A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, May 15, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up!

Happy Monday!
16 days of work left!
But students will only be there 12.5 of those days!

4:30 is pretty early for an alarm, but that's what time I had to get up on Friday. I did some warm ups, foam rolling, and then had a 40 minute spin session.

I had PT at 7am and then drove like a maniac to try to get to work in time.

I have a music education student completing her Junior Practicum with me for the next several days, which means she is observing me and helping out in my classroom. I remember doing my Junior Practicum and student teaching. It was exciting yet nerve wracking! So I am trying hard to make sure she has a great experience. As a teacher, it's my responsibility to helps future teachers!

On Friday night, Paul and I ordered pizza and subs, played cards, then caught up on a bunch of Colberts!

It seems like all the pictures I took on Friday were of Chrissy!

I was happy to wake up in a better mood than last weekend! I drank coffee and did a lot of blogging in the morning. It was dreary out, so I decided to go to the gym for an epic lifting session! (I also wanted to give my adductor a rest.)

Paul and I had errands to run. Dollar Tree, Aldi, and Rite Aid.

Unfortunately my credit card was declined when I tried to pay for Paul's prescriptions at Rite Aid. I called the company and someone shady was trying to use my card! They are rushing me a brand new card free of charge and luckily no one got my information. How scary!

Look what I am incorporating back into my diet!

The bag is as big as Jelly!

Oh, and I found a new ice cream flavor...

Is Turkey Hill just a PA thing?

That afternoon, I recorded some Vlogs. Look for them this coming week!

Dinner was tilapia, imperial stuffed crab, and broccoli and cauliflower rice. I had two ice cream cones for dessert!

We actually sat at the table to eat this meal like a normal couple! Paul and I eat at the table maybe three times a year!

Paul and I took our mothers out for breakfast at the Tomato Pie Cafe. I had so much fun chatting with my momma and I am glad Paul and his mom got to spend time together too.

For Mother's Day, I made a donation to the International Rescue Committee in my mother's name. The donation is to pay for tuition and supplies for a year in school for one girl.

The opportunity of her life.

"When crisis forces families to make difficult decisions about schooling for their children, often it is young girls who are kept at home and denied a chance at a better life. In places like Afghanistan, Congo or Lebanon, including girls in schools is critical: educated girls become smart, strong women committed to leading their communities toward stability. In Afghanistan alone, we helped educate more than 13,000 girls in 2015. $58 can supply the tuition, books and other supplies a girl needs to attend school for a year."
My mom had a gift for me too. It's called a solidarity cup...

I freaking love it!!!!

After breakfast, my mom, Paul, and I went to the Williams Grove Flea Market. I hadn't been to a flea market in so long. It was pretty interesting to say the least!

Look what I found!!!!!

I got a bunch of puzzles. Here are just a few I scored!

After the flea market we went to Stauffer's to buy the veggies for our garden! I got tomatoes, zukes, peppers, cilantro, and basil.

Then we headed to Tyler and Debby's house. I had fun visiting with Debby but I ended up only taking pictures of the kids!

Ellie was showing us all of her tricks.

He is walking now!

The girls were so proud they made salads all by themselves.
"Auntie Megan, do you want to come outside and watch me eat my salad?" Ellie asked.
"Why of course I do!" I answered.

When I got home I was really tired, so I didn't workout other than my PT exercises, which take me a half an hour at this point!

Then I packed my lunches and laid out all of my clothes for the week. It's A LOT of work.

5 school outfits
5 workout outfits
3 PT outfits
1 tap outfit

Then I blogged, watched TV, and started a puzzle!

Wow, this was a long post! I am impressed if you read it all!
Do any of you non PA people have Turkey Hill products in your area?

Do you prefer cheese curls or cheese balls? I do NOT like cheese balls!

What did you do for Mother's Day?

Do you like flea markets?


  1. Wow you had a busy weekend! All I did yesterday was nap and clean the kitchen after I set the oven on fire. I hope your veggies grow well! I guess it must cool down at night/in the mornings there? I've heard that I need to wait until oct/nov before I try again with my veggies, although I'm hopeful that my broccoli will survive the summer and actually produce something to eat!

    That solidarity cup is such a thoughtful product and a great gift for you! Very cool!

    1. We were busy! I was down for it though. Yes it does cool down at night but as long as it doesn't frost we are good to go. I am going to check the weather and make sure there are no more frosts. Actually... tonight or Wed are the only nights I have time this week!

  2. Oh, those kiddos! So darn cute!! What an amazing weekend. Both Rick and I miss spending time with our moms, but we celebrated just the two of us instead! Garden veggies....YES! We plan to get all our plants and flowers this week and I can't wait. I really love the solidarity cup. Such a thoughtful gift, Megan.

    1. Does Mother's Day make you sad or is that a silly question. I know you miss your mom every day.

  3. Order info for the cup?❤

    1. Let me ask my momma and I will get back to you okay???

    2. https://www.facebook.com/WheelofLightStudio/

  4. My, those are some big cats! And very cute girls!

    Mother's Day was just exhausting. But I know my mom enjoyed seeing us (well, both my parents).

    Love that mug! Going to a flea market sounds fun, but my parents can't do a lot of walking around anymore.

    1. I'm glad your mother enjoyed seeing her children! :) Yes my kitties are so big. They're our Maine Coon boys!

  5. I actually DID read it all but I don't doubt I missed important information. I love that cup, I've never heard of that ice cream and I just realized that I think cheese curls are a USA thing because we call them cheesies up here. Tomaytoe, tomahtoe!

    1. Thank you for reading it all! Cheesies! Are they the same thing as cheese curls just with a different name?

  6. We do have Turkey Hill ice cream! I don't think I have had it though... I usually buy pints of ice cream and eat out of them. Clay likes Breyers though. Your fish dinner looks amazing.

    I love flea markets but rarely go. So fun that you found the Goosebumps books there and the pretzel bites that I saw on Facebook. Looks like you guys had a great Mother's Day and a great weekend all around.

    1. I pretty much like any ice cream and buy what is on sale. Turkey Hill is on sale a lot around here. I am posting about the flea market story later this week. :)

  7. We have Turkey Hill in VA...they have ice tea too, pretty yummy.
    I am so impressed you lay out all your outfits...I am doing good if I meal plan for a few days lol I can't even get that organized.
    Your Mom's gift both given and received - very beautiful!
    The kiddos are soooo cute :)

    1. Oh yeah Turkey Hill tea is good! I feel IN CONTROL when my outfits are laid out.

      I hope you had a great Mother's Day, Karen!

  8. My family rarely eats at the table too. It was the rare occasion growing up when we didn't eat at the table, then I went to college, and my parents changed up their routine. They still do it, so eating at the table happens on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. That's it.

    1. I totally get sitting at the table when you have kids, but I guess by the time you are in college it's no big deal! Paul and I like to eat and watch Colbert or Seinfeld.

  9. I'm thinking Turkey Hill is a Kroger brand? I'm actually not sure if we have that ice cream or not, but I don't think so. We only buy ice cream for birthdays and special occasions. It some how mysteriously "evaporates" from our freezer and I don't get to eat any of it! It's really not fair so we avoid the whole situation. Kind of like buying chips. Some of my family members have no self control and they can't be trusted to make good choices on their own. Haha!!

    1. Hmmmm I don't know. I know Turkey Hill is made in PA, I don't know what Kroger is. I cannot be trusted around ice cream! I have to put it in cones or I eat too much. But even though I had two cones, it's still less ice cream than if I ate it right out of the carton. I can HOUSE ice cream.

  10. No Turkey Hill ice cream here and I miss it!!

  11. Even though it is produced here, I thought Turkey Hill was a national brand, kind of like Hershey. I was shocked when I found out that Middlesworth chips were exclusive to PA! Do you have them where you are? I don't buy them because I would eat the entire bag, but I do love them!
    I was entertained by your flea market story on FB this weekend. Too funny!

    1. I am glad you liked my Flea Market Story. I am posting about it on it's own this week, that's why I didn't talk about it in my wrap up. :) Yes we sure do have Middlesworth Chips and I have a friend who is from PA but has moved all over due to her hubby being in the military, and she says she misses Middlesworth chips a lot!

  12. I been meaning to ask... what was the controversial thing that Colbert said on his show? I totally missed it, and didn't look it up.

    I'm glad you found a place to take your Mom out for Mother's day! did you have a good meal?

    I am very picky with cheese puffs... I only like the Cheetos cheesepufs, the others feel too airy. It's all in my head, I know!

    1. Colbert said Trump's mouth was serving as Putin's cock holster!

      The Tomato Pie Cafe is delish! We had a wonderful meal.

      HAHA too airy! It's all air and chemicals... and apparently "real cheese" in some of them.