A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, May 30, 2016

Via Marathon Training: Week 3

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Due to the long weekend, my Weekend Wrap Up will be posted tomorrow! Today you get a training update...

Things I Like About Hansons So Far:
Having my workout/pace handed to me on a silver platter. No guesswork.

Things I Don't Like About Hansons So Far:
No time to LIFT!!! However I don't think this is Hansons fault. I think it's the fault of my crazy schedule. Once summer is here I can squeeze lifting in on Mondays and Fridays.

PIMA Update:

Monday- 6 easy miles. This was my sixth day of running in a row... something I don't ever do, but will be doing for 15 more weeks! I ran very easy and had zero butt pain. Woohoo! Feeling a bit better about the pain in my ass. I woke up with a minor sore throat and a bit of a headache that continued throughout the day. I hoped to feel better the next day for speed work.

I wanted to lift after work but I really didn't feel good. I was so lethargic and my head still hurt. Unfortunately, lifting would have to wait until Friday.

Tuesday- Speed work: 8x600. 5:00 am came fast and hard. My head hurt, my throat hurt, and I will still tired. I was hungry but I didn't eat anything. Genius, right? I decided to warm up with two miles instead of just one and a half. I evened things out by cooling down with only one mile. The reason I wanted the extra distance on my warm up because my body had literally just gotten out of bed about 25 minutes before I hit the streets.

I kept all the 600s between 6:50-7:00, which is on the faster end of the prescribed pace. It was hard. I felt like a zombie. But I had a good podcast to listen to and I did it. At least there were only eight intervals. I was really losing steam. This was definitely the worst I have ever felt for speed work. I stretched and foam rolled my glutes and I felt pretty good the rest of the day. No niggles.

Wednesday- REST!!!! Tuesdays are my crazy days where I teach piano lessons until 7:30, so it is nice to stay up a little later than normal on Tuesdays and sleep in a bit on Wednesdays. (Sleeping in on a work day is 7:15.) Sleeping in is wonderful on two levels. First, who doesn't like extra sleep? Second, it is nice to lay in bed in the morning with Paul and the cats. Jelly is usually at my feet and Chrissy is curled up right in my neck with his nose on my face. BLISS!

Thursday- 6 miles @ MP. My very first MP run of training! The goal was =-[6 miles @ 7:49 pace w/ 1.5 mile w/u and c/d. I decided to do a 2 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down. When it is the butt crack of dawn, I feel like my body needs more than 1.5 miles to be ready to push the pace. 

Even though my overall pace ended up being 7:48, my splits were not even at all. It was really hard for me to find 7:49. I was either 20 seconds too fast or 20 seconds too slow. I don't think I have ever purposefully tried to hit that particular pace so I think it is going to take several MP runs to get the hang of it. 

I was pretty darn hungry before this run. I have been eating less at night so I am actually waking up hungry. This is sort of a bad thing because it means if I have to eat before I run I am going to have to get up even earlier. Call me lazy, but I refuse to set my alarm (on a daily basis) to anything with a "4" in front of the time!

Fun Fact: I saw 4 kitty cats on my run!! I yelled, "Hi buddy!" in a really high pitched voice to each one of them.

Friday- 7 easy miles. I was very tired for this run. It did not feel good. At mile 2.5 all I wanted to do was be done!

After work I lifted upper body at home. It had been a whole week since I lifted and I missed it. However, my lifting session was not great at all. First of all, my house was 85 degrees because we hadn't turned on the a/c yet. Second, I was so hot/hungry that I got dizzy, so I ate half a turkey sandwich and some cheese. Well, that did not agree with my stomach. I lifted light and threw in the towel earlier than normal. It just wasn't my afternoon.

Chair Asst. Pull Ups- 5x15
Chest Press- 5x10x20lb
Push Ups- 5x10
Shoulder Press- 5x10x20lb
Bicycle Crunches- 5x40
Sit Ups on Stability Ball- 5x15x15lb
Band Asst. Neutral Grip Pull Ups- 5x6
Bicep Curls- 3x10x10lb
Tricep Dips- 3x15

Saturday- 6 easy miles. It was extremely hot outside. I don't think I would have run 6 miles in that heat if my plan hadn't said so! I averaged 8:44 per mile, which is just a tad faster than presribed. I did not look down at my Garmin until the end. With the weather being what it was, I wanted to run on effort. My body felt physically strong and I was proud I could perform in the heat even though I haven't had to time acclimate to it yet.

Sunday- 10 miles. My first official "long" run of training! According to Hansons, I my long runs should be at about an 8:29 pace. 10 miles at that pace didn't sound too bad. Since it was going to be almost as hot as Saturday, I decided I should get up relatively early so I didn't have to run in the sweltering heat. I designed a route that took me outside my hood (What!?) and even had some hills! I was glad I started early because by the time I was done, it was freaking hot out! I averaged 8:36 pace, but it wasn't consistent at all. It went anywhere between 9:12 and 8:16, depending on the hills.

One thing I definitely gathered from my hot/sunny weekend running is that I need to wear my visor! I got a little red in the face!

Look at my red face!!!

Here is how I would grade myself on my training goals this week...

Training Goals:

1. Rest days = complete rest! A
2. Walk 1 min per mile run. A
3. Stretch after each run. A
4. Foam roll when needed. A
5. Glute/hip exercises 5 days per week. A
6. Stick to the prescribed paces. A
7. Practice proper hydration and fueling. Read as much as I can on the topic. C- I read Meb For Mortals and I actualy hydrated properly on my long run! I started drinking Nuun too!

8. Alter training if I feel potential for injury. N/A
How were your workouts this week?


  1. You had a really great week! I used to refuse to set my alarm for anything with a 4 in it but now that i leave for work around 7:15 I am usually up at 4:30-4:45 depending on my workout. And now I don't even really need an alarm to get up that early!

    1. Wow! That is early to get up on a regular basis. Next time I need to set my alarm for that, I am going to remember that you do it often so I should just suck it up! 7:15 is quite early to leave for work. I gotta be out of the house by 7:35 or I will be late. But obviously just those 20 extra min helps!

  2. I'm tired just reading your training recap! What a great kick off to marathon training! I could never do the Hanson's method--the mileage is too high for these old feet, and I love the cross training that is part of my regimen.

    1. It is high and leaves little time for cross training. That is definitely a downside I see about it as well!

      I'm not tired yet though. All these 6-7 miles at an "easy" pace I think are what's keeping me fresh. It is odd running 9 miles before work TWICE a week. That is one thing I will say!

  3. Awesome job, Megan! Maybe since you can't eat before you run you could down a bowl of cereal before bed so you will have some carbs in your muscles all ready to go! Workouts this week were great--run, swim, bike, weights :) Today Rick and I are going on a very short, easy hike! I already ran & did weighs so I know we will keep it short and easy.

    1. You are such an early bird!! :) Here is sit with my coffee putting off the inevitable run/weights! How was your hike? Where did you go?

    2. Oh, I know. You don't even want to know what all I got done before the run & hike. We had a fabulous hike (more like a nature walk which is perfect for me w/ my hammy issue). It was 5K (there was an additional 2 mile loop but we kept it short today).

  4. Oh I'm so glad the pain in your ass is gone. I have no idea how you get up so early to run. I did it on Saturday and it didn't just take me 2 miles to warm up and in fact I don't think I ever did warm up. It was just a cold death the whole run. I also can't listen to podcasts when I do speed work!

    Great job this week! Especially in the heat. YOWCH!

    1. I can't wait until school is out and I don't have to run at the ass crack of dawn! :)

  5. GREAT week especially since you weren't feeling 100%!

    I meant to text you yesterday to find out how your lifting is going and which days you're putting it into the plan. I feel like I still haven't figured out which two days are best, and at this point I've basically tried them all! I guess I just need to get accustomed to feeling sore in the chest during a run if I want to continue on with progress on pullups!

    1. And see I run first, lift second, and for some reason I must carry a lot of tension in my arms and shoulders because they are TIRED by the end of my run. And of course my core is tired too. Then I have to try to lift. Just so time consuming....

  6. Great week! Especially muscling through the heat during your long run. Also for lifting on top of Hanson's. I'm training for a marathon as well and like you, have struggled to get strength work in. Best of luck!

    1. It has definitely fallen to the back burner for me. It's so time consuming to do it all! I wish that wasn't the case.

  7. HOORAY for no butt pain!!! It sounds like that speed workout was a great mental fight. When you feel like you want to quit and just feel like a zombie the entire time but get it done anyway? That's dedication!! I'm glad you had a good week otherwise!

    1. Thanks Ali! It was tough but I am glad I did it. If it was any other plan I would have switched days around but Hansons frowns upon that. :( I feel like there is no wiggle room at all for the days we are sick and don't feel 100%. Or maybe that is me trying to be a perfectionist.