A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Fall Shopping Haul (Part 1)

On Sunday, I felt like putzing around my favorite putzing stores... TJ Maxx and Ross. I also ended up at Target and Community Aid (a local thrift store). It was fun to be out and about while everyone was home watching football!

Sometimes I go out putzing and don't buy anything. On this day, I bought quite a lot! I didn't need clothes, but everything I bought (besides one pair of shoes) will be useful, will last me a long time, is versatile, and goes with the wardrobe I already have.

There is a part of me that feels guilty for buying new clothes and shoes. I have plenty of clothes and shoes. Everything I'm showing you today is just... stuff. But despite that, I had a lot of fun shopping and I also am really excited to wear my new looks!

Lately, when shopping for clothes, one of the things I have considered when picking out items is that I'm thirty-five freaking years old. I know, age is just a number. And I do believe that it doesn't matter how old you are, there is a time and a place for all kinds of different looks. 

For instance, in the summer (when I'm not at work), I always wear super short jean shorts. I feel comfortable in them and it is  summer for goodness sake. (In fact, I wore them out shopping. See the above picture. You can't even see them because they are so short and my purse is covering them!) I will continue to wear short jean shorts for as long as I want. But should I be wearing jean shorts with hearts on the back pocket? Probably not. I always see lots of cute jogger pants at Ross that I would like to wear but they usually have sparkles on them or say "LOVE" in big letters down one of the legs. Can't do that. I'm thirty-five.

Here's example of a shirt I liked, but I realized it was too young looking:

If it had the Cali bear logo on it instead of the number 23 and the hearts, I probably would've gotten it. Especially because it was a nice, thick, knit material.

Sorry for the tangent, I just wanted to mention my age has definitely been on my mind lately while buying clothes.

Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls are great places to go to see what the new fashion styles are. I will admit, sometimes I have to see certain trends A LOT before I decide I like them. I know it doesn't make sense... if I have to make myself like something, do I really like it? But I was feeling adventurous so I tried on two sweaters that when first looking at them, I was like... ummmm wtf!?

I did like both of these sweaters. Especially the one with the criss cross down the side. But I opted not to get them.

I did buy the jeans! I wasn't even looking for jeans, but I grabbed a pair to use to try on with all of the shirts. I ended up really liking them! I don't have black jeans and I don't have any jeans with holes in the knees. The jeans are thicker than jeggings, they have pockets on the back and a zipper in the front. But they are very stretchy and comfortable. I got them in the junior's department (where I get most of my pants) and they were $16.99. Not bad for well made pants that hopefully won't go out of style anytime soon! I generally wear a junior's size 7 pant. My butt and my thighs just do not get into 5's anymore!

Close up of the jeans with holes.

The shirt I am wearing with the jeans was only $12.99. I got it because I liked the flowing sleeves, the color, and the criss cross down the front. And I actually don't have a lot of long sleeve shirts.

Here's another sweater I tried on because I felt adventurous. I did not buy it...

But I did buy the floral leggings! I knew just the outfit I would wear them with...

I knew my black boots would make the flowers less crazy. The only thing new with this outfit are the leggings- $5.99!

I also got some house stuff while I was out and about. When I saw this, I thought about getting it for myself. 

Then I thought of getting it for Kristina, but I figured with her new job, she may not want everyone to know she is a crazy cat woman just yet!

We burn candles in our house when we have people over to lessen the cat pee smell. I normally get Yankees, and I thought I got a Yankee, but I GOT DUPED!!!! Look how they make this font look JUST like Yankee!

I was all pleased with myself because all the Yankees were $12.99 except this one... I was like "Yeeeeah I found the one Yankee that was $9.99!" Well, it's not a Yankee. It better be fragrant!

I also got some room spray. I liked the smell of this. It reminds me of Christmas. It was $3.99.

I also got this little decoration. I know, "It is well with my soul" is biblical, but I have always liked the saying. To me the saying means something like, "I got this". I'm sure that's not what it's supposed to mean but I like it.

By now, I was getting super hungry, so before I headed to Ross, I grabbed some lunch at Panera. I had a gift card!

Half cobb salad, cup of autumn squash, French bread!
(Also, can I mention that 5 years ago, when I was way into my disordered eating, there is no way I would've eaten this lunch and then went and tried on more clothes. I would have felt I was too "fat". How messed up is that?)

Oh my, this is getting long! I better post part two tomorrow! Let's see what I bought so far shall we...

Purplish/Pink long sleeve- $12.99
Black stretch jeans w/ knee holes- $16.99
Floral Leggings- $5.99

Clothing Total: $35.97

Faux Yankee Candle- $9.99
Room spray- $3.99
Biblical deocration- $4.99

"Stuff" Total: $18.97

Panera: FREE!!! Gift card, bitches!!!!!
Are you ever adventurous when trying on clothes?

What's your favorite thing at Panera?

Are there any styles you like but feel you are too "old" for?

Am I too late on the floral trend? I THINK I MIGHT BE!!!


  1. What a great shopping day for you--love everything you got. I am in need to do some fall shopping, too. All of a sudden, it is really not summer here anymore!

    1. Does the weather change very quickly in CO? We are having a scorching hot week this week. I am hoping it cools off a bit next week so I can wear some of my new stuff!

  2. I really love those jeans, great find and a great deal! I'm glad you didn't get the sweater with the shoulder cut outs. I don't understand it hahaha. I guess fashion doesn't have to make sense all the time though! :D

    Have you ever tried the Clean Linen yankee candle? It is my absolute favorite because the scent is strong but not overwhelming. If I burn it for a couple hours I can smell it for a day after! Yankee candles aren't my favorite candle brand BUT the Clean Linen candle *is* my current favorite candle and has been for a while.

    I like that the name plate says Crazy Cat Woman instead of crazy cat lady, it sounds so much more sophisticated! hahahah Honestly now that I have a cat tattoo it's nearly impossible to hide the fact that I am a crazy cat woman!

    1. It doesn't have to make sense... especially because *sometimes* the more you look at it, it starts to make sense haha. Okay, I have smelled the clean linen and I actually don't like it! But I never smelled it burning, just in the store. I don't mind the linen bathroom spray but I did not like the candle. That's true about your tattoo- now everyone knows!!!

  3. I love these shopping posts and I totally agree the age plays more of a role when I buy clothes now than it ever did before! I too was on a hunt for a pair of black jeans and I find mine at Dress Barn of all places, talk about dressing for your age...haha! I did like that sweater you tried on with the leggings and it would have been age appropriate for you but would you have been able to wear it to school? That is my biggest question when I buy clothes. I don't spend a lot of $ on something if I know I wouldn't wear it to work (except running clothes..lol).
    On the floral leggings, they are cute and when I wrote my fashion column last fall the floral patter for fall was all the rage. I haven't heard that it has changed for this year so you should be good.

    My favorite thing at panera is that squash soup and the summer salad with strawberries! Looks like you had a fun day. Looking forward to part 2.
    PS, I love shopping for my house and waste lots of time in the candle isle...lol

    1. Haha Dress Barn! I bet they are more trendy than they used to be. :) No I would not have worn that sweater I paired with the flower leggings to school, but I was looking for "normal" clothes too, not just work clothes. I will take your advice that floral is still in! I saw a teacher wear floral leggings yesterday and she assured me it's still on trend. Whew. What are your favorite types of candles? I bet your house is decorated very lovely.

    2. Right now I still have out my "Sand Castle" candle which is a Yankee Candle that smells like the beach (well it smells like suntan lotion). But I don't actually have to have Yankee candles because I don't see the need to pay that much for something I will just burn..haha I do think the other candles at TJ Maxx and home goods are good alternatives. I actually like the Chesapeak candles!
      I prefer the food scents like pumpkin spice and apple cider and caramel latte and things like that for fall!

  4. I love the stuff you bought and am totally with you on the age/clothing front. I'm 31 but physically look way younger so I have to be super careful. When you're short it matters, it's like something that a taller person could pull off, I can't really pull it off because it would make me look like a child. I like the clothes you bought especially the floral leggings. I hope the candle will smell as good as Yankee candle too- sometimes the cheaper candles are actually great alternatives!

    That autumn squash soup at Panera is so good. It's just way too hot for soup here right now!

    1. I can appreciate your struggle with being on the shorter side and looking young to boot! Do you have to shop in the petite section or are you able to wear "normal" clothes?

      You know it was pretty hot here the day I shopped- I was in shorts and a tank top, but I sat in the shade and had soup because you are right, that autumn squash soup is soooooooo freaking good.

  5. This is quite timely because I was out shopping with Sydney last night and we went to TJ Maxx. There was a lot of pretty house stuff and I did notice those candles (the fakies! haha) I know what you mean about clothes and the age thing, you know because I'm 6 mos away from 50 (eek). Anyhow, I feel like sometimes I dress like an old lady and sometimes I feel like my clothes are way too young for me. It's a balance for sure. BTW, I think the burgundy color sweater really pops on you. It's a great color for you! I'm always drawn to grey sweaters for me, but for you, I think the burgundy is a winner! It looks really nice on you.

    1. So the fakies didn't trick you! :) I can see what you are saying and can appreciate how it may be tricky for you especially because you have a tight little runner's body and probably fit into all the cute trendy clothes the "youngins" are wearing. I tend to go for the greys and blacks too but want some more color. Thanks for the compliment!

  6. I'm still buying jeans from Express because I know I can find what I like, and they're not decorated. Shopping in my 30s is depressing at times because I either feel too old or too young for stuff. There's not that great a selection for this age bracket.

    1. Express has some really nice stuff. I know it's expensive, but when they have sales for jeans it can be worth it. And I know they have good coupons too!

  7. Those leggings are really cute! they look perfect with the boots!

    Are you allowed to wear holly jeans (not in the biblical sense) to work? the implication of holes is not allowed at my office. My sister used to work her, and got in trouble for a pair of jeans that "looked" like it had holes, when it really didn't. My office is very strict with dress codes.

    I absolutely get what you are saying about graphic tees! I have a lot of them, more than a 35 year old woman with a child should have... but I love them! But I recently did get rid of my skull with a top hat shirt.

    I am not adventurous with clothes at all! all my clothes are plain and simple. I tried shopping for work for clothes, but the cold shoulder trend is not helping... all the shirts are missing the shoulders!

    1. Thank you! The leggings are so comfy, too. I'm so glad leggings came back in style...

      No, I don't think we would be allowed to wear holey jeans to work. If the jeans didn't have holes I would prob be able to wear them since they are black. (We are technically not allowed to wear jeans accept on dress down days but if they are dark jeans, sometimes they look like dress pants.) We're lucky that even though we do have an employee handbook about what to wear, no one really polices us. As long as we look professional, it is okay. I normally wear dresses, or tunics with leggings to work because to me, that is just soooooo comfy.

      I think graphic tees are cute, and honestly, there is a place for a 35 year old woman to wear them! Not the office, but to the pool, the beach, bopping around the grocery store... :)

      I do like the cold shoulder on some shirts buuuut not every shirt! Where do you like to buy your clothes?

    2. I haven't bought work clothes in a long time... but I shop at Ross, TJ Maxx, Kohls, Old Navy. But all my work pants are from The Limited and Express, they are the only places I find pants that fit me, they are well made and they sell them in "short" sizes.