A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Welcome to my classroom!

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A friend/colleague made this for me last year! I love it!

Outside my door to welcome students.

Do I have enough cat pictures on my door or do I need more?


Music room!

Yes, my desk is always this clean! (No seriously, I am very organized.)

It is soooooo humid. Look.

This is where I will be sitting for the next 21 years. (Except for 10 weeks in the summer.)

This is a bulletin board behind my desk of just things I like, things that inspire me, or things that make me laugh.

I run a tight ship. For real.



TRIANGLES! NEW! (I had to throw out some rusty ones.)


I have been wanting to hang this for awhile and I finally made room.

Reward chart!

This arrived on Wednesday and it is going to be LIFE CHANGING for me and my classroom!

That's my Chrissy boy!

Behavior chart. Required.

 Recorder Karate bulletin board outside my room. Soon it will be filled with names of students achieving their belts!

I am always proud of how my bulletin boards look until I walk around the school and see everyone else's bulletin boards. That's when I realize I should definitely stick to MUSIC as I am not artistic in the least! Also, I know a lot of those teachers spend a lot of time designing their bulletin boards and probably spend a lot of their own money on supplies too! I just grab whatever paper and boarders I can find in my cupboards... which is usually old and leftover from the person who held my position before me!

Well anyway, thanks for taking this little tour of my classroom! I hope you're having a great weekend!

Are you artistic?
Is your work space usually messy or organized?


  1. Everything looks great! I think if I had been a teacher I would have loved getting everything ready for the new year. I am really organized but right now my cubicle is a disaster. There are 2 of us sharing the space right now and we have all these supplies for trainings and paperwork for the new school year all over the place. It kind of stresses me out!

    1. Disarray stresses me out too, that's why I like an organized desk. However, I am sure it would be hard if you had to share space with another worker!

  2. I love the classroom! I have a few friends on FB who are teachers and loved seeing their pics. I think yours looks very artistic and creative too. I agree with you on spending money on supplies to decorate and wouldn't do it either (well, not too much but maybe if I really wanted something). In the end it's just decorations and probably better to spend it on things the students NEED rather than just making the classroom look good. From the looks of my FB feed at some schools it's basically a decorating competition or like Pinterest threw up (no wonder we have so few guys teaching elementary/middle kids).

    Best wishes this school year!

    1. "like Pinterest threw up" <---- Haha yes! Now I laugh at that comment and agree BUT another part of me wish all my decorations looked as good as their's! I just don't want to spend the time, so clearly I don't want it that bad. :) I actually wasn't going to change my bulletin boards this year (I don't always changed them) but when I walked into my room last week I was like... ew. These need to go. It was time. So I completely changed some or changed them a little. For the board behind my desk, all I changed was the boarder and it immediately felt more fresh!

  3. What a fun place to learn! Love all the cat pics! I noticed this past year I only had one pic of Baylee because it just made me sad to look at them while I was at work because we were going through a very difficult time with her last year and it just made me sad that I could be with her all day.

    I can't wait to put my bulletin board up this year! It's Jasmine and Aladain!

    1. Ooh! Of course you would have a Disney board! Will you add pics of Baylee this year do you think???

    2. I have one with her and Belle I will put up. In past years I had a huge pic of Baylee as a puppy and the kids just loved it! I should have took a pic of my bulletin board last year. I think every year from this point on I will try to do a Disney theme!

  4. Awww your classroom looks great! I miss subbing when I see these pictures! Always like a clean and organized desk :)

    Have a great year!!!

  5. I miss this room! :-(

    For your behavior chart, is it dry erase and you write their name down if needed, or do you do it by entire class?

    I did name tags for my K,1,2 since I had such a hard time learning their names last year... boy, that was a lot of names!

    "This is where I will be sitting for the next 21 years." Wow!! It's crazy when you think about it that way. How do you feel about being there for 21 more years?

    Your classroom looks great! I love,all your new percussion goodies!

    1. I do thumbs up or down for the whole class and marker is for if a student needs to be singled out.

      That is a lot of names! Name tags bother me because kids play with them BUT I have assigned seats and a chart so that helps. I know you don't have a home base to do that, am I right?

      Wish me luck on the percussion goodies... I going to try to use instruments more... It's just 6 yr olds + triangles = headaches. :)

      21 more years.... I feel like I have this job but I am sure I will be very bored eventually!

  6. Your room looks so great - thanks for the tour! I am definitely not artistic (I once had an art teacher tell me that I'm afraid of color), but your boards look amazing to me. I definitely like to be organized - stresses me out to have a bunch of clutter so your desk makes me happy :)

    1. Clutter makes me stressed as well! Thanks for the kind words about my room!

  7. Your room looks so welcoming! I used to love to play the triangle, but my favorite music-class instrument was this wooden fish with ridges on it and you ran a wooden dowel over it to make sound. Do you have an instrument like that?

    It's weird to not have a classroom this year. My office is filled with stuff that's not mine. I've put up the poster my kids made me last year, and I have some photos up, but otherwise it's not really MINE. And my desk was a mess after day one haha!

    1. Are you normally a messy desk type gal or is it because you have a new position?

      Yes I have the exact instrument you are talking about! It's called a guiro! I think any instrument with the ridges you scrape could be a guiro but I DO have one in that exact fish shape you speak of. :)

  8. Everybody has such a nice working spaces! It's starting to feel like I need to post some pictures of my desk space.

    I just noticed, you have an actual blackboard! My son's school doesn't have blackboards anymore! they are all electronic things.

    I am not at all crafty or artistic, so I could never put up the decorations that all teachers put up and the motivational posters. I just could not deal !

    1. Yes, I want to see this infamous desk!

      I DO HAVE A BLACK BOARD!!! My room and the art room are the only rooms in my school that still have blackboards. We both have smartboards too, though, which are the electronic screens that your son's school probably has. I like having a blackboard! The kids like it too because it is "different". I was one of the last rooms to get a smartboard. I didn't even think I wanted one... and then I got one... and MY WORLD CHANGED. You think a 3 hole punch changes your classroom? No, I smartboard does!!!

  9. Thank you! I love clean and organized and not "busy". I feel like the room is a little busy for MY taste, but not for kids.