A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up!

Happy Wednesday!

I know, this wrap up is a bit late...

What a DAY! I was pretty tired when I woke up because on Thursday night I was up late watching the Big Brother LIVE DOUBLE EVICTION. After that, it was hard to get my heart rate back down.

This season sucks so bad. The only thing left to do is find glee in Alex's sheer stupidity.

Then I went for a 6 miler. 

Halfway through, I remembered I had to take a piece of bamboo to school so the 4th graders could do the limbo in music class. After my run, I went out to the shed to get the bamboo and realized it wasn't going to fit in my car. I got out a saw and severed off about a foot and a half. VOILA. I had a limbo stick.

After teaching just two music classes, my voice was almost shot. I'm really not used to singing/talking all day long and I lose my voice by the time Friday rolls around. I could sing, but I couldn't go up high or my voice would crack. This wasn't even a 5 day work week!

Later on in the afternoon, I got a really bad headache. It didn't help that after the fire drill, the flashing light on the alarm wouldn't go off. So for the next 20 minutes or so, I kept seeing the flashing and it was like literally seeing my headache flash. Does that make sense? 

On the way home from work, I was so exhausted, like SICK exhausted. Look how pale I was.

Hmmmm... someone bumped my car window. I have a feeling it was one of the students during the fire drill. Whatever.

Sorry to be so negative, but I just felt so crappy!

When I got home, I saw my shoes had finally arrived!!! There was one left, one right, and they were both 7.5s. Good job, Kohl's. It only took you two tries.

Definitely not wearing them with this outfit...

Poor Paul. When I got home from work, I had to ask him to please not talk to me. I had been interrupted all day and I just needed some peace and quiet. He is a good husband, so he was happy to give me my alone time.

Speaking of being a good husband, check out the texts he sent me today...

I don't know how to do screen shots so I am just going to post the pictures he sent me with what he said in his text below it!

The wait...
(Christmas wolfs down his food super fast and then waits to get whatever Jelly didn't finish.)

The reward!!!

The after party!!!!

Oh yeah, I broiled myself some cheese when I got home...

Paul and I watched 3 old episodes of Big Brother on CBS All Access. Normally it is $5.99 a month for the subscription, but we sprung for the premium, which is $9.99 without commercials. IT IS SO NICE WITHOUT COMMERCIALS!!!

For dinner we had "tacos". Honestly, they didn't really taste like tacos because the meat wasn't seasoned well.

I went to bed quite early- 9pm...

... And got up at 8am. I laid in bed with the kitties for awhile.

Then I poured some ice coffee and caught up on The View!

For our workout, Paul and I headed to Planet Fitness. We both got swole.

Then we went to see IT! I didn't even know it was coming out this weekend until a friend told me. We haven't been to the movies in a really long time.

We loved the movie. There were a couple scenes related to animals in which I had to close my eyes, and there was another scene where I just knew someone was going to get stabbed in the neck, so I closed my eyes too. But other than that, it was really good and VERY scary. But it's not the kind of scary where I will go home and be scared.

There were several previews before the movie started and I had to close my eyes during two of them. One was the new Saw movie and the other was some new movie with Bruce Willis. They were just so VIOLENT and I can't stand seeing stuff like that.

Oh, right before we went to the movies we went into Big Lots and...

No, I didn't buy anything.

After the movie, we headed to Dover to visit our friends Doug and Jen and see their new house! We hadn't seen them in a couple of years, which is just horrible. I hate when we lose touch with people for no reason. Their house is beautiful and their kids are all grown up. I forgot to take pics of us with our friends, but here is their new house!

Isn't it pretty???
I need some mums.

Sunday morning started the same as Saturday morning! Kitties in bed!

Then kitties on the couch!!!


I had a "down home" breakfast. I love dippy eggs.

That morning, I bought Paul and I tickets to see PIPPIN at Dutch Apple Dinner Theater. Paul's deadpan response: "Good. I've been waiting to see Pippin."

Then Paul and I drove to the AT on Trindle Road and I had THE SCARIEST RUN OF MY LIFE!!!!! After that, we came home and I finished my run. Then I did a ton of yard work and refueled with a sandwich and cheese curls.

I was so productive on Sunday, I even went grocery shopping. Paul's favorite cereal was on sale for $1.99 so I bought ten boxes.

Just call me Suzy Homemaker because while Paul watched football with his friends all day, I COOKED.

Um, may I have some room????

Chopping onions...

I guess I forgot to take pictures of everything but this is what I made...

Ummmm... you won't believe this but I can't find the recipe I used for this!
Main ingredients: Brown rice, butternut squash, cranberries, onions, parm cheese,  brown rice.

Obviously, dinner was epic, and we ate it while we watched Big Brother!
Did you go see IT?
Ever broil cheese?
Tell me something fun you did this weekend!
Or... share a recipe you think I should try!


  1. I love Dutch apple dinner theater. When do you go?

    So what exactly is broiled cheese and how do you do it?
    Also, how did you know someone bumped your car window? Was it damaged?

    1. We go to see Pippin on Sept 22nd! Broiled cheese is when you spread shredded cheddar cheese on a pan and broil it. Then you eat it. It is DIVINE! My older brother used to make it browing up. It was not damaged but I could tell someone bumped it because I don't know if you can see from the pic, but it was pushed way out as far as it can go.

  2. Wow, so much to comment on! Sorry you were so worn out. That's awesome that you can just have some quiet time.. with my house full of my family I feel guilty if I'm not hanging out with them! (even though I really need it sometimes) I am looking forward to getting back into some cooking now that it's almost Fall. Hey, did you get the cereal at Kroger? I bought a bunch of Life there too! And, do you get your iced coffee at Aldi? I just discovered they have it, and even though it's not light, it is freaking delicious (well, maybe it's delicious because it's NOT light?). I'm addicted.

    1. I feel guilty for neglecting Paul, believe me. But I guess I need to be selfish sometimes! I got the cereal at Giant, which I wonder if Giant/Kroger are the same company? Paul makes our iced coffee. I don't normally get the pre bottled stuff, but I know they do sell it at Aldi. Good to know it's good! But really, is there anything bad from Aldi???

    2. It wasn't from Aldi, but we did recently buy a HORRIBLE flavor of ice cream at Kroger - Sweet Funnel Cake. The aftertaste reminded me of baby powder or diapers. So gross. We are actually going to throw it all out.
      I do make cold brew coffee, and put a big splash of it into my store iced coffee. It gives it a really nice kick!

  3. Your friends have a beautiful home! I want mums, too--they look awesome. I love to cook and bake while football is on (but I can watch from the kitchen which I do...cuz I love me some football). We watched our nephew play football on Saturday and then went to BWW for lunch and college football viewing most of the afternoon. Sunday we rode the Harley to Boulder :) and then over Peak to Peak and down through Estes and home. It was glorious! Came home, ate lunch and spent the rest of the day in the kitchen doing my thing while we watched football.

    1. Cooking and baking in the fall is so homey. :) I am so jealous you got to go on that beautiful ride. :) As you know, Paul and I did Peak to Peak last time we were in Colorado! I'm sure Paul and I will go to CO again. You will have to tell me where we need to go next. Because we have done a lot but we haven't done everything. Hmmm maybe I will msg you :)

  4. Ohhhh my eyes watered just looking at that photo of you chopping onions! Your friends' house is SO NICE. I need some mums too!

    1. I know isn't it weird you can look at pictures of watery eyes and it makes yours water too???

  5. All your food looks really delicious! Even that runny egg... especially that runny egg :). I'm glad you had a good weekend with the movies, the workout, and visiting friends- they do have a beautiful home. I also stock up on cereal and other items when they are on sale as well- especially if it's something I like. I haven't found many good cereal sales lately though!

    1. I guess us Central PA'ans call them dippy eggs but everyone else calls them runny eggs? Paul is the Life Cereal lover in our house. I like it too but it's more for dessert for me.

  6. Allie watches me cook too, but not on the countertop. I have a couple chairs for the kitchen island, and she sits in one of those, and can look over the top of the edge.

  7. MM!! runny eggs are the best!!

    The quest for the shoes is over! they look comfy!