A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, July 31, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up!

Happy Monday!

I slept straight through until 11am! How shameful! But I was pretty lethargic all day. I think it was just one of those days, ya know?

We didn't do too much on Friday. I finished a puzzle...

... and continued to suffer through the poison ivy picked up while in California. Keeping an ice pack on it helped.

Excuse the hairy legs. The thought of shaving over this stuff gives me the heebie jeebies!!!

Jelly fell asleep on my lap.

Paul and I went on a disc golf/running date at Willow Mill Park.

We watched a Samantha Bee, who is SO SMART AND FUNNY.

Really, I just moped around. It was just one of those days where I wasn't very happy. I did drink a TON of water though.

Again, I woke up super tired. But I had RESPONSIBILITIES today. I had to cat sit for little Bitty Bot!

She is a princess and drinks Fiji water!

Then, since I was over in Harrisburg anyway, I decided to run along the river, up to Central PA's Pride Festival. I walked around the Pride Festival and then continued on my run.

Later that afternoon, Paul and I headed to his parent's house to have dinner and visit with his parents and some of his aunts and uncles. I had never actually hung out with his aunts and uncles so it was REALLY fun to get to know them. I basically ended up chatting away with his aunts the whole time!

Me, Aunt Janie, Aunt Flossie, and Paul's momma, Deb!

 Swipey was there!!!!

It was a day just FULL of kitty cats because on our way home, we checked on Bitty Bot again!

I slept for 12 hours straight. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME? My poison ivy was worse when I got up. It's spreading up my leg. Do you think the poison is making me tired? I'm not taking any meds for it, so it's not like I'm taking steroids that would make me tired. It's a mystery...

I spent the morning on the couch with my baby. I think I am sleeping almost as much as Chrissy is these days!

Then I headed up to my parent's house in Millersburg to spend the afternoon/early evening with family!

I got there early and went for a 6 mile run. It was nice to run three days in a row in totally different places- NOT my neighborhood! I'm gonna write a post up about this run because I ran past a lot of places in my hometown that brought back memories!

Quiz: Where am I!?

Then I went back to my parent's house for dinner and family time! My bro and SIL were there with their kiddos, plus my brother Julian and his girlfriend Amy and their NEW BABY!!!!!

I finally got to meet my niece, Shannon River Michael!!!!

I call her Shanny. It's just what came out! Here are the nicknames I call my nieces and nephews:

Ellie = Ellers
Clementine = Clemmy (her fam calls her that)
Clark = Clarky Poo
Shannon = Shanny

Watch out... here comes a photo dump of my cute nieces  and nephews and then some family shots!

Kids can have so much fun with just a couple buckets of water...

Freaking Clementine!


Aunt Debby and Shannon

Debby and Clarky!

Ellie... wtf!?

 Clemmy and Grandpa!


I'm sure you're wondering where Paul was. Paul and I are INDEPENDENT PEOPLE and we don't always go to each other's family functions. It's one thing I love about our relationship! So on this particular day, it was a last minute get together, and Paul already had plans with a friend, so only I went.

We did get to hang out and watch Big Brother when I got home!
Do you have nicknames for your kids or nieces and nephews?

Why do you think I am so tired?

Do you and your spouse have to go to each other's family functions all the time or do you have the freedom to decide?


  1. I bet the poison ivy is making you tired. Obviously I have no idea what I am talking about but it seems like your body would be fighting off the rash/infection 24/7 and that could make you tired!

    You have such a big family and are always going to get togethers. That's so nice! Adam and I have such a small family. I'm an only child and Adam's got one sister but they don't talk, and she lives in Austin anyway. My mom has a sister but she never had children and she lives on the west side of FL. Aside from our parents we don't have any brothers/sisters, nieces/nephews, cousins, etc. to hang out with!

    1. Most of the get togethers are last minute and just a casual dinner and then sitting around and chilling, but I love that! I know I say it all the time, but I am so glad my brothers have kids because they certainly bring an energy to the situation!

  2. Girl, the sleeping... nothing is wrong with you! You are catching up from vacation especially with those motels, I don't think I could sleep there either.

    Clay and I sometimes go to each others family functions, it really depends. If we have something else going on in life, we won't go. In the end you can't be there all the time because that's just life. I don't mind going to see his family for a day or so, or my family for a day or so, but after that I'm just ready to be home :)

    1. I didn't think the tiredness would wait so long to hit me but I suppose it did. I am happy to report I feel like I am recovered and sleeping my normal lazy 8-9 hours a night again. :)

      It sounds like you and Clay have the same set up as Paul and I in regards to family functions! Glad it works for you!

  3. New niece!! She is so cute! Congratulations !

    Are you putting anything on your rash? is it helping ?

    I love the nicknames you have for your nieces and nephew!! they are so cute!

    We used to call my niece MarBaby, but now that her sister has been born, we call her MarGirl (her name is Marilyn), but my mom and sister call her different names, my sister calls her Marimba and my mom calls her Maryland.

    I go to my family on my own most of the time, except for holidays. It's easier to only be concerned with my son and I, than to be constantly thinking "is Roger hungry? is he comfortable? is he tired? is he hot?" However, his family lives in Florida, and one can't pass up a chance to go to Miami!

    1. I am putting ice on it but I gave myself a mild case of frostbite lol.

      I love all the nicknames for Marilyn. Marilyn is such a beautiful name.

      Hmmm.... if in-laws lived in Miami I bet we would all go more often!

  4. Your family is so awesome...I love all the pics and those kids! Too cute. Rick and I go to each other's family events. We both really love each other's families so it works out great!

    1. Awesome! We love each other's families too but we both have to be in the mood for family time sometimes... er, well, not in the mood, but if one of us ISN'T in the mood we don't force it.

  5. All my teacher friends are sleeping a lot lately. I think it's because your jobs are so emotionally and physically taxing during the year and this is the way your mind and bodies recoup. Andrew and I don't go to each other's family things either, but more because our family is so big that we just kinda make the rounds as we can.

    1. That could be it! The end of summer is fast approaching... :(

      Yeah I bet you would be so busy if you had to go to every family event!

  6. I think you're tired from vacation. It already sounds like you did a lot in California, and then you traveled east back home. I've found traveling in general makes me tired, and then when I've traveled east, it's harder than going west.

    1. It probably is just vacation, but I didn't realize it would take a few days to set in!

  7. Hi Megan...I didn't hear about how you got the poison ivy, but it actually sounds/looks a lot like shingles, especially since you are exhausted and it is migrating. It follows the nerve bundles. Shingles can leave you incredibly fatigued. Just wanted to get that out, unless you are 100% sure it is poison ivy!

    1. Thanks for that heads up Eugenia! I am pretty sure this is poison ivy though. I've had it before so I'm pretty sure. But I googled pics of shingles... omg... I hope I never get those! But I have had chicken pox so I suppose I could get them at any time! A friend of mine had them and she was off work for a long time. And she wasn't even very old, I think late 40s!

  8. My guess too is that you are tired from traveling! I always say I need a vacation to recoup from my vacation! It's a good thing we have so much time off!
    We definitely do more things with my side of the family since we live closer to them.

    1. We are lucky to have tons of time off. Where is Scott's fam located?