A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Things I'm Loving Right Now

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Hola, blog reading peeps!

Today, I just want to share with you a couple things I'm loving at the moment...

~~ Jack's Hard Cider ~~

My favorite ciders are sweet. I don't like ciders that taste like beer because I do not like beer! This cider is made at Hauser's Winery in Gettysburg. It's local!

~~ Eggplant Parm... or Yellow Squash Parm ~~

So I ended up waiting until Paul and I were married for almost ten years before busting out an Eggplant Parm meal! He loved it so much, I made it two days in a row. The second day, I was running out of eggplant, so I made some eggplant and some yellow squash. It was just as good!

~~ Big Brother 20 ~~

This season is ON FLEEK!!!! And now that I'm on reddit, I have a whole new world of ways to keep up with what is going on in the house! In case you care, these are my thoughts on the house guests. Note: my thoughts on them can change at any moment!

Like: Haleigh, Bayleigh, JC, Rachel, Scottie, Rockstar, Brett
Dislike: Tyler, Sam
Neutral: Fessy, Kaycee, Angela

~~ My layered bracelets ~~

I didn't purchase these bracelets all at once. The first one that says Wanderlust was actually a gift from Katrina @ My Pineapple Ponderings for a blogger gift swap. It is from Laurel Denise on Etsy. The second bracelet I just purchased at The Gallery on the Square in Millersburg for $20. It was made by artist Marcia Klinger. The third one I got about a year ago at The Gallery for $40 and it was made by artist Lisa McConnell.

~~ Zumba ~~

I've been going back to Zumba from time to time this summer and doing some workouts I found on Youtube. I'm having fun shaking my booty and pretending I'm Beyonce!

~~ Lady Gaga ~~

I love her music. I love her voice. I love her dancing. She is so beautiful.
Lady Gaga, I love you! 
Tell me something you're loving right now!


  1. I like that third bracelet with the beads on it.

    I'm loving the show Younger right now. I know I already told you that but its fresh in my mind right now cus I just watched it last night!

    Have you checked it out?

    1. Thanks I love it too! I actually did not watch it yet but I am going to look it up because I remember you telling me all about it!

  2. I've been rewatching the Angel series and I love it but also season 4 is just weird and that's the season I'm on. I'm trying to watch at least 1 episode per night so I can get through it and onto season 5 haha.

    I'm really into listening to podcasts while running now. I truly never thought I could pay attention enough to listen to detailed ones but I CAN! And now I will never stop listening to podcasts while running!

    1. Paul used to watch Buffy!!! LOL!!! I thought you would think that was funny. :) I didn't watch it, Buffy was on when I was in 5th grade so it didn't interest me. Did you watch Buffy before Angel?

      I'm so glad you're into podcasts now! There are SO MANY!!!! Do you listen to Pod Save America?

    2. I did watch Buffy but I don't think I started with season one because I didn't watch until I was in 6th or 7th grade, and I'm a couple years younger than you I think. I have since watched it from beginning to end though.

      Adam has been sort of watching Angel with me - he plays video games in the room while I watch haha. Even he's like WTF is going on with this season.

      That's so funny that Paul watched Buffy, but it is a really fun show to watch. I love vampire shows. I've watched True Blood all the way through a few times too. That's another one that Adam semi-watches by playing video games in the same room. He hates True Blood though, he's tolerating Angel :).

  3. I love the layered bracelet with the beads on it.

    I'm not watching BB this season- I was on vacation for the first few episodes and on the cruise ship, we didn't get the channel. I've never been able to catch up so I kind of just stopped watching and following it. It's hard to get into when you miss the first two weeks!

    Reddit is pretty awesome. I'm on there too :).

    1. Listen, this is a REALLY good season. I would recommend that when you and Clay are in the mood, subscribe to CBS All Access (only $9.99 a month and NO COMMERCIALS) and binge watch the eps you missed. It's only week 4. That's like 12 episodes. You can watch that quickly and catch up, then cancel CBS and continue watching live. I'm not kidding, it's a really good season!!!!!

  4. I love your bracelets! I am definitely more of a bracelet wearer than rings. I am currently loving that we are having a rainy day. Kind of rare in Colorado!

    1. Do you guys get more passing storms than just a whole day of showers? Yes I can see the bracelets being your style :) It apparently rained in PA the whole time we were gone!

    2. A full rainy day is pretty rare and even the passing storms don't seem to happen as much as they used to when I was younger. Most of our moisture comes in the form of snow :) Which I don't LOVE but I love the rest of our weather and how wonderful (and non humid) our summers are that I am willing to put up with it. I am trying to figure out a winter sport to embrace (skiing is out...been there, done that!)

    3. Hmmm.... snow sculpture competitions!!? :) You ARE an artist!!!