A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Thursday, August 30, 2018


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It's been awhile! And these are fun!

Current book favorite reddit thread: /BigBrother

Current music: Since it's the first couple days of school, I am singing a ton of "Welcome" and "Hello" songs. I am thinking about singing some of them in a future vlog hahaha!

Current guilty pleasure: Not watering my garden. I gave up. It's been fucked for a long time.

I got ONE eggplant.

Rotted squash. All I got was one yellow and one zuke.

Weeds and rotted tomatoes...

Current Podcast: Still rocking out my regular podcasts- RHAP, Pod Save America, Happier, and Stuff You Should Know are my current favorites.

Current drink: Well, I'm drinking a lot of seltzer at work. I definitely drink more water during the school year when I am singing and talking all day.

Current favorite TV show: July-Sept, my answer will always be BIG BROTHER!!!

 Current need: I need for The View to come back from hiatus! I miss my Joy!

Current triumph: Okay, I play this live HQ trivia game on my phone. It happens every night at 9pm. (I don't play every night.) For awhile, I couldn't get past question 3, but the other night, I got to question 5!

Current wish list: I wish people would stop posting memes that stigmatize addicts.

Current bane of my existence: Jelly waking me up in the middle of the night.

Current most annoying celebrity CNN commentator: Mary Katharine Ham. She just always looks so smug and has a smirk on her face when talking about really serious subjects.

Current indulgence: I got a sports massage on Saturday!

Current food: I am OBSESSED with the stuffed pepper casserole I made a couple weeks ago. Don't worry, I will do a blog post on how to make it soon!

Current things I am thankful for: Having a job that I love and colleagues I love.

Current puzzle: This bad boy from Community Aid!

Current excitement: A long Labor Day Weekend!

Tell me something "current" about you!


  1. Hmm now I'm curious about these memes you speak of!

    1. Facebook is full of shitty memes, unfortunately. And people are too ignorant to know what they are posting.

  2. I haven't seen those memes but I hate stigmatizing anything. That puzzle looks like a lot of fun too.

    1. It was a very fun puzzle. I actually quit when I only had blue sky left because I didn't feel like doing it!

  3. I gave up on my garden too. All my beautiful flowers are basically dead or close to it, and there is one big weed that is THRIVING. I haven't picked it yet because it's the only thing that's green and growing so it's the prettiest thing out there haha!

    Going to try again once we fix our sprinkler system and the weather is less hot. After I started running again I just didn't find any joy in standing outside watering my flowers for an hour a day. Now I get my outdoors fix the right way ... the running way!

    1. Oh of course the weed is thriving! My mom said it was too hot this summer and we had too much rain, so a lot of gardens in our area did not do so well. It takes you an hour to water your flowers!?

  4. Memes!! If it's not my kids saying "have you seen that meme...", it's my husband. I'm clueless about the latest memes.
    My latest obsession is my new "iced coffee tumbler". I finally broke down and bought a nice cup instead of cheapie plastic one. It's THE BEST THING EVER! It's insulated metal which stays cold forever. I've never had that luxury before. Guess what - it was $7 at ALDI. I'm living large I tell ya! It's the little things in life :)

    1. ALDI FOR THE WIN!!! I'm going tomorrow and I will look for that! I'm sure that makes a huge difference, especially if you drink a lot of iced coffee!