A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Weekly Workouts!

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Starting about a week and a half ago, my left hammy started hurting about 4 miles into my runs. I'm not sure why my hammy was hurting. It was one of those sudden things that just popped up in this old ass 35 year old's body. Since I don't like to run through stuff because I don't want to be down and out for a long time, I decided to run a lot less this week. Here's what I was up to...

Saturday- 8 miles on the Stone Tower Loop to see The General. This was a very difficult run because we had to go straight up a mountain twice. There were so many cool sights along the way, so check out this post to read more! Yes, my hammy hurt by the end of this run but I really wanted to do it anyway!

Sunday- 2 Deck of Cards workouts in the hot sunshine! The workouts plus a 3 minute break took me an hour. It was hard, but doable. The exercises I did were: jump rope, burpees, sit ups, bicycle crunches, glute bridges, donkey kicks, mountain climbers, and stability ball pull ins. For some reason, all that jumping did not bother my hammy at all. Yay! I can get some good cardio in without bothering it.

It was exhausting!

Monday- 6 warm morning miles! I was sloooooooow this morning. And my hammy hurt a little at the end and then throughout the rest of the day. Come on, what gives!?

Tuesday- Lifting upper body @ home.

Wednesday- 2 deck of card workouts. I did exactly what I did on Sunday except I did it in my carport since it was raining! It took me 55 minutes. All good in the hammy hood.

Thursday- Lifting upper body @ home. I was feeling a little blah in the morning. When I feel that way, I am happy to stay inside because it's also a little bit of that homesick type feeling.

Friday- 4 morning miles, then some indoor exercises. I decided to test out the hammy. I made it to three miles with no pain. When I made it to four miles with no pain, I decided I should quit while I was ahead! So I went inside and did some pull ups, push ups, bicycle crunches, and donkey kicks. Chrissy hijacked my towel...

I'm glad my hammy can withstand four miles! I'm going to keep the mileage down next week as well and try to quit my runs before I feel anything start to hurt.

In the meantime, I will be jumping a lot of rope and doing lots of burpees. Ugh!

How were your workouts this week?


  1. You are smart to not push it if you are feeling pain. I think I am going to take jumping rope out of my routine because it's starting to bother my knee.

    1. I'm always surprised jumping rope doesn't bother me since it's pretty high impact, but it's stuff like the elliptical and bike that bother my ITB.

  2. Maybe you just need a deload week to allow the hammy to calm down! It's nice you have some other workouts to kick your butt! I personally think 3-4 miles running is like the perfect distance, though :)

  3. I'm glad your hammie seems to be OK. It is not a fun area to hurt. Is it the belly of the muscle or the attachment point? Mine is glute pain at the attachment site and it really sucks. Thankfully, I haven't been in much pain lately! I'm glad you have lifting and other workouts to do, and hopefully it will heal up quickly (being able to run four miles on it is a good sign).

    1. I'm not sure what the belly of the muscle means but it is not the attachment point, it is more like in the middle of the back of my leg. Yeah I was glad to run four miles without feeling anything!