A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Let me tell you a story about the flea market...

On Sunday, Paul, me, and my mom went to the Williams Grove Flea Market. When we arrived, we split up and did our own thing.

I went by a booth that had Snyder's Hot Buffalo Wing Pretzels and other snacks. I asked one of the men (Man #1) working at the stand for two 8 oz bags, which were only $1 each. (You know they're like $4 at the store, right!?) 

Another man working (Man #2) said, "Hey if someone buys the hot buffalo wing flavor tell them what I have in the back. Hey, tell that woman what we have in the back!"

"What do you have in the back?" I asked.

"A 25 pound box for only $5!!!!" Man #2 said.

"Oh, I don't want that much," I told him.

"Why?" he asked. "Even if you throw half of them away you still made out!"

"Why not let someone buy them who will actually eat them all," I said. I took my two small bags and walked away.

As I did, I heard Man #1 say, "See, that's why I didn't ask her if she wanted it. She doesn't look like the type of person that would want a 25 pound bag of pretzels."

About a half hour later, Paul and I were waiting at the car for my mom. Well, round the corner she comes, and Man #1 is right behind her carrying a big box.

"Megan, you will never believe it. I just bought a 25 pound box of buffalo pretzels for only $5!!!!!!"


She ended up making us take a bunch home.

What's your favorite Snyder's pretzel flavor?


  1. I love this story! I wish I could have been there....

  2. Haha great story! Looks like your family will have snacks for all summer!

  3. My stomach is growling just looking at this photo. My son Freddy would DIE to have that bag! He eats a whole regular size bag in one sitting. Such a great story! You two are hilarious!

  4. I love the honey mustard pretzels. My race on Saturday had them and I wish I'd grabbed an extra little baggy to go!

  5. This is so awesome!! I've never had this pretzels before, but they sound amazing!!

  6. They look so spicy! I ate a salad with some sneaky little red pepper slices in it yesterday and my mouth was on fire for 30 minutes!!! I am not cut out for spicy food, haha!


  7. Haha! But this way now the bag can be split and won't go to waste.