A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up! (Part 3)

Happy Wednesday! 

This is Part 3 of my Weekend Wrap Up. I did so much over this long weekend and didn't have time to put it together all in one sitting. It would have been a super long post, anyway...

Here's what we were up to Monday and Tuesday!


Ahhhh... I got to sleep in on Monday! I really needed to catch up. I awoke feeling well rested at 9am. Time sort of got away from me this morning. I worked in my garden and did some blogging. Before I knew it, it was 12:30 and Paul and I were headed to the gym for our workouts!

OMG I need a haircut!!!!

I lifted chest and it felt really good. I also foam rolled, stretched, and did my PT exercises like a "good little runner".

When we got home from the gym, a bunch of packages arrived for us including Paul's replacement cell phone. HALLELUJAH!

I got some fun stuff too... items for my garden! I think I am done now.

I also got this wonderful sign from Welcome Your Neighbors. I had started to see them many places, and I really wanted one. I'm glad we have one in our garden now!

After our workout, we quickly watched Big Brother from the night before just so we could listen to the recap podcast in the car later. We're big nerds!

At 4pm, off we went to my parent's house in Millersburg for the 4th of July festivities! 

Before Debby and I joined in the fun, we went for a 5 mile hike around the Ned Smith Center. It was a great workout and we were sweating. At first we walked straight up the mountain but I decided we should turn around before reaching the top because I was afraid there would be bears up there!

Then we just partied it up back at my parent's house until the fireworks.

Ellie did not want to pose for this picture so I told her I wanted to show all my friends how good of an artist she is.

Clarky poo!

Look at Paul's festive socks!

 At some point we started to talk about grades and SATs and math... Dad wanted to show us his straight A's in math class! Here he is with his high school report card!

Nice work dad! 
I wonder why he got some B's in phys ed? My dad's one of the most athletic people I know!

We watched the fireworks in the grassy space across from my mom and dad's house. Millersburg has EXCELLENT fireworks over the river and people on both shores of the Susquehanna come to watch.

Clementine was afraid at first, but then she was okay. Ellie was nervous too and wanted to sit on my lap. She asked A LOT of interesting questions. My favorite question was, "Will the fireworks burn the sky?"

Nanny and Clementine

Me and Ellie


Throughout the morning, I had three piano lessons. But in between, I red up the house (haha!), lifted, and did my PT exercises. It was quite a productive morning.

I will be honest, I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately. I'm not sure why. We are doing a lot this summer but still, it's summer... and it's mostly fun stuff. I'm not sure why I'm having a hard time relaxing, but I'm working on it. In the meantime, lists are keeping me sane!

Paul and I had a bunch of errands we needed to run. The mall, Michael's, Ollies, Target, Wegman's (blech). It felt good to get it all out of the way!

When we were done with our errands, we hit up Katrina's 4th of July party! Paul wanted to play volleyball and I wanted to drink sangria by the pool and talk to my friends. It was a great night!

I love picnic food!!!!

Katrina and Lindsay

 I wear hats now.


Did go to any fireworks over the 4th?
Have you seen the Welcome Your Neighbors signs anywhere?
Did you ever see a bear in the wild?


  1. I like you in a hat :)
    I have seen a bear hiking and I was really excited. The bear wasn't the least bit interested in me but I was able to watch him/her for awhile.
    The hike looks great, you just needed a bell! It is supposed to warn the bears you are coming lol

    1. Thanks! I normally wear a visor to protect my face from the sun buuuut.... I upgraded to a stylish hat. HEY remember when we were hiking and the ranger told us we were on the exact trail where the bears come to eat berries!? I can't believe that.

  2. Yes, I have started to see those neighbor signs!

    Many years ago we were coming home from some where (at night) and as we were turning into our development, a bear ran from our backyard! I was freaked out for a while and didn't let the dogs out back by themselves.

    We also saw a bear run through my parents yard in broad daylight last summer. We were sitting out back and I think we all thought it was a Newfoundland dog!

    1. Wow I bear in your backyard!? Do you live near the woods? Do your parents? My grandparents live at the base of a mountain so they see deer and bears in their backyard all the time.

    2. We have a wooded area across the highway but my parents most definitely do not live near the woods! And that was actually the second bear sighting in their neighborhood in the last several years.

  3. We have lots of bears up here! Black bears. They don't do anything and there aren't any stories of anyone getting hurt by them. We have some nasty cougar stories though. :( I'm way more scared of those than bears. When Callum was a few weeks old, I put him in a front carrier and took my kids hiking up a local trail. When we got back down, there were notices everywhere stating there had been a cougar sighting RIGHT on the trail we were on. GAHHHH. I love your garden SO MUCH. You guys did SUCH a great job! I love the sign!!

    1. I am scared of mountain lions too! Whenever we go to Colorado or Cali, I am scared! That's one of the reasons I'm doing a race in CA... I don't want to run alone and have a mountain lion stalk and kill me. Ugh so... do people get killed by t hrm up there???? Mtn lion deaths in the US are very rare but I mean you still have to be careful. They don't live here in PA.

  4. I've seen bears at Yosemite when I was a kid, but none lately! Looks like you had an awesome weekend/4th. We did go to see fireworks and then lit some of our own off. Just a very thrifty display - the kids love setting them off, but why spend a bunch of money to literally just set it on fire?? We also sent a Chinese Lantern up - but then we all cringed when it looked like it landed in our neighbors yard!! yikes.

    1. I am gonna,have to Google Chinese lantern! I don't mess with fireworks. I'll do one of those glow sticks or light up necklaces... lol

  5. Super fun parties! We had a busy weekend with lots of parties too. I really love the fourth of July!

    1. I do too! I love America! We are not perfect but i firmly believe we will be going in the right direction again someday.

  6. When my mom was growing up, my grandparents demanding straight A's from all 3 kids. When she was cleaning out my grandparents' house last fall, my mom found one of my grandfather's reports cards. Not a single A on it, and maybe not a B either.

    1. Wow! Well maybe he regretted not working harder.

  7. What is mew? Is that a reminder to feed the cats? lol like they would let you forget! :D

    That is crazy that your dad still has some of his report cards. I had honestly forgotten what those kind of report cards look like. Do you even hand out paper report cards anymore? By the time I was in high school they would just hand out these print outs from the computer!

    1. This year was the first year at our elem. School where there are no printouts of report cards. Parents can only access them online! When I do my grades throughout the marking period, parents can log in and see them unless I mark it so that parents can't see. Of course I mark so parents can't see because if I don't have all the grades in it could look like a kid is failing, but they're not, I just don't have all the grades in.

  8. Isn't Clark turning 1 soon? He is such a cutie!!

    I love the welcome neighbor signs! They make me feel safe! I especially love when they are next to a house with a Trump sign. Thank you for adding one to your house!

    We saw a bear crossing a road, up by Rickett's Glenn on our way out... it was both magnificent and terrifying.

    1. Yes he is, on July 10th! We are celebrating this weekend at Pinchot Park.

      I'm glad the Welcome Your Neighbors sign make you feel safe!

      The only time I ever saw a bear IRL was safely from our car in RMNP!