A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up!

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What a weekend! I had a great time with friends and family. Here's what we were up to...


I need to figure out how to set the volume on my phone to mute but still have my alarm go off. What happened was I got a Facebook notification that woke me up at 4:10am and I just could not fall back asleep! Finally after a half hour of laying there and thinking about work, I was so mad that I just got up.

The first thing I do in the morning is check out the new Snap Chat overlays. Priorities,  people!

I wish I looked like this first thing in the morning... or anytime, really!

What I actually look like in the morning.

Omg, I am reading this post again to edit it and I can't stop laughing at these drastically different pictures!!!

I still felt sick, but I went for a run anyway. Somehow my legs were speedy and I had an enjoyable yet extremely humid 6 miler before work.

Work was work. I forgot my lunch so I had to run to a gas station to grab something during my lunch. I ended up getting a turkey and cheese sandwich and it was really good!

After work, Paul and I went to his parent's house to cat sit their little Swipey Boy. We grabbed some Wendy's and spent the night grubbing and chilling with this fancy feline!

We blasted ABBA on the way home. I'm so glad Paul and I at least share some of the same taste in music. ABBA, Mika, Aerosmith... hmmm... that may be it!

I slept for 12 hours and didn't roll out of bed until 11:23! That's what happens when I stay up late all week long.

I was beyond due for a lifting session, so Paul and I went to Planet Fitness with the intention of WRECKING it. Well, Paul wrecked it. I put a tiny little dent in it. You see, the more I worked out, the worse I felt. Hot, cold, dizzy. My throat hurt by the time I left. Ugh. I did a "light" full body workout and then called it a day.

Then we went back to his parent's house for another hangout session with Swipey Boy.

That evening we went to Bob and Rachel's house for dinner and games. I didn't feel great and wanted to cancel, but since they were making dinner, I figured that would be rude. I ended up being really glad I toughed it out because as the night went on, I started to feel a lot better!


Doesn't this photo look like it's from the 80s?

She's going to help me learn how to use makeup and not look old and splotchy!

Bob sent us home with fresh catnip, so Christmas got CRUNKED!

I woke up pretty early to get a run in before I went over to Harrisburg to cheer my brother on at the half marathon!

This includes the 1.06 miles I spent running to and from my car and my spectating spots at the race!

I parked on Second Street up near Radnor and walked over to the river. I saw runners around mile 8.75 and then again when they came back around mile 11. It was a great place to be because there was NO ONE up there cheering. It was hot, humid, and the runners needed a little pick me up. I saw so many of my friends... Jim, Mary, Jenny, Jaci, Gary, Terri... I know I am missing people! I clapped and cheered for every single person that ran by.

The beautiful Susquehanna.

I thought I would have severe FOMO, after all, I was supposed to be running the Via Marathon in Lehigh Valley that day. I am happy to report I had ZERO FOMO. I was having a lot of fun cheering and was completely inspired by everyone digging deep.

After I saw my bro for the second time, I headed to the finish. Talk about EMOTIONAL. I found a spot about a 10th of a mile from the finish line. I wanted to get some video of my brother running it in. No one around me was cheering. They were just all standing there staring at the runners. Well of course as soon as I got there I started cheering for everyone and it got the crowd a little louder too. It was very exciting as the clock approached the two hour mark. It was so inspiring to see people kicking it into gear to get a sub 2. It was clear they were spent from the sun and the heat, but so many stepped it up so they could get in under that 2 hour mark- including my brother!

Tyler, Debby, and Clark

Baby Clark!
Medals are SO BIG these days!
Does the medal really need to be as big as Clark's head?

Then we headed back to Tyler and Debby's place to refuel with some Chinese food! Ellie and Clementine had fun trying on Daddy's medal.

Showing my nieces how cool Snap Chat is! "I want to be an elephant, Auntie Megan!" ELLIE insisted.

When I got home I had to do boring "get ready for the work week" stuff. I also decided that I am sick of my rats nest hair. It was getting too long. All I like to do these days is put it in ponytails anyway. I put it in a ponytail and told Paul to hack it off.

It looked good at first...

Then I realized the back was severely effed up...

Luckily it still goes nicely into a ponytail which is all I wanted anyway!

Oh well. Clearly I don't care about my hair at all since my first idea was to have Paul cut off most of my ponytail. All I care is that my hair is not gray. As long as that is covered, I'm fine.

I will leave you with this fun Snapchat video Paul and I did the other day... It makes me laugh!

Did you race this weekend?

Would you ever let your partner chop off your hair?

Do you get FOMO cheering at races or do you embrace the job of cheerleader?


  1. I would let Clay cut my hair because Clay shaves his head and trims and upkeeps his beard and those are pretty big habits, I think if you can do that you can probably cut hair. I need a haircut but i'm waiting on a coupon from somewhere because that's really the only time I get mine cut.

    Glad you are finally feeling better! That medal is huge and it was neat that you went to see your bro. I love that all the kids are wearing the medal in the pictures. Also... can't believe you put your Wendy's on a plate, haha.

    1. Paul put the Wendys on a plate!!! Hahaha. Actually reading this comment made me remember I had a dream about Wendy's last night! Probably because I ate it on Friday then I went there yesterday to get it for Paul haha.

      I don't blame you for waiting for a coupon. I hate spending money on haircuts which is why I just let Paul give it a whirl. Luckily, I have curly hair so it's very forgiving. But not this cut. This cut is... well, I will be wearing it in a ponytail today.

  2. Congrats to your bro on kicking it for a sub 2! That IS a giant medal, wow! I love spectating races, it's the most motivating, inspirational thing in the world! Remember that guy at Cape Coral who suffered those severe cramps and went on to finish with a smile on his face? That was so crazy!

    Christmas with the cat nip is adorable! We give Cecil cat nip on his scratch pad too and he goes to town. Cecil is the first cat I've ever had that EATS the cat nip, but it looks like Chrissy is eating it too! Hungy boys!

    1. THAT WAS CRAZY!!!! I don't ever want to forget that man. That was so intense. I really did not think he was going to make it to the finish line. Even though we were... hmmm... two miles away??? Still did not seem possible!

      LOL HUNGY BOYS INDEED!!!! Christmas will eat anything. I have to be careful where I put my fake Christmas greenery because he will hop up on furniture to eat it. We keep it in the basement storage room (which he knows and he's not allowed back there) but when he does slide past us and sneak in he runs STRAIGHT to the greenery and starts munching!!!

      I once found ribbon in his poop.

  3. Nope nope! I only go to a salon now for my hair needs. I did sculpt it when I was a kid, but that always ended with a trip to the salon, and it was shorter than what I wanted. My mom started hiding the scissors.

  4. Sounds like you had a very good weekend (sickness and all). Yes - spectating a race can be very inspirational. And I know what you mean about the fuddy-duddies that just stand around. Please cheer for anyone/everyone. You just might make their day/week/month/year!

    And my car battery died on Thursday. I can't believe how much they've gone up in price recently. Yikes!

    1. Ugh sorry about your car battery! That just happened to me but it was my own fault... left the lights on. Luckily I didn't need a new one!

  5. Your brother had an impressive race! I would be cheering so loud--you should hear me at my nephew's cross country meets. I hate how no one cheers. I think the haircut is a great way to start over with nice, fresh, undamaged hair. That is what I always tell myself when things get a little out of control with the scissors. I will be honest, though, Rick used to have me shave his neck because he buzzes his hair down. Well, I should say I did it once and kind of messed it up so that task was taken away from me :)

    1. I am glad you cheer loudly because not many people do! Uh oh I hope you didn't mess up his neck too bad. :)

    2. I can't NOT cheer...just like I can't NOT dance when good music comes on! Well, let's just say I took the hairline up a bit higher than he would have liked. Good news it grew back and better news, I don't have to do it anymore (the pressure is just too much).

  6. I would NEVER let my hubs cut my hair! I barely trust anyone to cut it. I've had a lot of bad haircuts.

    Do you get sick a lot from the kids at school?

    1. I never ever get a stomach bug. I do get the runny nose/headache/sore throat trifecta!

  7. Congratulations to your brother! did your other brother run the trail race too? I remember you saying something about another brother racing too?

    I saw your SIL walking along front street yesterday, I realized that when I saw your pictures on FB last night. Ellie and Clementine look adorable wearing the race medal? They here YUGE!!

    I wouldn't let Roger touch my hair, but I have cut his hair. I charge him $10, and add a complimentary scalp massage.

    1. That is so funny you recognized my SIL! She is famous!!!

      You are nice to cut Roger's hair even though you charge. ;)

  8. Hi Megan - I would totally let my husband cut my hair - his dad is a barber and taught him how to cut hair albeit men's hair. and he cuts his own hair and our boys' hair all the time. He would never want to cut it though, because he knows I am very picky. I go to the salon and pay way too much, but it makes me feel good, so I go!
    I haven't raced in years - I don't find I like it too much. But every time I see people running anywhere, I get jealous and want to go for a run!
    hope you are feeling better! Kristen : )

    1. I bet the money you save having him cut your kids' hair makes up for your salon visits! Well, at least maybe partially! But you're worth it!

    2. That's what I always say to him! : )

  9. You have a serious set of balls to get your hair hacked off like that. Tbh, I've been wanting to do the same thing for a while now too, but I've got emotional issues surrounding my long hair for some reason. I feel like the universe is telling me to free myself from my emo issues and just hack my fkn hair off.

    Omg anyone reading my comment is going to think I'm a total weirdo. Guess what. I am.

    I laughed so hard at your two pics at the top too.

    1. HACK IT!!!! It's not balls for me because I don't care about my hair. You clearly care. But maybe you will feel fresh?

      I'm glad you liked my two pics because they made me laugh too!!

  10. ^^^what suzy said. That's for real right there letting your husband cut your hair.

    I love that you eat Wendy's like a normal human being.

    And I totally laughed at the snap pictures. I laugh at myself when I do them too because they're two completely different people, lol!

    (btw, I always try and comment on your blog and can't. I think blogger hates me. Anyway, I swear I'm reading even if you can't see my comments!)

    1. I am sorry commenting isn't working for you! I know how frustrating it is. Do you think it's something on my end?

      We don't eat Wendy's often, but when we want it, we eat it. It was Friday, ya gotta live it up on a Friday, right!?

      I'm glad you found the snap pics as funny as I did! Seriously, Megan #1 is damn good looking and Megan #2 looks like her puppy just died.

  11. I am glad too. It's sort of an immature feeling to have so I was glad to overcome it!