.)

It was such a fun day in my hometown doing all kinds of different activities!
When is the last time you visited your hometown?

Any funny swimming suit wardrobe malfunctions you want to share!?