A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Community Aid wouldn't take my shit!

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Oh, and I am experimenting with putting profanity in my blog post titles to see if they get more page views than other blog posts... (jk, sort of.)

In the beginning of the summer, I finished up our epic house cleaning project by tackling the storage room. Our basement is half finished (Paul's man cave) and half a storage area. You would think we wouldn't have much to store since it's just the two of us, but we actually do! It may be because I have a lot of Christmas decorations...

vowed to go into the storage room cleaning/organizing with the mindset of "GET RID OF ALL THE THINGS".  It actually wasn't super hard to do. I managed to easily get rid of several things that had sentimental value since there was no real reason to hang on to them.

Here are the items I was able to finally get rid of:
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1. Swim team ribbons. I did summer swim team for several years and we always got ribbons after competing in events. I kept all of these ribbons in a shoe box but finally just straight up threw them away. I didn't even look at them first. Now I kind of wish I had...

2. Musical t-shirts. Ever since I was in 4th grade, I performed in musicals- sometimes up to three each year. It seems that for every show I was in, I bought the t-shirt as a keepsake. Now, I didn't throw out all of the t-shirts, but I threw out the ones that I didn't really feel connected to. The ones I kept I know I will never wear, but I just like having them. Maybe someday I will throw those away too, but not yet!

3. CDs. I didn't have a huge CD collection, but I had some. And again, I didn't donate them all, but I donated a lot. For instance I didn't need to save my Boyz II Men CD or my J-LO CDs, but I did need to save all my Madonna and NSYNC CDs! Fun Fact: The very first CD I purchased was Michael Jackson's Dangerous!
4. Sweet Valley Twins and Fear Street books. I did not own every single book in these series, but I did have a lot. And they were in mint condition because I was a crazy little girl who was very, very careful with her books. The first place I tried to donate these was the Community Aid store on the Pike. Unfortunately, they were not accepting books at that time. "Are you sure? Because I have about 50 Sweet Valley Twins and Fear Street Books in mint condition," I teased the attendant. That didn't change his mind. Oh well. Their loss is Good Will's gain!

5. VHS Tapes. I had quite the VHS tape collection. Not only did I have several musicals, but I also had almost all of Madonna's world tours on VHS tape! It was actually hard for me to make the decision to get rid of these, but I reminded myself they surely exist on Youtube. Community Aid wouldn't take the VHS tapes, even after I dangled Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour in front of the attendant. Whatever.


My one regret about being born in 1982 was that I was too young to go see Madonna's Blonde Ambition Tour. Don't worry, I got to see her twice while I was in college!

6. Barbies. I was totally a Barbie girl. I had a Barbie house, a Barbie car, and lots and lots of clothes. I even had the Wet n' Wild Fun Park for a couple days but my brother pushed me and I landed on it and broke it. I forget which brother it was. Perhaps one of them remembers? Before I threw out all my Barbies and Barbie clothes, I went through all the clothes to look at them one last time. Oh my gosh, the MEMORIES!

You are proud of me for getting rid of all that stuff, right!? Well, there was one thing I just COULD NOT GET RID OF....


This was my favorite one! So spooky!!!! Have you read it!? Do you remember who the "ghost" was?

Guys, I was OBSESSED with The BSC when I was a kid! I have easily over 100 BSC books IN MINT CONDITION. I could sell them and make a little bit of money, but it's not worth it to me. I want to give them to a little girl who will read them and LOVE THEM as much as I did! Unfortunately, I have not found anyone yet, but if you know of anyone who would just be OVER THE MOON to have my Baby-sitters Club collection, I would love them to go to someone who would enjoy cherish love BE OBSSESSED WITH reading them
Is there anything you are hanging on to that you just can't part with?
Were you a Barbie girl?
What were your favorite books to read as a kid?
What was the first record/CD you ever bought?


  1. I too have ALL of the Babysitters Club books at my parents house. They need to be donated as well. I just don't know where would take my old toys and books and stuff! I will never, ever part with my American Girl Doll and a few of my other things, though. Those I'm saving in case I ever have a little girl or maybe someone close to me will have one and I can pass them along. I think my first CD was either Spice Girls or Sister Hazel... circa 1996-1997?

    1. Spice up your life!!!! :)

      Who was your favorite babysitter? I liked Stacey and Dawn. :)

      I don't blame you for saving your American Girl dolls! That will be a very special thing to pass on to someone. I never had the dolls but I read the books. When I was a kid, I think there was only... Felicity, Molly (LOVED HER!!!!), Kristen (maybe??), Samantha, and an African American girl who I forget her name. Addy?

  2. I teach ELA and the girls would LOVE those books!! I read them as a kid and was obsessed as well but don't have them anymore thanks to my parents purging their basement. So jealous. Id love to get my hands on them!

  3. I don't remember who the ghost was, but I DO remember thinking that the secret passage from Dawn's house to the barn was the coolest thing EVER!

    1. It was sooooo freaking cool. :) The ghost was one of the Pike kids- Nicky!

  4. Community aid checks the things you donate?

    Isn't it sad how obsolete CDs and vhs are now !? I I have a stack of vhs of things I recorded off the tv in Mexico, but I haven't owned a VCR since 2012. I almost feel I should go buy one. My son doesn even know how vhs work! He thinks they play music !

    When I lived in mexico, I used to read Stories of the Bible, not because we are religious ... Not even close... But somebody gave those books to my mom and they had bright colorful pictures. We didn't have many books, I do not know why. But I used to read the bible stories and write down questions about it, like why if God loves us, he then wanted to kill us all with floods, fire rains and plagues !? Like what's up dude ?! What type of abusive relationship is this ?

    1. He point blank asked me if I had books or VHS tapes because they weren't accepting them. Sticklers! Good Will took everything!

      It is crazy house VHS is sooooo obsolete. I still do use CDs though. Maybe I am the only one!?

    2. Oh, I forgot to mention, that was some deep thinking for a little kid!

  5. Aww I'm sad you got rid of the Sweet Valley books. I wish I still had mine! Were you part of the book club? I would love when new SV books would show up in the mail! Their college series was my absolutely favorite.

    I wasn't a Barbie girl at all. I had them but I couldn't really understand what you were supposed to DO with them. I wasn't a very creative child ;) I used to just sit in my room daydreaming about someday having an apartment of my own and a dog. Super strange kid, haha!

    1. No I was not part of the SV book club but I was part of the Baby-Sitter's Fan Club. I got newsletters, posters, and t-shirt, and all kinds of cool stuff!

      Wow you were a strange kid hahaha! Wise beyond your years. I would dress my Barbies and make them talk to each other.

  6. Aww this is my 4th visit to your blog today to try to leave a comment..lol.

    Anyway, YES, I can totally understand how only 2 people can accumulate SO much stuff. I am like you and have a ton of Christmas stuff. it started out being stored in the garage but each year I start putting more and more of it in the basement so I can easily access it when I want to and don't need Scott's help with the ladder ( I'm an independent women like that...lol).

    You should have made a quilt with all your musical t-shirts. That would have been a nice memory for you. I have quite a large CD collection but I can't even tell you the last time I listened to one but yet I can't seem to get rid of them quite yet because each song reminds me of a time in my life. However, I just this summer I threw away my favorite movie on VHS cus lets face it, I don't even own a VHS player anymore. OH, and I was HUGE into Barbie. My Barbie empire is still in my parent's attic after all these years. I am sure they were being saved for the granddaughters that never came. I'm pretty sure I will still shed a tear when we finally get rid of all that stuff.
    Oh, and about those old Babysitter and SVH books, I have often talked about doing a "retro" corner in our middle school library called "Look at what your parent's were reading when they were your age" in hopes to get more interest in books like that. Maybe that would work at your elementary school?

    And BTW, When I first read your title, I didn't even recognize the profanity. I thought it said Community aid wouldn't take my SHIRT.

    1. LOL! You are so sweet and innocent you changed shit to shirt. :)

      I did think about doing the quilt thing. I thought about it for like 15 years! But I never did it. I figured if I didn't do it by now I probably will never do it. :)

      I am so jealous of your Barbie Empire! What VHS tape did you throw out?

      That is a REALLY cool idea for a library! I may mention it to our librarian.

      I am so sorry my blog seemed to be eating your comments today. :( I know that is so frustrating because it happens to me sometimes too. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment anyway.

  7. We kept my entire collection of The Saddle Club. I *think* we might have finally sold them (I had the entire 100+ books with 2 exceptions, which we tried for years to find) as a complete set. But we might still have them. I did a giant purge before my parents moved out of our family house, and I'm going to have to do another before too long of the stuff that I took from there!

    1. I never heard of The Saddle Club but that is amazing that you have the whole series minus two. Do you think you will ever find them?????

  8. AWESOME!!!!! I would love to see a picture of you in your Madonna trends from '82!

    I totally get not wanting to get rid of certain things.

    I still have all of my journals! I don't believe I will ever throw those away.