A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, August 27, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up!

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Happy Monday!
I just enjoyed my first official weekend of the school year! Here's what we were up to...

TGIF!!! My first full week back to work was a success. I was super productive, prepared for Day #1 with the kids, and kept my cool... even during kindergarten! Friday was Day #2 with the kids.

I took a sleeping pill the night before to ensure that I could fall back asleep when the cats woke me up. Thanks to the pill, I slept all night and I had a good run in the morning.

 An alley I run down has a ton of sunflowers!

When I got to work, I saw that one of our wonderful secretaries did my laminating for me! What a time saver! And look at all the lamination I get to cut! I LOVE CUTTING LAMINATION!!!!!

I did not have time to cut all of this on Friday. That means, I will have a treat waiting for me on Monday!

After work, I asked Paul out on a date to Hellenic Kouzina, a local Greek cafe. This is the place I went with Randy and Michael last weekend. The weather was beautiful, so Paul and I got to eat outside on the patio.

It's BYOB!!!

I spilled some wine....

 We both got their signature gyro...

... and Greek seasoned fries...

 .... and our app was this yumminess!

Obviously, we ordered too much food and took a lot home. But we got all of that for just $30! You can't beat the prices!

When we got home, we watched the Big Bother eviction! Julie Chen was looking FLY!!!!!

Chrissy kept us company.

Then we dug into the dessert we took home from the restaurant. This was DIVINE!

I went to bed at 8pm. I love going to bed. I had a lot of reddit to catch up on...

Jelly spent a lazy morning with me.

Then Paul and I headed to Kohl's. I had a 30% off coupon that was burning a hole in my pocket! Paul got two really nice pans. He is excited for them!

I got a couple things. First, a new wallet. My old one has seen better days.

I also got this swear marked down to $13.60... and remember, I got 30% off that!

I finally found a pack of silver "stud" type earrings. I have a lot of gold studs, but no silver. These were originally $22 but marked down 50%. Then I got 30% off that! It comes out to about 37 cents per earring!

I'll wear all of these except the arrows.

I'm most excited for these black heels. I didn't have any classic black heels and now I do. They are Apartment 9 brand and they're the "comfort" design. 

They are pretty comfortable, but I will only wear them for sitting down activities or special work occasions, like my concerts and our field trips to the ballet and orchestra.

After that, we went to the gym. Well, Paul went to the gym. I parked at the gym and then ran over to a park to get my six miles in. It was scorching hot! This park has no shade.

After my run, I splurged and got a coconut Bai. That's my favorite drink, but I never get it because it costs over two dollars!

That afternoon, I had a sports massage at Elements Massage in Camp Hill. The only massage I ever had was a free one (about 10 minutes) after the race I did on my birthday. It really helped my hips and lower back, so I thought I'd try a full sports massage.

My therapist was VERY good. I wish I could tell you what all she did but I don't know the proper terminology. Let's just say it wasn't the type of massage that feels good. I was sweating by the time I was done! I am excited to see if it helps my running! If so, I plan to go monthly. I'm worth it, right!?

That evening, we went to our friend Freddy's house to celebrate his birthday. I only got one picture- Paul with Belle!

Unfortunately, while I was at the party, I learned of the passing of John McCain. We lost a true American hero.

More early morning Jelly time! Don't let his cuteness fool you... he had me up at 5:30!

I spent some time blogging and then did a puzzle. Don't worry, I was also productive by tidying up the house, doing wash, and doing yard work.

Then I took my computer onto my back porch and started downloading some freebies from Teachers Pay Teachers. I have so many fun ideas for my music classroom!

Of course I also did the Sunday task of laying out my clothes for the week! Summer dresses don't take up much room!

Paul and I played cards, ate dinner, and watched Samantha Bee!

Sorry my wrap ups sometimes peter out on Sundays... I just get tired and blah and just... well... you know how Sundays are!
Locals: Have you tried Hellenic Kouzina yet?

Anyone else like cutting lamination? Is there another mindless task you enjoy?

Have you ever had a sports massage?

Did you ever try Bai?


  1. The patio where you had your Friday dinner looks so pretty! And that's such a great price for that food, sounds like it was a good choice :) My Sundays peter out too usually. I'm just too tired by Sunday evening to do much of anything.

    1. It is definitely an economical place to have lunch.

  2. Bai were BOGO at our grocery store this weekend! Adam likes them so he was excited but I don't think he's ever had the coconut kind. He got hooked on them when we went to a race expo right before it closed a couple of years ago, and the people at the Bai booth had a lot of boxes of free bottles they were supposed to hand out still at the booth. They told Adam to please take a whole box so they would have one less box to carry back to their car and he's loved and bought them ever since. That free sample worked! haha

    I hope the sports massage works for you! Did you go running yesterday or today? How are you feeling? I think the first sport massage hurts the worst. When my PT was doing them on my calves the first session had me in actual TEARS but then every one after felt less bad!

    1. I am soooooooo jealous of the free Bai Adam got!!!!! :)

      I did not run yesterday as I read the you should wait 24 hours after a massage to do anything strenuous. I ran today and my lower back was tight but not my groin or hammy. I just wonder why my lower back gets so tight!? Like, after a run when I bend over, I hear cracking!

  3. Your Greek food looks delicious, especially the fries. I'm picky about fries and won't eat a lot of them but I'd eat those.

    I get sports massages often, even though I'm not an athlete or runner anymore. I actually had a package with Elements Massage but recently cancelled it because the drive was getting too long (it was 35 mins. each way and I want to find someone closer to home). They are amazing but often I feel sore the next day!

    I like the blueberry Bai drink. We bought the 12 pack at Costco a few times but there were some flavors we didn't like, so it wasn't a great deal after all since we were stuck with those and not really saving.

    1. They were seasoned so perfectly! I love fries as long as they are good. I guess normally sweet potato and beer battered fries are my fav.

      Amy, you are an athlete and a runner.

      35 minutes is a LONG drive. I would try to find something closer too.

  4. I actually thought of you Saturday since it was Leonard Bernstein's 100th birthday. I had fun and listened to some of his music during the day.

  5. Yum...Greek food :) Looks amazing! I have gotten sports massages but I find that I am better going more often and lighter pressure. I feel like my body resists the deep tissue work and I get more tense! I hope it helped!

    1. I have so much to learn about massages! I had so many knots in my shoulders. I told my massage therapist that it was 14 years of teaching worth of knots! :) If I decide to go more regularly, I'm sure it won't have to be as deep.

  6. OmG I love that your secretary laminated for you. I hate laminating and I even hate cutting it!

    I'll need to try that coconut Bai.

    1. It's not that I mind laminating, I just don't have the time! When our secretary has extra time, she does it for us. She is AWESOME!!!!

  7. Oh that food makes my mouth water... I shouldn't read blogs when I am hungry ;)

    1. Normally my blog is safe to read. The only yummy food pics are things I do NOT make. :)