A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Two Things! (True Crime Related)

I suppose if you read Meg Go Run you know this is not just a running blog. It's also a...

Lifting blog
Cat blog
Random blog
Puzzle blog
Reality TV blog

Wait, really? Not really. But you guys know I don't always talk about running and sometimes wander away into little niche topics. This is one of them!


1. I'm going to stop watching Jodi Arias interviews.

You all know I am slightly obsessed with true crime and the criminal justice system. When I do puzzles, I normally watch Jodi Arias news interviews, interrogation interviews, or the actual trial itself. I've watched this shit multiple times. I feel like I have learned all I can from it. I need to move on.

I decided there are so many heroic people I could be learning about instead! Youtube is FULL of interviews and documentaries. This past weekend, instead of watching Jodi Arias shit, I watched interviews of Captain Chesley Sullenberger and his flight crew that helped him land in the Hudson River and save 155 lives. Now that is inspiring. That is something to be watched. Not stupid Jodi.

So I need recommendations! 
Tell me people or events that you find heroic. 

Anything you think I should research on Youtube and learn from!!!

2. The CBS JonBenet Special was FREAKING AWESOME.

There have been so many JonBenet specials this month. I only caught three of them- Dateline, Dr. Phil, and the CBS Special.

Dateline was okay- facts were mostly correct. They poo-pooed the intruder theory but I feel like they didn't poo-poo it enough. They did insinuate that one of the family members in the house- John, Patsy, or brother Burke was responsible, but didn't say who.

Dr. Phil's first two episodes interviewing Burke were interesting, but then the third episode it all went to shit. Dr. Phil misrepresented so much evidence. The touch DNA, the footprint... all things that were misrepresented. Dr. Phil basically exonerated the Ramseys and said an intruder did it. FALSE. Oh, did you know Dr. Phil and the Ramseys have the same lawyer? I'm done with you, Dr. Phil.

The CBS special called The Case of JonBenet was ON POINT. First of all, the program featured so many experts that I have read about and listened to on podcasts. I trust their analysis of the evidence. I feel like they correctly presented the evidence. Now, there are some things they did not mention but I think that is because they only had 4 hours. It would take so much more than 4 hours to bring everything to the table. But they brought the important stuff.

It was fascinating to hear the linguistic expert talk about the 911 tape and the ransom note.

Their overall conclusion was that Burke hit JonBenet on the head with a flashlight and the parents staged the crime scene to protect their last living child. The investigators convinced me. So did the tapes of 9 year old and 11 year old Burke being interviewed by police psychologists. That was chilling!

CBS did get some backlash, but like I said, the investigators have me convinced!

If you want to talk more in depth about the Ramsey case, hit me up! I could talk about it all day! I definitely have my opinions but I am also opened minded. I love good discussion and an exchange of ideas. But I urge you to watch the CBS special, which you can do on their website.

Solving JonBenet is also a good blog to read about the case. Be wary thought- the writer of the blog is DEAD set on his theory of what happened, but it is fun to read comments.

Two of my favorite books on the subject:

JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation by Steve Thomas

Foreign Faction by James Kolar

The Steve Thomas one can be found at the library. Not sure about Kolar's. But I own it, so if you want to read it, you can borrow it from me. Kolar is on the CBS special and he basically originated the "Burke Did It" theory. Very interesting book.

I just read online that the Ramsey's lawyer plans to sue CBS! CBS's statement was that they stand by their special and they will stand by it in court. Go CBS!
Are you into the JonBenet case? Did you watch any of the specials? What did you think?


  1. I haven't watched as much stuff as you about the case but I guess the theory that Burke did it makes the most sense on paper. However there are still so many questions I have like WHY would he do that and wouldn't Jon bonet's screams be enough to alert the parents to come find out what was going on and try to get her help right away? Does one dye instantly from a blow to the head with a flashlight? Burke was a little kid at the time, would he even have enough strength to kill someone? Did the autopsy report show that the cause of death was head trauma?

    1. JonBenet was hit over the head with a blunt instrument so hard that it cracked her skull. She would not have screamed. She did not die instantly, but she was brain dead. She was strangled 45 min-2 hrs after her head injury. She would have eventually died from the blow to the head had she not been strangled. There ARE questions. I wouldn't know why parents wouldn't at least TRY to get help but... maybe if they were protecting their only living child? They did prove a 9 yr old would have the strength to deliver the blow. 9 is not that little.

    2. He just looked like a wimpy kid...lol. Anyway you look at it this is just horrible that anyone would do that. Do you think there was that much jealousy towards Jon bonet from Burke? Ps, don't you just love how my smart phone made "die" dye, in my above comment? Yes, I do know the difference..lol

    3. O, PS, if you want to look into a new case, perhaps you might want to research Erica Sifrit. She went to high school with one of my friends (who actually now lives down your way). Erica and her husband are from PA and murdered a couple in Ocean City. This was many years ago so I don't remember it happening but apparently it was a big thing cus there is a book about it too

    4. Oh yes, he did look wimpy. But they did a demonstration and showed that he was more than capable! I freaking hate my phone's auto correct! Paul is going to teach me how to turn it off. Omg I just looked up Erica Sifrit and her husband.... they were like serial killers!!! Don't you think it's weird for two psychos to find each other and get married???

  2. Yes his behavior was certainly odd! You can watch the CBS special online. It was soooo good!

    I am terrified of flying yet I watch all the crazy stuff! You are smart to stay away from it. :)

  3. Jodi Arias doesn't deserve your attention! But I'm curious, what captivated you about her interviews?

    I don't have any good recommendations.... I used to watch documentaries on Mexican politics in the 1990s, but those were no inspiring... Back in 1993, there was a Presidential Candidate who was assassinated in the campaign trail, Luis Donaldo Colosio. The speculations were that the guy who killed him was hired by his own party to assassinate him, but until I saw documentaries on it, I didn't know that there were theories that the shooter was switched out for a different guy. I was obsessed... but again, it wasn't inspiring.

    I've gone off topic... I watched JK Rowling interviews, those are inspiring. She went from having nothing to write this amazing book series, she is inspiring.

    Sorry, I don't know enough on the Jon Benet case to make a proper theory.

    1. Well, the police interrogation ones were interesting because I liked to see how the police approached/handled her. The trial is fun to watch because I just enjoy watching court cases. The interviews... I don't know why I just like seeing her interviewed. Maybe because she is so manipulative that I like to see what she tries to pull? Who knows. Maybe there is something wrong with me. :)

      I don't know JK Rowling's story at all! I didn't know she came from nothing.

  4. I'm so not interested in that stuff. Well, maybe I am, and I don't have time and so I don't want to get into it and then get frustrated that I can't watch it and finish it. Booooo.

  5. As you already know, we don't watch a lot of that stuff in our house. I do LOVE documentaries, though. Here is what I have watched this year so far:
    1. Fed Up
    2. Steve Jobs: One More Thing
    3. Spinning Plates
    4. Addiction to Recovery
    5. A Year in Burgundy
    6. How to Die in Oregon
    7. Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story
    8. Rising from the Ashes
    9. Trophy Kids
    10. For Grace
    11. The Champions
    12. I am not Your Guru

    1. Thank you so much! I don't know if I will be able to handle How to Die in Oregon. I have read stories about people who choose to die with dignity (which I completely agree with that right!!!) but sometimes it is so hard to read about. My brother lent me two Lance Armstrong books that I was going to read but then I got a smartphone, so maybe I will watch the doc instead. :) I appreciate the list!

  6. How to Die in Oregon gave me complete peace about dying. Losing my mom and my brother in law both made me think more about death. I am telling you, the final scene in the film and what the women says is truly amazing! The Lance Armstrong story left me with 100% knowing what an ass and bully that man is. I was on the Lance bandwagon for YEARS thinking he was being treated unfairly. Let's just say I saw Rising from the Ashes the next day and those boys are the true heros! If you see any films you think I might like, let me know, k?

    1. Okay, I will try to watch it and will take 3 Ibuprofin before because crying gives me a headache! :)

      I saw Lance interviewed on Oprah and he came of as such an ass!

  7. I want to learn more about the JonBenet case because you talk about it so much and I want to have an opinion about who did it! I've actually been reading some bits and pieces on the Internet recently and from the limited information I have I feel like JonBenet's brother did it but I know so little. I'm going to watch the CBS special this weekend!

    1. I hope you like it!! I'll talk about it with u anytime.

  8. Okay, I need to know about the interviews with Burke. I don't remember why they're so chilling. I also have a hard time believing Burke could swing a flashlight hard enough to kill his sister, but I could see how pushing her and her hitting her head could have happened. IDK, maybe he was stronger than I think, or maybe it takes very little to kill someone with a flashlight!

    Have you read up on the Gypsy Blanchard case? It's not a mystery but it's some pretty skeevy true crime!

    1. They showed footage of Burke being interviewed at age 9 and 11 and he seemed so unaffected by the murder. Smiling and talking about video games. But when one of the psychologists showed him a crime scene photo of the bowl of pineapple on the table, he clammed up and then got very aggitated. There was undigested pineapple in JonBenet's stomach and a bowl of pineapple with Burke and patsy prints on it on the table. Both parents and Burke deny eating or serving pineapp k e that night... but there it was on the table and in her stomach!

      You are right to be skeptical of n8ne yr old Burke being strong enough to fracture her skull like that but that did a test with a kid hitting a skull with pig skin over it (using the same type of heavy flashlihht) and it cracked just like JonBenet'a did. Due to the flashlight being so heavy, the investigators understood how it could happen. Plus a six yr Olds skull is so little.

      I never heard of gypsy blancharde but I just Google Drive it to get a little glimpse and let's just say I'm going to go have some fun on Wikipedia! Thanks!