A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

From Stomach Bug to 17 miles

Today, I wanted to show you what I ate in the three days leading up to my 25k. (It was actually 17 miles and I knew this going into it.) I had a stomach bug and my stomach was just weird for several days after. So what you're seeing isn't my "normal" food, just what I was able to stomach. The goal was to eat carbs and calories so I could go into the race feeling strong.

I'll be showing you absolutely everything I ate and drank MINUS water. I did not include how much water I drank because there's no way I would remember to track all of that!

I'm not sure this will be interesting but I took all the pictures so I'm writing the post!

**Note: Normally I would eat A LOT more food in a day than what is pictured.**


I didn't workout today, so I got to "sleep in" until 7!

This was the first day since being sick that I felt like I could drink some coffee. Woohoo!

I am a huge fan of these Greek yogurts now and am going to continue eating them.

Wendy's! After a stomach bug, the first think I crave when I finally get hungry is fast food.

Yeah, a little addicted to yogurt. This was my dinner. 
That Wendy's really held me over.


I ran 5 miles this morning! See, that Wendy's was good for something!

I didn't drink this whole thing, it merely represents that I had iced coffee in the morning.

Same breakfast as the day before.

Italian wedding soup and crackers from Giant for lunch.

I am also loving these cottage cheese/fruit cups! I will be enjoying these from now on as well.

Paul made me a turkey burger and roasted  cauliflower for dinner. Yum!


No workouts in the morning, but we did hike about six miles total throughout the day.

Applesauce!? Who am I?

Pre hike food. Wendy's.

Pre-hike caffeine.

After hiking, we got stuck in traffic and I needed a snack before dinner.

Cream of crab soup. It was divine.

Fish tacos and rice. I only had one taco, about half the rice, and none of the chips.

Just for fun, here's what I had before the race and after the race on Saturday!

Race Morning!

Make your own waffle at our hotel, orange juice, coffee.

Post Race!

7oz Cheeseburger and fries from Blue Mountain Brewery. I ate most of the fries.

After looking at all of these pictures, I realized I ate a lot of burgers! I do love burgers and french fries. Why are they so good together?

What's your favorite fast food?


  1. I don't eat beef, so I'm not a burger fan and I'm pretty picky about fries. My favorite fast food is egg and cheese biscuits. Clay and I used to get them in the mornings on our way to class, good times.

    Those tacos, that soup, and those PB filled pretzels look delicious (I really do like munching on PB filled pretzels and it looks like those are Aldi, so I need to look for them). I always do the hotel waffles too, unless it's Holiday Inn Express. They have a pancake machine instead.

    I'm really glad your run worked out and that you felt well enough to do it! It stinks to be sick with anything but stomach issues definitely affect workouts for days after.

    1. I used to eat egg and cheese biscuits too! Maybe it was a college thing because that's when I remember eating them.

      Yes the pretzels are from Aldi! They are the perfect snack. I keep them in my cupboard at school.

  2. Burgers and fries are my 2nd favorite food!! My first are enchiladas.

    do you take out the pickles from your burger? What is that on top of the rice?

    I am ashamed of my current favorite fast food, not because of the calories, but because of political reasons.

    1. Yes I normally take the pickles off unless it's a burger I have at home or at a picnic. Just not a huge fan of fast food pickles!

      I don't eat chick fil a anymore. :)

    2. Oh I had to ask the server what was on the rice.. QUESO! I don't feel stupid anymore since you didn't know either, but then again, I tasted it so I should have known haha.

  3. Rick and I never eat fast food -- is that weird? If we do have to grab something quick, though, we eat Subway.

  4. Several thoughts/fun facts: 1) when Alan had a colonoscopy, and had to pretty much fast for 2 days, the first thing he wanted when he got done was a Wendy's burger. We never go to Wendys for some reason! A coworker said her husband wanted the exact same thing after he had his :) 2) the diet recommended for stomach issues is BRAT, bananas, rice, applesauce and toast, so I'm seeing a lot of these choices in your week. Good job, if you knew that or not! 3) I was just thinking last night about a "what I eat in a day" post for me, laughing as I was putting frosting (the homemade kind with sugar and butter) on a whole bunch of crackers as my "de-stressing food which I need from shopping with Sydney". LOL!!

    1. There must be something about WENDYS! I feel like it is junky but not super junky!

      I wasn't following BRAT too well though because look at all that dairy with the yogurt. But I feel like fries fit in there now... carbs and salt to replenish!

      I like to see "real" what I eat posts. I think I would enjoy yours!

  5. I have never eaten cottage cheese or applesauce in my entire life! I have no idea why. I like apples and if applesauce tastes like apples I'm sure I would like it. What does cottage cheese taste like? I'm sort of interested in it because it resembles rice pudding in appearance which I do like haha! It's just something about the name "cottage cheese" that makes it seem unappealing to me!

    1. Cottage cheese tastes a little bit like cheese but sweeter. You should try it. It doesn't taste anything like rice pudding but I like rice pudding. You know what other kind of pudding I love? TAPIOCA. That's the best.

      Cottage cheese has a lot of protein!

  6. I think I had a bug, or maybe it was something I ate, last Wednesday before heading to San Francisco. My eating was off, but I tried to get enough calories, and I was able to do the race.

  7. Ya know I've never had cottage cheese? I Guess I don't 'understand" what it is suppose to be and it just doesn't look good...haha.

    However Last year was the first time I ever had a Burger from Wendy's. Loved it!

    1. lol YOU and Kristina! You have to try it!

      Why did it take you 30+ years to try a Wendy's burger!?