A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up!

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Good Morning, Blogland!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend.

Mine was good, except for being sick two out of three days. I can never decide if it's better to be sick on a work day or the weekend. Being sick on a work day sucks because I have to sing, talk and stand all day. But on the weekend, it prevents me from enjoying my time off.

I guess there is never a good time to be sick!

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Friday started with a 5 miler around my hood. It was actually crisp and cool out!

Work was mildly interesting because it was the first day I actually got to teach some lessons. Before today, all I had been doing was going over the rules and procedures. There are 25 classrooms in my school, so I did that 25 times! Ugh. I should have video recorded my first "rules" presentation and then just played it for the other classes!

After work, I discovered the wonderful world of Snapchat.

Okay, it is eerie how much I look like my brother!

Doesn't this look very Madonna circa Erotica?

Then I did a puzzle, in which Christmas rudely interrupted. Oh well, at least he is cute!

I fell asleep playing Scrabble on my phone. Well, first my hand fell asleep, then my body fell asleep.

I woke up and laid in bed playing with my phone. I AM ADDICTED. After about a half hour, I made myself get up. I poured some coffee, then got on my computer for the next... hour and a half. Ugh.

The weather was beautiful, so I went for a run. I ran to Weis and got pore strips because I suddenly decided I had blackheads on my nose that needed to be eradicated.

That afternoon, we went to Cirque Du Soleil! I can't put into words how jaw dropping it was. I am amazed at the performers' strength, grace, and athleticism. I really can't stop thinking about the show!

There was one section of the show where they used nets. It was when they were doing the trapeze, but there wasn't an actual trapeze. The men were just swinging and throwing the girls with their hands. I'm glad they had a net because I would not have been able to enjoy watching otherwise!

I woke up feeling really crappy. I had a bad sore throat, headache, and chills. We had a jam packed day so I decided to rally and try to have fun.

First, we went to my niece Clementine's 2nd Birthday party at Pinchot Park.

She's a birthday girl!

Yes, she had several costume changes a la SJP when she hosted the MTV Movie Awards!

It's hard when it's not your birthday.

Then I went on a 6 mile run, which included a stop at Dollar General for some liquid foundation. I literally run errands now.

That afternoon, we went to Paul's parent's house for a picnic. I got to see Swipey, who is a very lovey dovey kitty cat!


Ugh, can I just erase Monday from my memory? I was hoping to feel better but I felt even worse as I had all the same symptoms as the day before except everything went up a notch and my nose started to run.

Life doesn't stop when you're sick, so I cleaned the whole house, did the dishes and the wash, laid out my clothes for the next week and packed all my lunches.

Then I curled up in bed with tissues, water, medicine, and my laptop. That's where I am now, as I finish this recap.

My intention is to stay here for the rest of the afternoon and evening as it hurts to even think at this point. I am really hoping I feel better for work tomorrow.

Tell me something fun you did this weekend!
Do you try to rally when you're sick or do you just give up and rest?
Have you evern seen Cirque Du Soleil?


  1. I am glad you loved Cirque! We have seen about 4 of them and they are all amazing. Our weekend was full and fun. By yesterday we just did a BBQ at home then went up to the CSU bookstore to buy some Ram gear so that was very low key and nice to walk around my old stomping grounds. Sorry you are sick--that sucks. I used to push through when I was sick but now I rest (even though it is hard). I am learning that when I rest (whether it be illness or injury) I get better faster which is the ultimate goal. I hope you feel better by today!

    1. Which 4 Cirque shows did you see? I'm like you, when I am sick I am less inclined to workout because it is just not enjoyable... more so AFTER the fact. Like I may feel good running but then later in the day I am just so run down!

    2. We have seen Mystere, Alegria, La Nouba (in Downtown Disney) and Dralion. Then even though they are so wonderful, I got a little "over Cirque". We are going to Vegas in October so maybe we will see The Beatles LOVE or Michael Jackson ONE (mostly for the music).

    3. I would LOOOOOVE to see LOVE and ONE! Isn't O the one with the water? That one would be awesome too. I will definitely go again.

    4. Yes, O is with water (if you go I heard it's very chilly in there, just FYI).

  2. I hope you are feeling better today and able to work! I hate being sick on the weekend and would rather be sick on a workday but I'm not a teacher, so I have sick time. Usually if I am sick on a weekend I will take that Monday off work just to have a day when I'm not sick off work, haha. But when I get sick I'm usually really, really sick so I don't try to have fun or really leave the house or bed at all.

    It stinks to be sick over the long weekend too... do you think it was related to the mold possibly?

    1. I did go to work basically because I feel like it's too early to take a sick day! Plus, I don't have any sub plans ready. Just didn't get to that yet. If talking and singing all day makes me feel worse maybe I will take off tomorrow.

      I don't think it's related to the mold because I feel like I would have been sick before this weekend. I was back to work on Aug 16th for in-service days, but then again I don't know if it's something that can build up over time or what...

  3. Sorry you were sick. I do hope that you felt better by the time you went to school! Remember it's only a 4 day week. Hang in there!

    1. So glad for a 4 day week! I have not worked a 5 day week yet, lol!

  4. If I have a head cold, I keep going because I don't actually feel sick enough to rest. Ain't nobody got time for that!

  5. Happy Birthday Clementine! She is so cute!

    I'm sorry you are sick today! That really sucks! I hope you feel better soon!

    I used goatee filter too, but I look like my uncle!

    I've never seen Cirque, it looks amazing!

    1. "but I looked like my uncle" <----- BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
      Oh you would love Cirque so much! I wonder if they have a latin music inspired show?? They have all kinds of freaking shows.

  6. Ah my comment disappeared. Okay so I wrote about how much I hate cold and flu season and it seems to hit us like a wall on September 1st. :( I hope you feel better soon. I usually just drug myself up with advil and tylenol and keep moving. No rest for the wicked.

    1. Sorry my blog at your comment. :( I know that is so frustrating! I was taking Ibuprofin but it didn't work until I took 3!

  7. I dread back to school season even though I don't go to school because all my coworkers get sick! I can't imagine being a teacher and knowing all those germs are floating around just waiting to attack! I hope you're feeling better today after resting up yesterday!

    Adam and I LOOOOVE cirque shows too. They never fail to impress!

    Please tell me you included a picture of Chrissy's paws because you like cat paws. I took a pic of Cecil's paws for the blog the other day because I think they are so adorable, but then I didn't post it because I worried people would think I'm a crazy cat lady. In hindsight, that was a stupid reason to not post it. I'm pretty sure crazy cat lady is part of my brand at this point :D!

    1. Luckily, I don't get sick A LOT. I mean, you would think as a teacher I would get sick all the time. Just today a 3rd grader picked a scab open after I told her NOT to. This is what I have to deal with...

      Which Cirque shows have you seen???

      I looooove cat paws, of course!! I love when the little hairs stick out between the toes. Please do post that picture! :)

    2. I will post it tomorrow! Cecil doesn't have any fur sticking between his toes but they are still really cute, I promise!

      We've seen a bunch of their shows in Vegas. Favorites: Zumanity (their adult show which is hilarious!), O (my favorite), KA (Adams favorite)!

      Before we saw O I thought "these tickets are f'ing expensive" and when we left I thought "whoa those tickets were a good deal, I would pay more for that!"

    3. I feel the same way! Broadway shows are expensive too but soooo worth it.

  8. They are definitely expensive- probably even more expensive in Vegas!

    Yah Clemmy didn't know she was getting SNAPPED!

  9. Sorry you have been sick! I agree, there is never a good time for it. I haven't been to Cirque Du Soleil but it looks like it would be amazing!

    1. I would recommend you go if you find the time and it fits your budget!