A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

All the things I learned Sunday night when I couldn't sleep...

Before we get into it, I have something to say.

I'm glad I got that off my chest!

I have been sleeping so well lately, and by lately, I mean for the past three weeks or so. But on Sunday night, my awesome sleep streak came to an end. 

I went to bed around 9:00 and I just couldn't fall asleep... 

...and I didn't fall asleep. 


Guys, it sucked so bad.

For the first four hours or so, I wasn't even tired, but I was a little panicked. This was no good! I tried to fall sleep but it just wasn't working. At 4:00, I finally got out of bed, put on a podcast, and worked on my puzzle.

However, I did get to do some good research on my phone while I was laying in bed. Here's what I was Googling/reading...

1. Read Jackie Kennedy's entire Wikipedia page. Then I looked up pictures of her.

2. Googled, "Did JFK cheat on Jackie?" (Spoiler Alert: Yes, all the time.)

3. Looked at pictures of Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby.

4. Read about Rosemary Kennedy, the sister who got a botched lobotomy when she was 23. (So freaking sad.)

5. Read the Unresolved Mysteries reddit thread about the death of Rebecca Zahau. (I used to think she committed suicide but after watching Marcia Clark's documentary on it, I think it could have been murder.)

6. Read the Political Humor reddit thread. It's where I found this gem...

7. Googled "Why do cats sleep on your legs?" (Jelly happened to be sleeping on my legs when I Googled this.) They do this for various reasons, one being that when they are up against you, they can feel their heart beat.

8. Googled "Does my cat think I'm his mom?" Yes, he does.

9. Looked up The Lorraine Hotel in Memphis to see if it was still there. It is, and it has been turned into a civil rights museum.

10. Read Michelle Wolf's entire WHCD speech. It was hilarious. I especially liked the bit about what she thinks Jake Tapper's orgasms sound like.

11. Caught up on all of the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker news via the EARONS reddit thread. Did you know they caught him!? He was one of the most heinous serial killers and serial rapists ever. Yes, this did scare the shit out of me reading it at night...

So at least I learned a lot during my night of no sleep!

Sleepy run.

Sleepy teacher.

I made myself stay up until 7:00 on Monday night. I didn't want to go to bed too early and then wake up at like 3:00 wide awake...

I even managed to write this whole blog post on no sleep . Aren't you proud of me?
Ever been to Memphis?
Did you know about Rosemary Kennedy?
Do you have a favorite first lady?
What do you do when you can't sleep?


  1. Ugh. I looked up “how to floss” (dance) on my sleepless night. You must have kids doing that in your class all the time, right? Now it is prohibited in my music room...

    1. I almost banned the floss but then I realized it is music and I gotta let them dance/express themselves. But yes, it is an ANNOYING dance. I proctored a small group for PSSAs and the group got one or two sensory breaks, so for one of our sensory breaks, I let them teach me how to floss. I have googled "where did the floss come from?" because I really wanted to know!

  2. I go down the rabbit hole like that too sometimes! Isn't it funny what random things we think of? Okay, you will have to explain the May meme to me. Of course I've been seeing it for years and just don't get it.

    1. Have you ever heard Nsync's song called "It's gonna be me?" Well when Justin sings it, it sounds like he's saying "may" instead of "me". Go listen to it!

  3. The Rosemary Kennedy story is so sad and so disturbing. I get that it was a different time, but the whole thing is just so upsetting.

    I didn't know that about cats and legs! Cecil *always* lays on Adam's legs when we're watching TV at night which is very cute and also makes me jealous :D. He often sleeps at night nestled up against my neck though which is my favorite!

    I'm sorry you got shitty sleep though. I got bad sleep last night. I woke up at 2:30am shocked that it wasn't time to get up, especially since I didn't go to bed until 11:30pm. I think I laid awake until about 4am but then I fell back asleep until my alarm went off. Not ideal but at least I slept.

    1. Aw Chrissy does the neck thing once in awhile, mainly on weekend mornings when I am not up when he wants me to be up. :) I slept sooooooo well last night, I think I'm BACK! But I won't lie, yesterday was rough. I felt drunk all day.

  4. No sleep sucks!! what is keeping you up?

    I went and read the story for Rosemary Kennedy, it's so sad!

    I read most of Princess Margaret's wikepedia page, but not because I couldn't sleep... I get easily distracted. Then I read Camilla's wikepedia page and half of Princess Diana's. And I accidentally ended up on a page that showed me how President Kennedy's head looked after he was shot... it disturbed me so much that they let Jackie Kennedy walk around in the suit covered in her husband's blood/brain.

    My favorite First lady is Hillary Clinton.

    1. I don't know what kept me up! There wasn't anything weighing on my mind or anything like that. I'm glad you read the Kennedy story. The more I read about that family, the more I learned about how flawed and complicated they were.

      Have you ever watched the assassination video? It is soooo disturbing. I read that Jackie said she didn't want to change out of her bloody clothes and she regretted that she washed the blood off her face, she wanted everyone to see what "they did to Jack". I read she held his head together on the way to the hospital. Ugh, can you imagine that?

      I would say Hillary and Michelle are my favorite first ladies but I like Barbara and Laura Bush as well. Really, our country is lucky to have had some great first ladies!

  5. The Smithsonian Channel has a short series last summer on First Ladies. I really enjoyed it, and I hope they do more.

    1. That sounds interesting! I should see if I can find it On Demand.

  6. Oh god, now I can't unsee #6....

    1. lol sorry. But you know it's not that big, right? :)