A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up! (Part 2)

Happy Tuesday! 

Friday's wrap up was posted yesterday. Today I'll go over Saturday and Sunday. 

Buckle up, it was crazy!

The day started early with a trip to the gym so I could ride the arc trainer for 45 minutes. Not the most exciting workout by any means but I wanted something low impact for my hip pain that comes and goes.

While I was at the gym, I texted Paul and wondered why he never texted me back. When I got home, he told me he dropped his phone and it broke! I felt so bad for him. We didn't have time to go to the Verizon store because we had to hit the road to go to New Jersey for my cousin's college graduation party.

On the way to NJ, Paul called Verizon. It took awhile to get everything sorted, but since he bought the insurance, they were going to ship him a refurbished phone by Monday. WHEW. It was still not going to be fun going without a phone for two days.

The ride to NJ was not fun because most of the time Paul was on the phone with Verizon. Then, when the PA turnpike ended, I had to pay a toll, but I accidentally got in the EZ Pass only lane, and by the time I realized it, there was a CEMENT BARRIER in between me and the cash lane! I was sooooo freaking pissed because now I am going to get a bill in the mail for the amount of money it costs to travel the entire PA Turnpike, which will probably be about $50. What a huge waste of money. They probably "get" so many people at this particular toll area because it's not even an exit. It's just the end of the turnpike and the toll creeps up on you and before you can tell what lane you're supposed to be in, there's a barrier preventing you from changing lanes. Can you tell I am annoyed? I just hate wasting money.

Luckily, the annoyance of the drive was erased by having SO MUCH FUN visiting with my family! Nearly everyone made the trip so celebrate Nick graduating from the University of Maryland with a degree in Aerospace Engineering! (Did I ever tell you basically all of my cousins are SUPER smart and successful?)

 Paul and Cousin Alex play foosball.

 Paul, Alex, and Nick bro down.

 My dad and his sister, Auntie Eileen!

 Cousin Stephanie and her beautiful little Emma!

The drive home was so boring because we ended up running out of podcasts to listen to. Also, it was dark, and I drive slower in the dark. I couldn't wait to get home! I really hope someday Paul can drive again- for selfish AND unselfish reasons!

That is my "are we home yet?" face.

This morning, I met Hathaway and her friend Shelly at Scott's Farm to run a 12 miler on the AT. We ran 6 miles north over a mountain and then back the way we came.

I was VERY nervous for this run because it was basically going to determine whether I'd be able to do my 30k in California on June 22nd. Luckily, I felt great!. Cardio wise and muscle wise I was fine. My hip started to talk to me the last two miles, but other than that, all was good! This was a REAL confidence booster. I used to run trail all the time, and running 12 miles was like a walk in the part. I was nice to see I could still do it.

There are absolutely zero pictures from this run because I left my phone at home for Paul to use in case he needed it. And I didn't know these girls well enough to say, "Hey, can you take a picture because I have a blog that a couple people read?"

You know what is my favorite thing to do after a long run? Go to a picnic! Luckily, that afternoon we got to go to my Uncle Rick and Aunt Jane's picnic at their farm! This is where Paul and I got married. It was so fun to hang out with family all day. (This was my mom's side of the family, yesterday was my dad's side.)

Uncle Rick got Ellie and Clementine set up to ride horses!

She felt like THE SHIT.

She felt like a beauty queen.

Awww Buster is one of the sweetest cats ever!

Aunt Tracy and Uncle Scott

Aunt Debbie and Cousin Dylan

Clem shows off her googley eyes!

She is so proud of her googley eyes!

Clarky poo!

Debby! I love her hat.




Tyler and Debby

After the picnic, we made the quick trip to Dickenson College where the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra was performing one of their free 4th of July concerts in the quad. This performance gets PACKED. Everyone brings their lawn chairs, food, and drinks. 

Normally Paul and I bring sushi but since we ate at the picnic, he brought a beer and I brought a moscato. I ended up getting hungry anyway and sent him off to get us some kettle corn!

Life hack!!!

Oh, guess who we saw at the concert? Ana and her son! They had gotten there super early and had awesome seats.

The concert was very good. At these 4th of July Concerts, they always play American music. That night, some of the pieces we heard included a Duke Ellington medley, a medley of songs from The Sound of Music, two John Williams pieces, God Bless America, and of course the armed services marches. Whenever they play the song for each branch of the military, those who have served or still serve in that branch stand up and we all clap for them. I always cry at this part! I can't help it, I'm emotional...

It was a very busy two days with lots of driving, lots of family, and lots of running. I felt a little run down by the end of the night!

Too bad... there was so much more going on the next two days. I had to rally! I recap you on that tomorrow!
Did you ever get in the EZ Pass only lane by accident?
Ever break your phone?
Do you do most of the driving or your partner?


  1. What a fun weekend! I love family parties. Congrats on the trail run. I am so happy you were able to get that one done so you know you are well on your way to a successful race. Rick does ALL the driving unless I offer to be the DD if we go out and he has a few beers.

  2. You and cousin Stephanie look like each other! Aerospace engineering?!?!! UNREAL! And so cool that you saw Ana and her son!!! LOVE IT!

    1. I think you told me that before! I don't think we do but boy do her kids look like her!

  3. Congratulations to your cousin !! Aerosospace engineering sounds amazing !

    How long was your drive ? What else do
    You guys do for entertainment in the car ?

    Roger and I take turns ... usually half and half.

    1. I don't even know what Aerospace engineering is. Does he make rocket ships???

      The drive was nearly 2.5 hours each way. We listen to podcasts in the car, that is pretty much all we do for entertainment.

  4. We don't have toll roads here, so no EZ Pass. I sometimes wish we had HOV lanes or something at least, but traffic can be a real beast in Charleston. Sure it's nothing compared to ATL or places up north but Charleston is not a big city either. Sucks that you will get a bill for that but I would have things like that happen to me just from bad luck and not knowing how to drive on roads like that. I'm glad your trail run went well and that you're going to do the race now! The Arc trainer is a really good low-impact workout and probably the best form of cross training out there, imho. Also I read somewhere that it is great for trail running!

    1. Yah I love that the arc trainer you can mess with the incline and resistance so you can kind of feel like you are running!

  5. My mom did that exact same thing in the EZ pass one time!
    Scott usually likes to drive except if we take Baylee with us then I drive cus she rides better in my car!
    Yup, broke my phone and Lost my phone as well! Somewhere on the side of the road in south Carolina someone had found my first pink blackberry! The first thing they must of thought was "gee, someone must love their dog". (ie all the pics of Baylee)

    1. LOL but don't you think everyone's phone is full of pictures of their pets??

      Ugh tell your mom I did it too!