A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Videos to make you ugly cry!

Do you ever go to Youtube and purposefully watch happy videos that make you ugly cry? I do! Here are some ugly cry videos for you today. Don't worry, they are all HAPPY ugly cry videos, I promise!

Meb Keflezighi wining the 2014 Boston Marathon. The first time an American won it since 1983, and just one year after the bombings. If you don't want to watch the whole thing, skip to 1:40.

Pregnancy announcements! I love seeing the grandparents so excited!

Dogs welcoming home soldiers. I can't get enough of these videos!

And I'm sure all runners have seen this one of Derek Redmond at Barcelona...

What kind of videos make you ugly cry (in a happy way!)?

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Weekly Workouts

Hey friends! Another week of workouts is in the books. I did a lot of lifting this week as I prepped and recovered from the Dam Half. But thanks to that race and feeling pretty good after, I got 31 miles in this week.

Saturday- The judgement free zone with Paul!

Bench Press- 4x8x50lb
Inverted Row- 4x12
Chest Press- 5x15x25lb
Lat Pull Down- 5x10x90lb
Shoulder Press- 5x12x17.5lb
Capt. Chair- 5x20
Stability Ball Pull Ins- 5x15
Stability Ball Sit Ups- 5x15x15lb
Bicycle Crunches- 5x40
Stretching/Hip/Glute Stuff

Sunday- Dam Half trail race. It was really hard but I felt accomplished when I was done! Race recap here.

Monday- Light upper body at home. There was no way I was running today! I'm giving my body a good two days off from the pounding pavement! I also did some stretching and rolling. Just some good old fashioned TLC!

Tuesday- Same as Monday. When I woke up, my ankles were so sore! They got better as the day went on, but I still didn't want to run on them.

Wednesday- 6 morning miles! My first run back. My legs were tired and I was still a little sore, but it was okay.

Thursday- 6 miles. I felt great on this run! And it wasn't super hot so my legs felt a bit speedy. I think it also helped I got less than 5 hours sleep the night before. Remember, I run really well when I get no sleep!

Friday- 6 miles again. I actually mapped out a route I hadn't run in awhile, but when I was .1 miles into my run, where I could've turned right (newish route) or went straight (to do my 1.5 miles loop)... I went straight! I did the 1.5 mile loop four times. AGAIN. Why do I keep doing this!? I crave the routine, I suppose!

Do you ever crave routine and monotony with your running routes? What is wrong with me? Feel free to diagnose.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday 5 - Am I Dreaming!? (Big Brother 19 Finale)

Hey all! I am linking up with Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness for Friday 5 2.0!

Today, my theme for Friday 5 is:

5 Things I Loved About the Big Brother 19 Finale!

I hated this season of Big Brother, but I loved the finale! Why? Because everything went MY WAY. (That hasn't happened in a long time!!!) Remember Nicole's win from last season!?

But this season, I was actually shocked by the outcome... Josh winning F3 HOH, Josh winning the whole damn thing by a 5-4 vote, and Cody winning America's Favorite House Guest. I had completely surrendered myself to Paul winning the whole game. I was prepared to close my eyes after his win so I didn't have to see the confetti rain down on that vile little garden gnome.

Instead, JOSH PULLED IT OUT!!!!!

I am so happy for Josh. No, he's not the best winner. Yes, he was horrible to some of the people in the house. But Paul was WAY WORSE. I am almost more happy about the fact that Paul lost than the fact that Josh won.

So, here are 5 things, no, SIX THINGS I loved about Wednesday night's Big Brother 19 Finale!

1. Julie's outfit. I have been very critical of Julie's fashion choices this season. She is a beautiful woman, but sometimes I am like, "What is she wearing!?" On finale night, Julie looked FABULOUS!!!! Hair, makeup, jewelry, jumpsuit... it was all there. I am in awe of the look. In fact, I think this should be her Big Brother uniform. Julie, wear this outfit for every live eviction for Celebrity Big Brother!

2. The bitter jury. It's no secret I was rooting against Paul. Thankfully, the jury was super bitter and voted for Josh due to Paul's terrible, terrible jury management and failure to OWN HIS GAME. If he had owned his game while answering their questions, maybe he could've gotten Cody's vote. But he didn't, and now he lost two seasons in a row. It's glorious. (Note: I was butt hurt about the bitter jury when Aubrey lost Survivor, but that's because I wanted her to win. The reason I like this bitter jury is because it sealed Paul's loss. Yes, I'm hypocritical but at least I am admitting I am!)

That's one bitter cowboy... 

3. Jessica dressing down the jury. After all of the votes were cast (but before they were revealed), Julie gave Jessica the opportunity to address the jury and she read them the riot act for basically trusting Paul, playing Paul's game, and essentially just throwing their game to Paul. Her remarks were capped off with a video package of Paul in the diary room rubbing it in everyone's faces about how he was controlling all of them. Even though the jury voted how I wanted them to, most of them were just as insufferable in the house as Paul was! I'm glad Jessica got to call them out!

4. Josh and Paul's facial expressions. From the F3 HOH comp through the conclusion of the show, I was living for the looks on their faces. Josh's ranged from moments of sheer joy as well as focused determination. Paul looked like a little petulant child most of the time. It was fun to see Paul start the night off so confident and then slowly watch his face as his dreams were crushed!


5. The two hour finale. Normally, BB finales are only an hour and a half, but this year, it was two whole hours. Finales normally seemed rushed, but with this extra half hour, there was more time for questioning, video packages, and even checking in with the final two after the winner was revealed. It felt more complete. Let's have two hour finales from now on!

6. Cody winning America's Favorite House Guest! I found Cody to be entertaining. But beyond that, it was nice to see someone the F3 hated win America's Favorite. Josh, Christmas, and Paul were so convinced it would be Christmas. They were way off. Also, it was announced that Kevin and Whistle Nut had the next highest votes. This was awesome too because the F3 said such VILE things about Kevin so it was nice to see their faces when they realized the person they had been talking smack about all summer is actually one of America's favorites!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What did you think of the finale!?

The winner of BB gets $500,000. What would you do with that money!?

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Recovery from the Dam Half

The race results for the Dam Half are up and my time was 2:44. I was 107 out of 347 and 7th out of the 47 in my age group. Not bad for no training and just running for fun! Now the question is, next year, should I try to beat my time?????

Anyway... the crazy elevation in this race made me really sore! Here's a little bit about how I felt during the race, immediately after, and in the days after...

Luckily, during the race, I didn't have any aches or pains but my legs and feet got really fatigued. (Legs from the STRAIGHT UP sections and feet from gripping all the ankle turning rocks.)

Immediately after the race, while walking to the car, my calves threatened to seize up. When I took off my shoes, my feet were sort of crampy and weird. I never had my feet threaten to seize after a race. I blame the rocks! I got in the freezing cold lake for 10-15 minutes and stretched before my car ride home. I was hoping that would help my recovery.

When I stopped for groceries on the way home, I noticed the inside of my left foot REALLY hurt. I remember I SLAMMED it into a rock during the race. I hope I didn't break my foot! Luckily, as the day went on, the pain didn't get worse, in fact it started to fee a tiny bit better.

For the rest of the night, my legs were just absolutely exhausted. A spot in the middle of my back hurt from my hydration pack. It wasn't chaffing, it was as if my hydration pack resting on my back bruised my spine or something. HOLY CRAP I AM GETTING OLD!!!!

Let's fast forward to the next day (Monday)!

The inside of my foot continued to feel a little better. Definitely didn't break it. My ankles were sore but I have experienced worse. My quads and calves were a teeny bit sore. So was my right hip. (Remember how my hip was bothering me before Table Rock? Well it hasn't been bothering me at all for awhile!) I didn't run, but I did do a light upper body workout, lots of stretching and foam rolling. My body needed some TLC!

Moving on to Tuesday...

HOLY MOLY I HAD SORE ANKLES! Definitely wasn't running today. My quads and glutes were a lot more sore than the day before too. I guess it took two days for my full soreness to come on. My foot didn't hurt anymore. I did the same light upper body workout as the day before.

Moving on to Wednesday...

I decided to run this morning even though I still had some soreness in my ankles. I felt good running! I did 6 miles, and other than my legs being tired, it went well. I'm sure I'll still be a little sore for a couple days. But what did I expect? I did not train for this race and I will be honest, the elevation was a lot harder than I thought it would be!
Trail runners: Do your ankles ever get sore?
Anyone have their feet spaz out after a run?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Why I don't listen to music... much.

This summer, I spent a weekend at Crime Con with my cousin, Claire. One of the things I enjoyed most about the weekend was getting to spend some quality time with Claire so we could get to know each other better. Claire and I live in different states, so we really only get to see each other at Christmas.

Claire loves music, and the first night we were getting dressed for dinner, she asked me what kind of music I wanted to listen to while we got ready.

“I don’t care, I don’t listen to music,” I told her.

“What!? How do you not listen to music!?” she asked.

“I just don’t really listen to it. So you can put on whatever you want, I don’t mind.”

A night or two later, when Claire was playing me one of her favorite pieces of music, she really tried to get an answer out of me. Why don’t I listen to music? I’m a music teacher. It’s a little strange for a music teacher to not listen to music... especially since I like music.

The only answer I could come up with is that I listen to music all day. I sing all day. I think about music all day. When I get home from work, I’m over it! So that’s what I told her.

The answer I gave Claire is true, but it is only one part of the answer, and it’s a more simplified version.

I’ve obviously thought about it a lot since then, and I came up with the two major reasons I don’t listen to music much. (I can’t say I don’t listen at all because that is not true.) 

# 1:

It’s true, I do listen to music all day. And not only that, but I listen to a lot of sound all day long. There’s music, singing, chatting, ukuleles, recorders, and on and on and on. Paired with all that sound is commotion.

Being an elementary teacher means I have to be ALERT and ENGAGED all day long. I heard my name, “Ms. Michael!” one hundred times a day. I am not complaining, I am just stating the reality of the job I have. After so much sound and commotion all day long, I am so excited to sit in either silence or listen to a “chill” podcast after work.

Speaking of after work... twice a week I teach piano lessons at my home in the evenings. So on those days, I not only have to be “on” all day at work, but when I come home, too. Again, not complaining. That’s just how it is. I know some people use music to wind down after a busy day, but for me, it’s just too much.

# 2:

When I listen to music, I want to listen to it. Really listen. I don’t want to just have it on in the background. I want to be actively engaged and focusing on the music. For instance, I’m not one to put on the Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat soundtrack and just have it playing in the background while folding laundry. If Joseph is on, I may be folding laundry, but I’m also belting out every single word to the songs!

The other day after work, I did decide to relax by watching performances of past Super Bowl Halftime Shows. (NSYNC, Madonna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Michael Jackson, in case you were wondering!) I watched for over an hour but I didn’t do anything else. I sat and watched and was engaged in what I was hearing.

I know it doesn’t have to be one or the other with music. I’m sure many people have a happy medium of sometimes having music on in the background and sometimes really focusing on it. But ya all know I’m an all or nothing gal, and when music is just on in the background, it feels like “noise”.

Well, I hope I’ve explained myself well! I do really love music. I just have a different relationship with it than most people since it’s my job!

What is your relationship to music?
Can you related to any of these thoughts?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up!

Happy Tuesday!
Yesterday I posted my Dam Half race recap so my Weekend Wrap Up got pushed back.
I hope your week has started off well!
We were super busy this weekend and I am proud of us for getting out there and having some fun!

Even though I go to bed very early, I am always tired when my alarm goes off at 5:30am! Luckily, some hot coffee helped perk me up before my run.

Cat's Meow Mug from BEAMM

I ran 6 miles in my hood before work. Fun fact: I got that sports bra from Good Will when I was in COLLEGE. That's right, it's about 15 years old! It used to be purple. Now it just has a teeny tiny hint of purple left in it.

The kitties and I have morning rituals. One ritual Christmas and I have is that right after my shower, he busts into the bathroom and hops up on the toilet to get his teeth brushed. It's chicken flavored toothpaste and he is a pig.

At work, I spilled some of my coffee on my pants, so I dumped water all over them so it wouldn't stain. They actually dried pretty quickly.

My voice hasn't been lasting me an entire week. By Thursday afternoons, it is raw and scratchy. On Friday, it was really uncomfortable to sing and talk. I hydrated as best I could.

One fun thing that happened at work was that I got a package in the mail. My crayons arrived! The PTO gave us money for our classrooms, so one thing I bought was crayons. 48 packs, to be exact. Kids take terrible care of crayons. These may last until January.

Why does Amazon put a BOX in a BOX!?


It was an early dismissal day for the students, so I only had to teach 4 classes instead of 7. My voice was happy for that. I spent the last two and a half hours of work setting up my classroom for Monday (that didn't take very long) and COLORING. I'm coloring some boomwhacker and bell music. I really colored for about 2 hours while listening to murder podcasts...

For some reason, I brushed all of my hair forward when I got home from work. It wasn't pretty.

"You looked like one of the Beetles when they were 22!" Paul told me.

"I look 22!?" I exclaimed. I can extract a compliment from anything!

My garden is on the outs, but I did get a couple tomatoes and a huge zuke.

Then I sat on the couch, caught up on some TV and blogging, and drank some wine. Paula Farris was on The View and she is INSUFFERABLE.

I ended the evening with some wine and Hillary...

The best part of waking up is Chrissy in your face...

Seriously, there is no better way to wake up!

Paul and I watched some TV and then hit the gym!

After that, we went to see the movie Mother! Yesterday, I told you I thought the movie was horrible and I had no idea what it was about. Well, after Googling it and reading lots of analysis and reviews, I got a better jist of what the movie was supposed to be about. That's all I'm going to say as to not spoil it for you. However... I still didn't like it. I even apologized to Paul for dragging him!

I wear glasses. Only when I go to the movies or the theater. These are so old though... I know they look really outdated. But I don't even know what kind of glasses people wear these days! I just don't notice glasses. But I did notice these are NOT good!

Then we hit up two wineries to do some tastings. First, we went to Hunters Valley Winery in Liverpool. We did the five 2oz tastings for $10 and it included a wine glass! We ended up getting some bottles to take home.


 What half marathon!?

My favorite was Heart of the Valley and Susquehanna River Red. 

Before leaving, we walked around the vineyard. I never saw grapes like that up close!

Bucks Valley Winery was less than 10 minutes away. This winery had beer too. They make pizza and stromboli on sight. The ladies that took care of us here were a hoot. The tastings weren't as good- three tiny sips for $3.

Yay, no smoking!

I ended up buying a glass of a sweet apple wine and Paul got a beer. We drank on the porch overlooking beautiful Pennsylvania. I know we ooh and aah over California and Colorado, but PA is pretty too!

By now, we were STARVING! Off to Red Rabbit we went! This has been on my bucket list for years! I've lived within 30 minutes of Red Rabbit my whole life, yet I had never been there. This is an old fashioned 50s drive up food place. The waitresses come to your car!

Paul and I got Bunny Burgers, fries, diet coke, and a vanilla milkshake. The burgers were really good, the fries tasted like Wendy's, but the shake was DIVINE. Best shakes ever. Even better than Chick Fil A. (And I don't go to that place anymore, so at least now I have a place to get shakes that are just as good!)

Then we zoomed home. I needed to get sleep for my half marathon the next morning!

The Dam Half was hard but I felt so accomplished by the end. I recapped the race yesterday!

When I got home from the race, I did a lot of blogging and cooking! I was so tired and would've rather have gone straight to bed, but then I'd be up all night.

Instead, I did some cooking! White chicken chili, broccoli for lunch during the week, a pasta type casserole with cauliflower and chickpeas in it, and a Pumpkin Supreme Bar I made from a box.

Paul watched football while I cooked. But we did spend some time together when we cracked open a bottle of wine!

Bed felt gooooooooooooooooooood!

Local peeps: Any wineries I need to hit up?

Local peeps: Do you like Red Rabbit? Anything else we should try from there?

Who is reading What Happened?

Did you go see the movie Mother!?