A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, July 22, 2019

A scorching hot trail run! (Real Feel: 103!!!)

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Hello, everyone!

It's been quite awhile since last I blogged. I'm going to post a "Summer Updates" post very soon, but today, I want to tell you about my scorching hot trail run from Sunday!

The Northeast had a dangerously high heat wave this past weekend. The real feel during my run was 103.


Around 10:00 on Sunday, I parked at Boiling Springs and ran South on the Appalachian Trail. My plan was to do 3 miles out and back. The first mile and a half was through corn fields. I knew this section was going to expose me to the elements, so I filled up my hydration pack to the tippy top before setting out. As I ran through the corn and felt the sun beating down on me, I reminded myself to continue to hydrate and check in with my body to make sure I had enough left in my tank at the end of my run when I would have to brave the elements again.

It was a nice change when I entered the shady woods. It was still hot, but nothing like running through the fields. I headed to Center Point Knob, which is uphill the whole way. It's also very beautiful. Lots of ferns and foot bridges.

Once I got to the knob, I continued down a bit to make it an even three miles. The trail got rocky, but I wasn't moving fast to begin with so it didn't cramp my style in the least.

The good part is that when I turned around, it was basically all downhill from there! The entire time I was in the woods, I didn't feel hot at all. And then came the cornfield again...

I was soaking wet by this point, but I felt fine. I didn't have a headache, my stomach felt fine, and while I felt hot, my body temperature didn't feel like it was rising. Does that make sense to all you runners out there? Don't you believe there is a difference between feeling the hot sun and feeling like your body temperature is rising? I guess all the sweating I was doing helped to cool me down.

Unfortunately, I missed my turn in the cornfield! I wasn't lost, but I was a little confused for awhile and it ended up adding an extra mile onto my run! Don't worry, I made it safe and sound back to my Mazda and pumped the a/c!

You may be judging me and wondering why I would even attempt to run 6 miles (which turned into 7 miles) on the trail in such extremely hot conditions. I will tell you why.

  • I had water.
  • I had my phone.
  • Only half the run exposed me to the extreme elements.
  • I've been running in the heat (though not this hot!) all summer.
  • I am really in tune with my body and I'm not stupid. I am confident that if I felt sick or that I couldn't continue, I'd walk, find a house, or call someone for help.
I love this section of the trail. I ran it last week with my friend Allison. But before that, it had been many years. I hope to run this section again this week!

What's the hottest temperature you ever ran in?
Do you prefer extreme heat, extreme cold, or the treadmill???


  1. I would like running through those woods but I would not like running through those corn fields. Not because of being exposed to the heat, I guess just because I wouldnt be able to see what was on the other side of the stalks!
    I say I'd rather be out in the heat than the cold but most times when I start running in the cold it doesnt bother me. It's just that initial motivation to get out the door. I hope I get some of that motivation back this winter. Nice job on your run and listening to your body.

    1. I wasn't scared at all! But I feel like several months ago I would have been. I agree it takes a lot of motivation to get out the door when it's cold!

  2. Your self-assessment sounds pretty good and that you know your body. I wanted to go on a run this evening, but it was 90+ degrees in London, so that wasn't going to happen! The hottest (feeling) race I ever ran was the Space Coast Marathon in Florida. Coming over from the UK, the 80 degree weather plus 80% humidity did me in. I actually hit the wall at the halfway point and just walked the second half. I was physically okay except for when I went to the bathroom (and it felt like the earth was shifting back and forth) and my hands swelled up more than usual (I actually went to the med tent afterwards and just rested in the shade with my hands on ice packs).

    1. Well it sounds like you were very in tune with your body and made a good decision! You ran that race SMART.