A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Weekly Workouts

I ran... 9.5 miles
I walked 2 mile
I arc trained 2 times
I lifted 2 times.
I went to PT 3 times and did my exercises each day (except one!).
I rested 1 day.

Saturday- Lifting back @ Planet Fitness & PT exercises. It was dreary and raining, which made it a really good gym day!

Sunday- Rest & PT exercises. By the time I got home from spending the day with my family, it was 3pm and I was so tired. I just didn't feel like doing anything! It's nice not to be a slave to workouts or running. The old me would have either gotten up super early to workout or would have made myself workout even though I was tired. The new me was like, "Great day for a rest day!"

Monday- 5 mile run, 1 mile walk, & PT appointment. Basically my whole right leg and glute felt jacked up after this workout. This included my adductor. (I think it's my adductor.) None of this makes sense. I didn't run for FOUR DAYS. My adductor started hurting at mile 3. How did my adductor get WORSE from resting for 4 days? WTF? 

Tuesday- 30 min arc trainer, circuit workout, PT exercises. I decided to go to the gym in the morning. My gym bag is always packed, just in case I randomly decide to go to the gym... but I never randomly decide to go to the gym until today! (When I go to the gym before work, I shower there, hence needing to have a gym bag "packed".) My knee felt weak on the arc trainer but it didn't hurt after.

Not too early for the gym, but definitely too early to talk to me.

Then I did this circuit FIVE TIMES:

20 burpees
40 bicycle crunches
20 mountain climbers
20 side walks w/ resistance band

That's right, I did 100 burpees. It was very tiring. I wish I could tell you I breezed right through it, but I didn't. Oh well, it's good to PUSH YOURSELF once in awhile.

While I did the circuit, I listened to a podcast about a teenager who killed both of his parents with a hammer.

I ate a Quest bar on the way to work. They are freaking $2.99!!!!!

Later I flexed my patriotic muscles and voted!

Wednesday- 45 minutes on arc trainer & PT appointment. My knee felt great the whole time but slowly this week my right leg started feeling jacked up and it felt really jacked up on Wednesday! Butt, upper hammy... it was like EVERYWHERE and it was hard to pinpoint exactly where. I am so confused. I barely ran this week and barely ran last week. SOMETHING other than running is bothering it! We added 8.8 pounds to my turkish get ups at PT.

Thursday- Lifting chest @ home plus burpees and mountain climbers... which kill me. I decided to skip some of my PT exercises! What if they are what's making my right side feel jacked up? I did my the back and ankle stuff, but I skipped butt and legs. Guess what!? My leg and butt felt A LOT LESS JACKED today. It felt borderline normal! Hmmm....

Friday- 4.5 mile run, 1 mile walk, PT appointment. I felt a little pain in my butt during the run and it continued throughout the day but nothing like earlier in the week. Unfortunately I had to do my PT exercises BUT I don't have an appointment until Wednesday so I am going to try not to do the butt ones and see if it feels better. Time to experiment!
Are you able to take rest days without feeling guilty or like you "should" do something?

Outside opinion: Do you think it's maybe some of my PT exercises that are jacking me up now? I can't think of another explanation!


  1. Now that I'm training again I don't have any problems taking a rest day because by the time it comes around, my body NEEDS it. Also I need a day mentally off, plus I have other things to do that don't revolve around running (like, laundry, taking the car to the shop, grocery shopping, etc).

    As far as the pain goes, I say talk to your PT. Make sure you are doing the exercises 100% correctly (they should watch you) and they may know why you're hurting a bit more. It could be that you just haven't used those muscles as much and the exercises are activating them. All my injuries are on my left side, and when I was coming back my right leg would be much more sore. I think because I was favoring that leg when I landed because my left was weaker. Now that I've been running again for so many weeks, it's not really hurting anymore? I even took one of those BodPod tests to see the muscular differences between the sides of my body...

  2. Even though you didn't get the running miles you normally do, what a great week in workouts! I would talk to your PT about what's going on. That is what you are paying him for. I don't mind taking a rest day. I spent too many years not taking a rest day and now I love them. I usually try to sleep more but if not, I work on my art, or bake or watch a documentary or something I haven't had time to do. I just took an unplanned rest on Thursday and I am kind of thinking of taking another one today!

    1. I honestly just want to be done with PT. Like on Friday I went and all I did were my exercises... that I can do at home. $30 copay. Ugh. Did you take a rest day today? It is dreary here but I am thinking about doing a circuit!

  3. Look at you getting all those gym days in!
    What is an arc trainer?

    1. It's very similar to the elliptical but it's more of a diagonal up and down with your legs and elliptical is more of going around... I think. They are so similar but on the arc I feel more like I am running. It is a really good workout.

  4. Can you talk to your PT about the abductor pain? it just seems that it started around the time of the PT exercises.

    100 burpees? you were on full beast mode!! You are amazing!!!!